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  1. @SoloAlaskaagree...perhaps posting on the Royal Carribean forum can help. @FionaMG...did a wonderful review of the Odyssey of the Seas. * We've sailed on the Odyssey of the Seas and have sailed out of Rome (port is in Civitavecchia). Tipping...your choice...no right or wrong answers. Drink package...your cruise will probably be port intensive...so not worth buying it. Shore excursions...will cost you a ton of money booking with the ship. There are many private tours available that cost less. We do mostly DIY because I am cheap and comfortable using local transportation. You may also want to join your "roll call"...you can meet others sailing the same week and learn about private tours others are organizing. Websites we use for planning: Cruise Critic, whatsinport.com, YouTube, cruisemapper.com, and rometorio.com Happy sailing!
  2. We tip $1 or $2 per drink. Then extra tip placed inside the "Tip-Tip Hooray" envelopes at the end of the cruise to the best bartenders. * Tip less, tip more, don't tip,...your choice. Happy sailing.
  3. Song of America...sigh...our first ship with Royal Caribbean. Assigned to a Table for 8. We were joined by a wonderful British couple. One seat was taken by the Staff Captain (second in command?), and t7he 3 remaining seats were occupied by rotating singers and dancers. The Staff Captain ordered wine(s) for the table, every night. The singers and dancers drank "liquor shots" (no hands...shot glasses grabbed with the mouth, and bottoms up.) This was back in the day when they had sommeliers in the MDR. There were wild stories from the dancers and the Staff Captain...we thought every cruise with RCCL was like this...it started our cruising addiction.
  4. If the HD is Mike Rasmussen.. speak to him...he's a nice guy...and a comedian.
  5. I forget as well...but a very good friend is always happy to remind me and say "I'm Master's, you're only P".
  6. How's your husband? Genuinely hoping he is ok. There's a lot to unpack and a few lessons to be learned from your incident. How did he fracture his leg on the sports court?...playing basketball, soccer, volleyball? Was it an accident? Was Royal Caribbean negligent? Medical bill of $1,200. I was charged $1,702.17 for an allergy reaction. Yes, travel insurance...there has been many discussions and a forum on this topic. Happy to know you had support from your family and friends. Hope you get some of your money back. @chengkp75...perhaps he can respond to your medivac question.
  7. Coastal Kitchen access is also available to Master's Tier (casino) passengers.
  8. Please let us know some of your favorites during the week. And how's the service at CK?
  9. Have you tried the jellyfish in the gold dining room? Ate it for the first time last year. I figured its the best way to get even if you've ever been stung by a jellyfish.
  10. @leaveitallbehind...you are spot on. * We love both Celebrity and Royal Caribbean. Back in the day, we thought Celebrity had better loyalty perks...access to Michael's Club for Elites, free laundry at Elite versus D+ for Royal, served free champagne when boarding, and mimosas/bellinis/champagne for breakfast...and all the other perks. RCCL beats all of these hands down.
  11. Yes, that was strange and a bit disappointing that the menu did not change...they did offer a couple of special (different ) dishes every night on both our 12n sailings. * Our waiter told us about the specials not listed on the menu.
  12. LB, are you eating in the Silver Dining or Gold Dining? Curious when and why the Hot Pot restaurant became complimentary...we had to pay to eat there last year. Thanks.
  13. Yes, the doors on Symphony are magnetic. * Our home made magnetic sandals stayed on the door on our b5b. A crew member liked it, and gave it to her.
  14. LB, was the drone show only for CNY only? ...or is it shown again? How's Telegraph Hotel? * We used Grab from airport to hotel, then hotel to cruise terminal. MTR around town.
  15. Back in the day, they had an "exclusive section" for breakfast for Diamonds. Who still remember the days without the Diamond Lounge? Beer, wine, and peanuts served. * Things changed, we adapted. Genuinely love the vouchers...you can use it anytime, at any bar, mdr, wj, theater, alcoholic or non-alcoholic, at Coco Cay and Labadee...you can even share it. * I must admit, back in the day, when Happy Hour meant = trying to get hammered for 3 hours...it was fun just people watching. Fondest memory was of a passenger ringing a mini-cowbell every time she wanted a drink...it worked, the bartenders came.
  16. It's subjective...but my favorites: Filet mignon Lobster salad Hamachi Crudo Rack of Lamb Sticky Pineaaple Ribs Cheese Tortellini with truffle oil * Breakfast: Flatbread (crispy) with Chorizo and 2 eggs over medium...it's like having Italian/Spanish pizza for breakfast. * Kids menu: Cheeseburger and fries. Banana split.
  17. Last year, we were onboard the Quantum of the Seas, trans-pacific, between Tahiti and Hawaii...when "Oscar, Oscar, Oscar" was announced. (It meant man overboard) It was at night and the Captain wanted to make sure that someone, actually jumped or had fallen, overboard. He announced and instructed all passengers to go back in their cabins...to find out if anyone was missing. It was subsequently determined that a passenger jumped overboard...a search was conducted...the person wasn't found. Out of respect for the family, the person was not identified. * A few days later, reports and news from Australia provided some details. Our sailing started in Brisbane.
  18. We prefer CK on the Symphony. IMHO, better food and outstanding service. * Plus a nice suite lounge to have a drink (or 2) before dinner.
  19. LB, did you have to get a New Zealand visa? * I know U.S. citizens have to apply for Aussie visa...but couldn't remember if NZ visa was required when sailing out of Sydney then visiting NZ. Thank you.
  20. @taglovestocruise @twangster Just my humble observation...I have seen more single female pinnacles than men. * Observation conducted during CWO.
  21. Our addiction with RCCL started out of San Pedro...on the Song of America.
  22. As an old hippie, I learned to use the Royal App and look at the CK menu. If I see something I like for lunch or dinner at CK, we eat there. A few favorites at CK...filet, Hamaci crudo, sticky pineapple ribs, cheese tortellini with truffles, rack of lamb,...ok, I'm getting hungry. * We love Hooked (for the fresh oysters). Disclosure: We are older and eat much less...so CK is good for us. We love the Blu and Luminae on X.
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