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  1. I feel for you, we are having a heat wave here in Minnesota, the sun is shining and the temp is up to 43F. Supposed to be in the 30's and 40's all week, so we are very happy. Its all relative to where you live, isn't it?
  2. There are some cruisers that don't like dining in the MDR because of the time it takes. Maybe someone should start a thread and poll that asks this. Shall we get rid of the MDR on all cruise ships because I don't like them? LOL!! Different people like different things and dislike different things, so I think the vote results on a poll like that would be similar to the poll on getting rid of the buffet.
  3. Thanks Kathi and the rest of the sail away fans. I am not going to wait for the AOS as her rumbling toots aren't that great. Good Night all.
  4. Disappointing toot day today, other than Equinox and Sky before she left a very quiet day.
  5. Another silent departure from Magic. At least she was quick today.
  6. She should be good today as she backed in for a quick getaway. Probably only about a half an hour.
  7. On Wednesday and Thursday when I went into CC I got an error message from CC that they were having some problems, and it did not matter if it was viewed with chrome or IE, it was about the same. They seemed to have fixed whatever was being updated as it works fine on either for me now and I no longer have the error message from CC at the top. Hope it stays that way.
  8. Roy, probably a dumb question for you, but when you switch from Crystal to Cunard in Sydney will you start a new thread on the Cunard forum, or just continue this one? I know a lot of people enjoy following along with your travels. Thanks.
  9. Bon Voyage Roy, hope that Cunard does decide to complete their cruise rather than stop it like some of the lines are doing, and that you have a great 2nd chapter of your cruise.
  10. Nice pictures of all the water falls in Milford Sound. It did look like pretty rough seas in your earlier photo. Hope you can transfer to Cunard once you get to Sydney Roy.
  11. No, If all five courses were dessert courses, then that would be naughty.
  12. Thanks Kathi and the rest of the Sail away fans for a long sail away day, Good Night.
  13. Kdam is underway as well to end our parade for today. They save the best for last.
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