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  1. We had snow a couple of weeks ago but it was just a couple of inches and it melted the next day. Further north they had about a foot and half. Way too early to start winter Jacqui.
  2. Is anyone else having trouble with the PE cam today? I have had to reboot a couple of time. The FLL cams have been fine, just the problems with the PE cam.
  3. They tooted a few times as they were pulling away from the pier and nothing after that. Someone needs to tell them that we expect more toots from them. LOL.
  4. One week before I sail solo on the Eurodam out of San Diego.
  5. I have done a couple of TA's. Both were westbound. One left out of Southampton had stops in La Coruna, Spain, Lisbon, Portugal, Canary Islands, Funchal, Madeira Island and 7 sea days. The other left out of Rome with stops in Corsica, Barcelona, Cartagena, Malaga, Spain, Tangiers, Morocco, & Madeira Island again and then the 7 days at sea. I enjoyed both trips and weather was great on both trips in the fall. I read a lot on cruises to relax so the sea days were fine for me, very relaxing. Routine was sleep, eat, read, and then repeat as necessary.
  6. Hello. I am platinum on NCL and have also sailed multiple times on HAL, so I have spent quite a bit of time on both Lines. They are both enjoyable for me, but there are some differences. HAL is more of the classic cruise ship line rather than the big bells and whistles you find on the mega ships like NCL and RCL. I sail for the itinerary and not for the ship itself so I may be a bit biased. I will try to break down some of the differences and similarities in my opinion. Dining: I find both to be fine, but give an edge to HAL on the MDR and Buffet. I would give NCL an edge
  7. I have only sailed with Celebrity once, but I have found the food to be fine on both HAL and Celebrity, but then I am not a foodie. I do like HAL's buffet a bit more than Celebrity's as I thought they had a better variety to choose from. Choices seemed a bit more limited on Celebrity to me. MDR's were similar in my opinion, and service was good on both. That said, I have never gone to bed hungry on any cruise line.
  8. Glad you had a great time. I think I will have to try a river cruise after I retire next year.
  9. Lois, I thought I would check in to make sure you made it back OK from your River Cruise in Italy. Hope you had a safe journey and a great trip. Welcome back to the real world again. Neil
  10. Thanks Kathi and the rest of the sail away addicts for a good start to the FLL season. Good Night.
  11. Nice toots from Zuide. I like her horn, it sounds like a horn.
  12. The toots are the usual low rumbling toots but they sounded muted today.
  13. Didn't hear any toots at all from the Magic. Not a good way to start.
  14. Checking in just in time to catch the Magic make the turn into the channel.
  15. I think I will miss the NA, we have a benefit at church tonight and I have to take tickets for it, so I will have to leave before she sails. Hopefully will catch tomorrows sail away. Thanks Kathi for starting out FLL sail aways again. Good Night all.
  16. PE cam spending a lot of time in the trees and in the air today.
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