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  1. Welcome back to the US Roy. Hope you enjoyed your TA. Are you off again or home for awhile?
  2. Well that's it for me today, Not going to wait for RCI Adventure. Thanks Kathi and the rest of the addicts for another sail away. Good night. Neil
  3. Finally we get some toots. Thanks NA. Nice long ones too.
  4. I have used the NCL shuttles a few times, but have not used the one from FLL to POM. I have used the one from LAX to Long Beach a couple of time and the shuttle from LG to the port in Manhattan a couple of times and they have worked well for me each time. When I sail out of Miami I always fly into Miami, and only fly into FLL when sailing out of Port Everglades. Good luck in flying in the same day as your cruise.
  5. Yes, the casino is always the best place to break larger bills as they never run out of money. If they are not open sometimes the bill changers will still work as well.
  6. I was on the Eurodam a couple of weeks ago and they had something new for the internet that I had not seen before. I don't know if it is fleet wide or just on the Eurodam. They offered three different plans, and the plans were based on daily downloads rather than minutes. One was called basic and was for primarily email, the second was for more web surfing, and the third was for those who do streaming videos and such. I don't remember exactly what each one was, but I think the top tier allowed you to use 500 MB of download each day, the second tier was up to 300MB each day, and I don't rem
  7. Thanks Kathi and the rest of the sail away addicts. I am going to call it a day. Good night. Neil
  8. What a disappointing toot day today. One Love Boat toot from Princess and not much else today.
  9. No toots from Crown Princess, not a very good tooting day today.
  10. Looks like the Nieuw Statendam is dropping lines so she may follow Crown Princess out.
  11. Crown Princess is underway with a departure toot, and I heard them mention something about trying the thrusters to the tugboat Trident, so they may have a problem.
  12. Tug moving in to help Crown Princess, I wonder if she is having trouble with her side thrusters.
  13. No toots from Magic, wonder what happened with Carnival, no toots yesterday as well.
  14. Carnival Magic backed up a lot more than usual before starting to make its turn. I don't think I recall another ship turning in that narrow area before.
  15. I am an equal opportunity chocolate consumer, but I do like the dark better as well.
  16. You must have more restraint than I do. I was on the Eurodam a week ago and none of the pillow chocolates survived the cruise.
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