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  1. Funplay can be used only in the casino for either money loaded to your player's bank or you can get fake chips from the cashier.
  2. I know others have mentioned having lunch availability in the MDR but maybe instead expand the brunch to port days as well as sea days. JMHO
  3. Coke is gone. If you want coke , you'll need to bring it with you.
  4. Any rate can get price adjustments up until the final payment date you just call and request it. The form is for early saver and with early saver is when you can get price adjustments before and after final payment date.
  5. You are not "switching to" the casino rate you are "price matching" to the casino rate. Yes you should be able to do that whether it's before or after final payment date since you booked early saver. I've done it in the past so it should still work today. I've done the change through my PVP but if you don't have a PVP you should be able to contact the casino or regular 800 # or via the form if you're able to do that.
  6. When you book early saver you don't cancel your booking you are just price matching to the new rate. And as the OP has already stated since her husband's VIFP number is already on the booking it was a simple price change.
  7. False. If you miss your dining time you're welcome to skip the dining room and eat on Lido.
  8. Yes checking in on deck 5 is a bit different than normal but they have seating areas on deck 5 for you to wait where outside the dining rooms there is no place to sit. On other ships normally the midship restaurant is used for YTD and is normally right off the atrium with sitting room available to wait. So although it is a 2 step process I appreciate having a seating area to wait rather than hovering outside the dining room waiting with no place to sit.
  9. Don't forget to allocate enough on your S&S account to cover the gratuities unless you've prepaid them in advance. Those charges will be in addition to whatever you spend on board.
  10. We did the Teppanyaki on the Horizon earlier this year and even though it wasn't listed as a combination you could do filet and chicken also.
  11. I use them every cruise for miscellaneous items like sunscreen, OTC meds, and other items plus I use 1 of the 2 drawers for long pants rather than take up room in the closet. Yes sometimes extra bedding is in there and I take it out and put on top of the couch.
  12. Keep in mind their are 3 small children and it's unlikely that shuttles will have car seats. The NCL shuttles will be full size buses and car seats won't be required. So I would suggest staying at a hotel by the airport and taking the NCL shuttle the next day unless you're bringing car seats with you to use.
  13. I understand that no one is assigned to the ship yet. However Carnival has changed the specialty dining reservation process and you order online similar to how you order short excursions so it no longer ends up being an email to the specialty dining manager as it was in the past.
  14. I've been trying to book specialty dining on the Panorama also and haven't been able to. I get an error so I'm not sure when it will be available to book. I'm guessing they'll use the new system but who knows. I just keep checking because my cruise isn't until January.
  15. The OP was booking a special offer from the casino. When the casino makes offers they only have a certain number of cabins available not the entire availability of empty cabins for the whole ship. A normal booking change of cabins doesn't apply here. Once the offer expired regular rules and rates apply just like everybody else. So if they want a different cabin they lose the perks that the casino offered and they end up as just a regular passenger.
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