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  1. I would recommend looking into train. RenfeTicket. There are also organized tours through SpainDay tours that seem well priced
  2. I also attended a q&a where they said the food was sourced from the US, then distributed over the world for loading on ships. As I remember they said the beef was from Colorado. I agree beef from the US tastes better to me also. But I preferred the chicken and lamb from Europe compared to US versions.
  3. I have had the once or twice give an unofficial discount like two bottles for one corkage fee for bringing fairly inexpensive wine on board. $15 on a $15 bottle may seem expensive, but that way you are drink long something you know you like, and is still more inexpensive than wine by the glass on the ship.
  4. Be sure to walk the South Beach area for the scene and some Art Deco architecture. Also have some Cuban or Mexican food while you are there. Europe has great food but I never was able to find any decent Mexican food while there. My sister enjoyed brunch at Versace’s home last time she was there.
  5. Is there a schedule posted somewhere? Last time I was just waiting around at the cruise terminal. It seemed like it was 20-30 minutes before it showed up.
  6. Hmm that is odd, when I asked about the 3 hr walking tour they said I could book just transportation ( for slightly less) . Then the time in Seville would be on my own. They also said walk was around 3 km which doesn’t seem very long
  7. The train itself is only 45 minutes, but at FLL you have to take a bus from the terminals to the station which adds time. I have taken it a few times and it was fine. The only problem is on the weekend they are not very frequent so you could be waiting around for a while on the weekend you might look at other alternatives like goshuttle or redcoach
  8. The cruise stops at Ponta Delgada on Sao Miguel in the Azores
  9. Mskaufman, How long were you in port? how did you travel to Seville?
  10. Thanks for the ideas from all. John, thanks for the detailed response!
  11. Hi, I have a transatlantic cruise in November. I am trying to decide which of Azores or Madeira would be best for a tour of the island. The other one will probably stay close to the port. Any thoughts?
  12. Last time I forgot to grab my wine out of my bag before sending it on board. NCL had taken the wine out of my bag (different from those accounts above).... It was probably only 15 minutes I spent in the cruise lobby waiting for them bring out the wine bottles and for me to pay.
  13. Hi - another Star question: Can the cruisecards have a hole punched in them -- so you can used a standard lanyard.
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