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  1. nolatravelgirl

    Disinfecting your cabin question.

    Unless you are banning housekeeping from your room then you are pretty much wasting your time. They will be cleaning your room with the same rags they use in many rooms. As others stated, wash your hands frequently and don't just depend on that spritz of hand sanitizer
  2. nolatravelgirl

    Maximum Occupancy

    I posted to the wrong thread
  3. nolatravelgirl

    things stolen - what would you do?

    CCTV is for the protection of the company. They don't want to get into disputes between two passengers.
  4. nolatravelgirl

    Luggage drop off before embarkation

    Hopefully, you are traveling in the day before your cruise so just leave your luggage with the bellman/front desk and pick up before heading to the ship.
  5. nolatravelgirl

    Bow access for a marriage proposal

    Seabourn has a beautiful bow with a whirlpool on it. They bend over backward for guests and it would make a great proposal spot! https://www.harpersbazaar.com/uk/travel/a13147235/luxury-travel-seabourn/
  6. nolatravelgirl

    Tipping bartenders on 🚢

    Tipping is a hot-button topic here but I will occasionally tip above the included. One notable time I made sure to tip was on the NCL Sky which has drinks included for everyone. I brought along some $1 bills since there is no slip to sign and I never waited for a drink even at the most crowded bar.
  7. nolatravelgirl

    French Quarter restaurant recommendations?

    Don't call them trolleys as everyone will know you are a tourist. ;) They are called "streetcars" in New Orleans. The day after Mardi Gras is the beginning of lent and the tone of the city will change vastly. The St. Charles streetcar line will definitely be on a modified schedule as it literally goes down the middle of the parade route. The best transportation during Mardi Gras is your own two feet. Car traffic in the FQ is redirected and restricted due to the vast amount of people on the streets. Be prepared to walk so wear your comfortable shoes.
  8. nolatravelgirl

    Formal/Elegant dining attire

    I always equate that look with a used car salesman. :D:D:D:D
  9. nolatravelgirl

    Beach towels

    NCL provides a towel per person in the room. You can exchange as many times as you want on the pool deck or by your room steward. I typically will exchange my towel before heading back to the room so I don't have a wet towel hanging out in my room.
  10. nolatravelgirl

    waterproof camera

    I used a combo of these for a cave tubing trip. The float is key so if it does come loose it floats to the top. :D JOTO Universal Waterproof Case Waterproof Camera Float (2-pack)
  11. nolatravelgirl

    Mardi Gras

    I don't think there is that much of a difference as far as to what you would see. There are parades pretty much all day on Sunday so the streets will be crowded. Seeing as you don't dock till 6pm on Sunday I would pick either Lafayette Square or the Intercontinental since they are on the river side of the parade route. Trying to cross the route when parades are passing is never fun and that way if you are late you won't be stuck on the wrong side from your tickets. The big parade on Monday evening is Orpheus. Proteus is rather ho hum so be sure to stay for the main event as it is a stunning parade. On Tuesday the two big draws are Zulu & Rex. They are completely different parades but both are a must watch. I looked at the prices of tickets for the different stands and the Intercontinental tickets are more expensive and I don't see that you get anything for that other than you get access to toilets inside a building rather than porta-potties. I would maybe splurge for Tuesday on the Intercontinental since the Queen of Carnival (The Rex Organization) and her court all sit in the private reviewing stands (not where you would have access but close) so the riders in Rex tend to throw lots to the revelers at the hotel. Zulu starts very early, so don't dawdle getting there. All of these stands appear to be general admission seating so getting there timely will get you a better view. Wear your comfy shoes and dress in layers. Mardi Gras is later this year so the weather will be warmer. I have worn shorts plenty of times during Mardi Gras during the day but it will still drop to needing a light jacket in the evening. Don't forget to bring a bag for all the loot you will catch. :)
  12. nolatravelgirl

    Mardi Gras

    My post was from October 2017 so I am aware but CC does not allow you to edit old posts.
  13. nolatravelgirl

    I Pad through security

    Agree that you never know what they are going to want to inspect. I carry a corkscrew that doesn't have a blade. I now put it in my carryon front pocket so that they can easily find the "offending item" without having to paw thru my entire carryon. If I go thru an airport that doesn't have pre-check I also throw my bag of cords, laptop and ipad into a bin just to limit then touching all my stuff. The stupid thing is they get all caught up in finding the thing on the monitor they ignore all the rest of the contents. I sometimes think it would be easy to smuggle contraband just by putting some easy to find banned item on top then they would just ignore the rest of the bag.
  14. nolatravelgirl

    I Pad through security

    I have traveled thru LHR on multiple occasions and have never been asked to remove my case. When I say case I mean like the one below not a laptop bag or carryon https://www.amazon.com/SWEES-Compatible-Protective-Leather-Shockproof/dp/B0753CKNLG/ref=sr_1_7?s=pc&ie=UTF8&qid=1536062516&sr=1-7&keywords=ipad+pro+10.5+case
  15. nolatravelgirl

    I Pad through security

    I am going to take your question more literally. I don't know of any security that requires you to remove an ipad from a protective case like what most people use. Maybe if you use some industrial size/strength case they may ask to inspect but usually just removing it from your carryon will suffice.