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  1. BTW: You can always order guacamole and chips as gluten free. I wish they would just stock some Chex gf cereals. As always Cherrios are marked GF but we celiacs know better. So Crystal thinks they are providing GF cereal as any non celiac would assume. I think they do need better GF education in the purchasing department. There were at least a handful of celiacs on our last cruise maybe more. It may seem to those who don't have the disease to be overdoing thinking it. I wish that were the case. Crystal tries very hard.
  2. My best photo of Serenity from geirangerfjord last June.
  3. I am celiac diagnosed one year ago. After all the years of cruising Crystal I had a new hurdle. They helped so much on our 17 day Nordic cruise this summer. You are not the only one I assure you. IF you ask for something special and give them a few days they will provide. I challenged the baker to some dark crisp rolls for dinner. Voila! The best bread I have eaten in a year. Ask for a pavlova made gluten free. There is usually one gf dessert beside creme bruele in waterside. The cookies and soy sauce in Umi Uma can be made gf. I too am sick of custard for dessert. Your wish is their pleasure within reason on Crystal. Follow the suggestions with the Head Waiter at their stand. Tip generously afterwards. They are so lovely. Enjoy and please post your experience. 🙂 P.S. There were always gf options on our Crystal tours that included a meal.
  4. Crystal Cruises38 days left Ready to use Has anyone had any success using this offer? "Earn 10% cash back on your Crystal voyage, with a $450.00 cash back maximum. Discover The World of Crystal, a luxurious, all-inclusive manner of travel by Ocean, River and Yacht Expedition. Navigate the majestic waterways of Europe on Travel + Leisure's 2017 "World's Best River Cruise Line" all-suite, butler-serviced Crystal River Cruises™, or join Crystal Yacht Expedition Cruises™, another T+L 2017 favorite as "World's Best Small-ship Cruise Line" and go yachting in the Adriatic, West Indies and Seychelles. Explore the world's oceans aboard Crystal Cruises(R), the World's Most Awarded Luxury Cruise Line! Offer valid one time only. Offer expires 10/18/2019. Payment must be made directly with the merchant. Offer not valid on mobile wallet purchases. Payment must be made on or before offer expiration date. Note: Offer is only valid when you pay with your eligible Bank of America® card"
  5. There is also a dinner with Nobu a mere $200/head tasting for 60 people. Hey with all our money spent we may need to come stay with the Stickman afterwards. 😉
  6. For a special anniversary/birthday and instead of a long cruise this fits for us. We live in a gateway on the west coast so airfare is usually pretty good to Asia. I think this is a pretty spectacular itinerary. I have wanted to visit the remote islands of Indonesia and PNG/Irian Jaya for a long time. I am jazzed about this one.
  7. We are planning to book this cruise. Anyone else? Stickman???? Nobu himself will be there. Don't miss it.
  8. Can you please add the full list for Endeavor's sailings in 2020. We are considering one at the moment.
  9. Three things 1. On longer cruises/world cruises you will find offerings of things like meatloaf and other "comfort foods". People can only take some nouvelle cuisine for so long. 2. We are not fans of the churr____ whatever the Brazillian name. We thought the food was average. The difference instance one night a steak offered in Waterside was Ribeye wayu. That same night a far cheaper cut and brand of beef was offered in the Brazilian restaurant. My husband and I wondered if the Brazilian is a cost savings for them to run. That said On the other hand our friends who prefer simple meat and potatoes ate at the Brazilian nearly 5 nights in a row. Different appeal to different people. We were delighted with the Waterside most nights. 3. I would love to see a pop restaurant that offers different things different nights . It would be a NOT be a BUFFET like the old themed lunches. Maybe encourage some of the ethnic chefs to offer world cuisine. I liked Tastes but I prefer variety. My husband is all about quality.
  10. etc... Yes yes these and other little things are why so many of us are Crystal devotees. This isn't just a follow the crowd phenomena. People don't sail Crystal for status or name brand exclusivity despite the advertising. Simply, Crystal has maintained its excellence over the years. That is why we spend our precious vacations on Crystal. I am glad you can finally experience what we've all been raving about.
  11. I hate to be a picky but I too find it awkward to have two sides. Maybe it helps the kitchen somehow? I do wish they would label gf suggestions.
  12. On one of our recent Crystal tours a woman was very very late back to the bus. I presumed she bailed on our bus that had an AWFUL tour guide almost unintelligible. His Italian accent was so thick and he spoke poor English. He told the bus driver to just go. The Crystal rep had to stop the bus and go retrieve the woman who was in the bathroom. That is what the Crystal representative is supposed to do. So sorry you didn't have someone with you on the bus. Sometimes the rep is not an employee rather the partner of a speaker or teacher hired by Crystal. These folks vary in their skills. I am so sorry this happened. It is right that they refund your money and hopefully your cab fare. At least I hope you had some lovely cheese in Edam. 😉
  13. If you have a dietary issue such as celiac they tell you to be sure to do just this. We found they gave us our favorite table from our WC15 most nights. It was so comforting to be in our regular spot...like home.
  14. There are people we know who adore the Churasscaria. They ate there multiple nights in a row. We didn't find it to our tastes. The chicken tasted fine. We found the meat cuts to be not as high a quality as you find in Waterside. I think this venue is a huge cost saving per diner for Crystal. It wasn't empty. I can not imagine that it would stay full or even busy on a highly subscribed full world cruise. It is nice to have a simple meal once in a while but I don't think it is too good. That said I had the BEST steak of my life in Waterside. It was an Australia Wagyu ribeye. OMG. I haven't even seen that cut offered in our butcher shops here. It was memorable. The Churasscaria was memorable only for the company of our friends who loved it. It was nice not having to get as dressed up for dinner after a long day hiking.
  15. 86 children on Serenity? That makes Serenity an oxymoron. I love kids but that is a lot for an adult oriented ship to handle. Wow. I loved the kids on our Norway cruise. Reasonable amounts and mainly well behaved.
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