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  1. I did see P&O were reconsidering starting before the end of August
  2. I do know that. Sorry for missing out 2 lona;s
  3. Don't need to walk about with your hands in your pockets. Barca is far too busy for my liking. Next time I cruise from Barca, I'm staying in Sitges
  4. I prefer Malaga to Barcelona. First cruise was on Adventure and 2nd was Adventures last Ta to San Juan in 2012 I think I met @kernowon that one.
  5. Same here. Been down all day with my cruises. I'm checking if Fcc's have been added
  6. Appeared on Fb. Non revenue from Europe 2022/11/20 (5 nights reposition) 上海 > 那霸 > 石垣島 > 香港 Shanghai > Naha > Ishigaki > Hong Kong 2022/11/25 (9 nights) 香港 > 濟州 > 釜山 > 福岡 > 鹿兒島 > 香港 Hong Kong > Jeju > Busan > Fukuoka > Kagoshima > Hong Kong 2022/12/04 (5 nights) 香港 > 那霸 [過夜停泊] > 香港 Hong Kong > Naha [overnight] > Hong Kong 2022/12/09 (4 nights) 香港 > 真美港 (峴港) > 香港 Hong Kong > Chan May (Danang) > Hong Kong 2022/12/13 (5 nights) 香港 > 那霸 > 石垣島 > 香港 Hong Kong > Naha > Ishigaki > Hong Kong 2022/12/18 (4 nights) 香港 > 真美港 (峴港) > 香港 Hong Kong > Chan May (Danang) > Hong Kong 2022/12/22 (9 nights) 香港 > 那霸 > 大阪 > 高知 > 鹿兒島 > 香港 Hong Kong > Naha > Osaka > Kochi > Kagoshima > Hong Kong 2022/12/31 (4 nights) 香港 > 基隆 (台北) > 香港 Hong Kong > Keelung (Taipei) > Hong Kong 2023/01/04 (5 nights) 香港 > 那霸 > 石垣島 > 香港 Hong Kong > Naha > Ishigaki > Hong Kong 2023/01/09 (4 nights reposition) 香港 > 那霸 > 上海 Hong Kong > Naha > Shanghai
  7. I was on hold for about an hour. She spoke to a manager as I had 3 cruises to sort. Looks like I just got lucky. Should try phoning back.
  8. When I opened the cruise planner, a pop up appeared with the amount It also tells you next to the cart sign at top right
  9. I got both tonight My final payment is £1922 with £145 obc in a 4D cabin. Thats the same price for both 8nt cruises
  10. I just checked my cruise planner. I got balcony discount and £144.92 obc Depends who you get on the phone I think
  11. She said it wasn't combinable but when the invoice come through it was on it. The balcony discount was £200,
  12. Just off the phone to Royal. Got my invoices through but when I checked prices, they were offering $200 Obc. So I called and got it re priced and got £200 off 3 cruises and $200 Obc on Anthem and $100 on Jewel. It pays to check prices
  13. I'm on the Voyager b2b as well. I would have thought Voyager would be the best bet for C/NE
  14. Prices for the cruises released today are expensive. I booked a b2b on Anthem 8 nighters but can use some fcc's. I also booked Jewel from Cyrus but might change it
  15. I usually do 2 Ta's a year. Next year I have Brilliance then Voyager. The 16 day Jewel from Galveston to Barcelona we had cancelled had 3 ports but Funchal was the first port. With Seville being the last port it might be 10 or 11 sea days. Pity they didn't head to Tenerife or the Azores to break it up
  16. 16 days and 2 ports isnt a good deal. Gib and Seville are next to each other. I saw it last night on 118 site and the Eskimo House site
  17. Right job done I'm off to work By the way, Jewel itinerary's look awesome.
  18. Thats strange. You might want to give them a call
  19. Thats 8 night b2b booked. From the first to the 2nd cabins were getting sold. I'll call later to add fcc's.
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