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  1. Hi Djptcp 🙂 Anytime dining will be in the Sapphire Dining Room. I'll drop the info below. Have a terrific sailing! 🌴
  2. Hi TNcruising02 🙂 When my wife & I choose to sail Carnival, we do so for: 1) High octane 2) Food options 3) Affordability to extend cruise length; 14-night or longer sailings via B2B's or Journeys voyages that were added to Carnival itineraries in 2015. 🌴
  3. Hi Jamman 🙂 My wife & I are still feeling the 15-day repo sting. Was such a terrific itinerary! Last I heard, somewhere around June 3rd they started Mardi Gras's main engines for the 1st time. Keeping my eyes on Meyer Turku for the sea trials. Ouch....🐝 🐝 Take the stinger out, we need a voyage! Happy sailing Jamman! 🌴
  4. Hi Sapphire 🙂 Be certain to keep your eyes on these Cruise Critic posts below along with the Meyer Turku Shipyard Media Press Release Section on their website. Also keep your eyes on the Meyer Turku Shipyard via 'social media' websites as well. I'll get you started & will drop some below. Have a great day! Meyer Turku Shipyard Press Releases located @: https://www.meyerturku.fi/en/meyerturku_com/media/news_releases/news_releases.jsp Meyer Turku Shipyard located @: https://www.meyerturku.fi/en/meyerturku_com/index.jsp ⬇️ November 14th Mardi Gras Cruise Critic Roll Call ⬇️ ⬇️ A lot of Mardi Gras Information & Discussion ⬇️ 🌴
  5. Hi Obstructedview2 🙂 My wife & I are taking the same strategy of thinking, in regards to (as you put it) realistically evaluating the situation. We've been cruising since the 80's and have decided that a hiatus from sailing is warranted at this moment in time. We've come to the personal conclusion that we will not sail in 2021 at all, and will wait until 2022 before we make any logical decisions. Practically & rationally speaking, I think our next cruise will be sometime in 2023 as well; and we'll (use) 2022 to plan our next voyage. Happy sailing! 🌴
  6. Hi @jimbo5544 April 28th press release from Meyer Turku Shipyard. 'Corona crisis causes Meyer Turku to start negotiations to lay off people' Article (directly from Meyer Turku) located @: https://www.meyerturku.fi/en/meyerturku_com/media/news_releases/news_releases.jsp 😯
  7. Hi @opensaysme ☺️ My screen name says it all, hehehe.....😄 Actually, we've been sailing since the 1980's, always port side. Never had a starboard voyage in all our years of cruising. For me, port side is like being on the 'driver side', so to speak.😊 🌴
  8. Hi Floriduh ☺️ I've been living with Multiple Sclerosis for 20 years now. I apologize, I can't answer your question, that when Carnival begins to sail again, if Multiple Sclerosis would be on their official list. However I'd like to mention some fairly basic information, but without any medical advice or medical direction. For that, your wife should soley and certainly speak to her neurologist & primary physician. Having said that & having MS myself, I can safely tell you that for those of us living with this beast of a disease (already have) compromised immune systems. In addition, some of the disease-modifying therapies (medications) can further compromise the immune system as well, leaving us vulnerable to infection. The immune system works as a defense in fighting diseases or infections. Multiple Sclerosis is an autoimmune disease. This means that the body’s immune system attacks its own body parts, such as tissue or nerves, instead of protecting them as it should. My wife & I have been sailing since the 80's. I was diagnosed in 2000 with Multiple Sclerosis. The past 20 years of sailing have been quite challenging in many ways. Physically & mentally. I've gotten many severe colds while cruising, and have taken me weeks post cruise to get back to baseline. As another member already mentioned, (when in doubt, don't). I believe in that statement fully. In regards to myself, my wife & I are taking a brief hiatus from sailing until the smoke clears. I can't & won't risk it. I've already witnessed 1st hand over the years, far too often, what & how a severe common cold or flu can exacerbate my symptoms; then hospitalized because of it. The real bottom line is this. Whatever decisions you & your wife make, be certain to have your wife's neurologist & primary physician play a role in the process. Happy sailing!! Have a wonderful day! 🌴
  9. Hi @Saint Greg How come he don't come and p.l.p. with me🎶 Down at the meter no more? How come he turn off the TV And he hang that sign on the door? We call and we call "How come?" we say What could make a boy behave this way?🎶 He learn all of the lines, and every time he🎶 don't stutter when he talk And it's true! It's true! He sure is acquired a cool and inspired sorta jazz when he walk Where's his jacket and his old blue jeans? If this ain't healthy is it some kinda clean?🎶 I think that Chuck E's in love Chuck E's in love🎶 I don't believe what you're saying to me🎶 This is something I gotta see Is he here? Look in the poolhall Is he here? Look in the drugstore Is he here? No, he don't come here no more I'll tell you what I saw him🎶 He was sittin' behind us down at the 'Pantages' And whatever it is that he's got up his sleeve I hope it isn't contagious What's her name? Is that her there? Christ, I think he's even combed his hair!🎶 Is that her? What's her name?🎶 Oh, it's never going to be same. But that's not her I know what's wrong-- Chuck E's in love with the little girl who's singing this song🎶 Chuck E's in love Chuck E's in love with me🎶 - Rickie Lee Jones 🌴
  10. Hi ObstructedView2 ☺️ My wife & I use similar travel size bottles as well for witch hazel, peroxide & alcohol. They have always been a part of our 1st aid kit when traveling. 🌴
  11. Hi @Saint Greg, From much happier times....😉 #PayingAttention #Wilpons #Don'tHaveToSell 🌴
  12. Hi Camickle1 ☺️ Irons onboard Ecstasy are located at: Carnival Ecstasy Ship Features & Public Areas @: https://help.goccl.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/1511/~/carnival-ecstasy-(ec)-ship-features-and-public-areas 🌴
  13. Very nice!!!!!! @Saint Greg, bonus points if you locate the ships plate.. #Fincantieri 😉 🌴
  14. Hi Greg ☺️ A picture of the ships coin. Has to be near the basketball court, miniature golf, waterworks area..👍 🌴
  15. Hey @Saint Greg It seems extremely appropriate that 'Fusilli Pasta' was an MDR entree! LOL!😄 #MillionToOneShot #AssMan #Seinfeld 🌴
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