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  1. I think an article on Cruise Critic about surviving a cruise mishap is due. It would be an excellent and well timed thing. I am a survivor a long ago ship "sinking" that is it sunk after we were rescued. I learned a lot from the experience. You go through a lot during and after a crisis like this. Perhaps you could get an article up for 930 people who just experienced a cruise ship nightmare on Viking Sky. Just a suggestion
  2. I am not a Viking Cruises sailor but have survived a major incident on an ocean going cruise ship many many years ago. I know how shell shocked these passengers are feeling. It will be days before the adrenaline settles. So the following is advice to the brave survivors of this incident: 1) go slowly and allow yourself to finish your vacation on land. Don't rush back to work or whatever it is you do too fast. You get a little calm down time. You earned it. 2) Use your packing list of everything you brought on board. Then if compare the list to what you are taking home. If things are missing, ruined by water or just plain damaged submit that list to Viking. They will make you whole. I remember trying to figure out how much value to put on my stuff. I went to Nordstroms and got the price to buy it all again. Now my stuff may have been from Target but the cruise line was going to pay me Nordstroms price to go through the trouble of re-buying all our stuff. (we lost everything in our incident) 3) If you have a family member or close friend who is a lawyer ask their opinion. I found my cousin a big help in correspondence with the cruise company asking for reimbursement of things. 4) Thank your lucky stars. DO go on another cruise. You may have moments of panic in the future on your next cruise but it will pass. We went on to do a full world cruise after the long ago incident. Don't let this deter you. Congratulations Viking Sky survivors you did it!
  3. How very civilized. We are going on a two day overland trip to sparsely populated regions. That is why I asked. I am considering bringing some gluten free snacks. I don't expect the world to cater to my medical condition. 🙂
  4. Does anyone know if food is allowed to be taken off ships in Iceland and or/Norway? I am strictly gluten free celiac. It will be a hardship to try and find gluten free food in small places. Thanks.
  5. ChatKat, there is nothing in this price range during our cruise in June. Not all cruises are the same. In fact there are very few this price at all. Have you cruised Crystal recently?
  6. We used this very one on the Serenity during our world cruise. We plan to use it again next summer during our cruise.
  7. My friend who is the photographer that shot the video posted the entire thing on FB. What I learned on this video is about the tortilla. As part of the deconstruction dish, the tortilla is ground up. Then the tortilla crumb is mixed with nuts. It is served as a puree on the plate along with the other items. You then dip your taco fillings into the puree/salsa? of tortilla along with salsa and enjoy. So that is one way to make "tacos" on Serenity without doing hand made tortillas. Personally I still think a freshly made tortilla is like fresh hot bread. Making a paste of breadcrumbs is akin to this idea. Not as appetizing. I am sure it is delicious BUT why not try making the real thing?
  8. Keith was there a tortilla with it? Soft shell you say? I am still confused. Not an expert just eat my fair share is all. I would love it if Crystal would make scratch corn tortillas.
  9. I completely agree with you quepaquete. It is about the lovely hand made tortilla fresh and hot. I would love to see Crystal provide freshly made hot handmade tortillas from time to time. .
  10. Thanks I missed that feature. So the question I have is when does a taco cease to be a taco?
  11. I am a true taco snob. I spend a good chunk of time deep in Mexico each year. I have no issues with this taco culinary thing. Fine, but what make a great taco is a super fresh handmade tortilla. How is he going to do that? IF they use premade factory tortillas? I will pass.
  12. Thanks for the nice trip report. I enjoyed armchair traveling with you. Where to next?
  13. Now if we could see that cam when we are at home. That would be something grand!
  14. Recently there have been a variety of critical reviews of Crystal. I went to find out more. They had a bogus cabin number listed. How can you stop false reviews? Example: https://www.cruisecritic.com/memberreviews/memberreview.cfm?EntryID=647377
  15. There are bogus reviews on there. One guy states he stayed in cabin 9999. Um there isn't such a cabin. He claims to have been on a world cruise? Right. I highly doubt it. Don't listen to those reviews as gospel. Watch the posting of people on the ship at the moment. There are a lot of posters who are blowing smoke if you catch my drift. It isn't perfection but it is nice enough for most folks. One more thing is that Crystal really shines in our opinion on voyages with sea days and relaxation to enjoy the ship. Doing a one week port intensive Med voyage would be nice but not the full experience in our opinion.
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