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  1. We agree. We are from Vegas and gambled on this. Unfortunately we lost.
  2. They will never see another penny from me. They remind me of Crystal Cruises. The staff on the trips have been wonderful, but the home office is a disgrace.
  3. Not unexpectedly, Vantage has totally ignored our request for a refund of the canceled cruise.
  4. Vantage has extended the "postponement" of all of their journeys until Sept. 7th. They are not offering refunds, only a new fixed sailing date next year or a future travel credit. Apparently they feel by calling it a postponement rather than a cancellation (which it is) they won't have to issue a refund. We'll see.
  5. We always use the stairs. We get strange looks from the crew on embarkation, while toting our carryons. This is part of our formula for not gaining weight on a cruise. It has also helped us avoid Norovirus by not touching elevator buttons or handrails.
  6. We would love to do a circumnavigation of Australia on Crystal. Add our vote for that itinerary.
  7. If you haven't booked your airfare yet. Long Beach Airport (LGB) is serviced by JetBlue and Southwest. I avoid LAX if at all possible.
  8. Thanks Keith. I presumed that it was an error. 🤙
  9. We will be sailing on Symphony, from San Diego to Guam, in January 2020. The Crystal itinerary lists Nawiliwili, Kauai as a tender port. Having sailed there several times on other lines and being frequent visitors to Kauai, I know that Nawiliwili has a cruise terminal. The port website shows no other ships in port that day. Our son-in-law, a native of Kauai, says he’s never seen a cruise ship at anchor there. Has anyone sailed there on Crystal? Is this correct or a mistake on the itinerary?
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