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  1. You don't need to take a ukulele. They usually have 60 to 70 soprano ukuleles available. However, it is a very popular class and they go quickly. We got there almost 45 minutes before the first class started and there was already a line. If you get a ukulele that first day, you get one for the rest of the cruise (they take down cabin numbers). If you have your own, bring it. Several people did. We are going to bring ours in November! Linda
  2. Good Mine Gal, we started by playing their ukuleles. We had such a good time that we picked up our own ukuleles in Hilo. If you are planning on trying the ukulele on board and do not have your own, get to the first class very early to be sure you get one of their instruments. A lot of people take the class and they have a limited number available Linda
  3. Hi Dave. We are planning to sail with you again in November 2017. FYI, I think you meant to say that you will be on the 11/14/17 cruise, not 11/4/17. I sincerely hope so. My husband and I are still playing our ukuleles after you wonderful lessons! Linda
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    Thanks for all the replies!
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    My husband is a football fan (American professional football). Are any games shown in the stateroom or just on MUTS? Thanks in advance for your help. Linda
  6. This is our first time on Princess and we are in a full suite. Is there any boarding preference for a suite?
  7. OMG, I just checked this out. Looks like a lot of top designers are making these now (Michael Kors, Gucci, etc.). I wouldn't have believed it if I had not seen it for myself (no offense meant, OP). They are much smaller than the big old ugly things I remember. Perfect size for a cruise card, credit card, ID, etc. I must admit I like the idea of being hands free. Oh heaven help me, I may get one for our December cruise...
  8. Hi Jenna. Thanks for the great review! We were on the last cruise and Godfrey was our buthler. Great service. If you get the chance, please tell Godfrey that Gerald and Linda from RS 6141 send their regards. Linda
  9. I can view my reservation now, but the link to Order History does not work. Sigh. Linda
  10. We booked Infinity about a year out. After final payment, a Celebrity Suite is now $350 more pp than we paid for our Royal Suite. Sometimes you get lucky, I suppose. :) Linda
  11. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. I wish we had had the chance to meet in person. Linda
  12. I agree with previous poster who said the quality in Murano has slipped. Tuscan Grill would be my pick. Linda
  13. Thank for the link to your Fort Lauderdale to Valparaiso review. I look forward to reading it! Linda
  14. Terrific review! That is a "bucket list" cruise for us. By any chance, did you do a similar review for your prior cruise from Fort Lauderdale to Valparaiso? We are taking that same cruise in December and would love to read your review if you did one. Linda
  15. Check out the Ports of Call forum for South America. Looks like there are some good suggestions there. We are in the same situation next December. Linda
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