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  1. Enjoying your review. We loved the Sunshine when we sailed on her.
  2. Thank you for doing this review. I will be following along.
  3. Another great review Greg! I believe you said that you were at a B-1 base, right? I was at Ellsworth AFB in SD for a few years. Loved watching them fly.
  4. So sorry you got stuck on the ship for an extra day, but I assure you that I and probably hundreds of others were keeping you in our thoughts and prayers. Glad it finally got worked out, and hope you enjoy your abbreviated stay in CA. Thank you for sharing with us all!
  5. My wife and I will be in 5218 in October. We will post some for you then.
  6. Thanks for the review. We will be sailing on the Panorama in October.
  7. Following along! Looking forward to any tips we can use in October when we sail on the Panorama. Hope you have a great cruise.
  8. Jeff, That's the plan. I remember reading your review a couple of months back, and knew that's where we wanted to be. Did you use the water taxi in Long Beach between cruises, or did you just stay on the Queen Mary the entire time? Researching what to do to fill all of the ports that will be new to us. Thanks,
  9. Great start! Some day we'll do this cruise. Probably after retirement.
  10. We sailed on the Magic twice last year, and loved it. I agree with you that Half Moon Cay is the best port ever. We usually do a cabana, but have never had enough people to get a villa. It sounds wonderful.
  11. I just looked in the Fun Shops in room beverage selection, and they have Rock Star.
  12. Lucky you! We will be sailing with you, and are looking forward to enjoying our balcony. It should be great when going through the canal.
  13. Thank you for the nice review. The DW and I will be cruising on the Inspiration at the end of September. We will also cruise on the Panorama the day after we get off of the Inspiration. This will be our first time cruising from Long Beach, so I'm trying to read all of the reviews that I can.
  14. I have always used the GuestAdmin@carnival.com email address to request the OBC. I always get a reply within 24 - 48 hours. I will be using it again once they extend the cut off date past July of this year. After looking at the shareholder benefits page, I do not see the email address listed on the document outlining how to request it.
  15. I'm looking forward to enjoying the Havana area on Panorama later this year, and on the Horizon and Mardi Gras next year. It will be our first time staying in this area, but we did get a chance to go out and look at it when we were on the Vista a while back.
  16. Great start to your review. Have sailed the Paradise several times, and will be on the Legend this Saturday sailing from Tampa to the Panama Canal.
  17. We were in this exact situation on our B2B in 2016. We were recognized as platinum on the first day of the first leg of the B2B. We did call Carnival and make sure that our 2 cruises were linked. If you haven't called to link your cruises, I would recommend that you do this. You should be able to see your status on your paperwork once you are able to print them. Congratulations on making it to Platinum.
  18. Thanks for the great review Jimbo! We will be boarding one week from today.
  19. Will be following along. Will be sailing on the Panorama in October. This will be our first cruise from the west coast, so any tips you may have would be appreciated.
  20. We sailed on the Liberty in November, and did the Behind the Fun Tour with my SIL and grandson. We got to the port at about 10:30, and boarded at around 11:00. I signed all 3 of us up for the tour as soon as we boarded. I was told that they wouldn't book the excursion until they had enough to fill it. That was not a problem, and they ended up having more than one group at different times. I always park on site at Port Canaveral because the one time we parked off site it took us a couple of hours to just get to the port from the off site lot. I would rather spend a little extr
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