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  1. I have an upcoming cruise that was on the past guest reward site, but for some reason doesn't have the LATITUDE code. They are telling me it wasn't on the list but I have a screenshot showing it was on the list. I have emailed 3 times and still haven't gotten a good explanation on why my cruise doesn't have the points. I had filtered down to the month so the cruise was the only one for March and was on the list. Maybe it was the above - the Feb one was supposed to be there but not March.
  2. I have had a special sent out to lower the minimum bid on one or two cruises.
  3. @BornaHave you stopped in Luderitz yet? If so do you have any tips?
  4. I am having the same problem. Edge and Chome both. Sometimes have had to reboot to get out of the loop.
  5. For the tram you will need Lira to buy a instanbulkart. For food and drinks most places will take credit cards but not all small places.
  6. Edit Oops looks like I referenced some search engines… I would use a 3rd party search engine that supports search for solo cruises rather than the RC site.
  7. Thanks! Do you happen to have the schedule from the square to the port.
  8. Do you know if you can book the Mansions spa if you are not staying there?
  9. I was looking at cabins on the Statendam. The one midship interior cabin (5129) is right next to the elevator. Has anyone been in the cabins next to the elevator. Is there noise? TIA
  10. Several of the people on the cruise are using Lanzarote Guides for tours.
  11. It looks like the George’s Taxi website allows you to pick any address for the transfer from the port; so it looks like you could select the museum. even if not, they could pick a hotel next door if they really wanted private service vs taxi. But I think the OP did pick a normal taxi instead.
  12. I have not been on the Rotterdam; but the shows are usually 2x per night so that you can go to the show before the late dining.
  13. Yes I was assuming they give shorex priority; that is why I was wondering the timing.
  14. I am on a HAL cruise to Santorini. We are scheduled to be in Santorini from 7-5. If I don’t take an organized excursion: when do the tenders start reaching the port at the base of the cable car. I am club orange so I should be able to get one of the earlier tenders. TIA i am still weighing HAL excursion vs independent excursion vs on my own.
  15. I thought George’s Taxi also did transfers. if you still want a private service vs taxi. Did you try Welcome Pickup.. it looks like they would do it as a transfer.
  16. Some of the Scandinavian countries prefer electronic or credit card payments rather than cash. I had to check a few stores in Visby to find a place to use up some Krona.
  17. what happens if you do an upgrade after purchasing CO? TIA
  18. I still rather pay a corkage fee and bring wine I am sure I will like. The wine selection on my last few cruises was not good for the lower to moderate end of the menu
  19. The cruise line has a tour of Sounion combined with Athens. I didn’t have Sounion on my list originally but I kept reading people having the Poseidon temple as a highlight that I thought I would try to make it there. I will have a few days in Athens before my cruise so seems like a waste to spend money and time on seeing Athens again. i might try Corinth if I can’t find a tour to Sounion.
  20. I was hoping to find a group tour to Sounion for a stop in Athens. So far I have only found private tours... any suggstions.
  21. Thanks for the wine tips. Do you think the porters will be accepting luggage at 7am? any recommendations on things to do closer to the port?
  22. I have Side-By-Side cruises (one HAL, one RC) this October. How early would the porters be collecting luggage? I was trying to figure out if I have time to go into Rome for a little while or should just look for something to do locally. Is there a recommended wine store close to the port so I could pick up something.
  23. Does anyone know if you are waiting for the cable car do they start giving priority to the ships that are about to leave? my ship is scheduled 7-5, there are a few 2-3 other boats that are there 8-6 ish. I am trying to figure out how early I would need to be in line. I would be concerned about the donkey/donkey poop obstacle course down the hill.
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