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  1. Final is Crystal chose not to dispute the Chase Visa claim and mom is repaid all her money. This is small potatoes compared to some of you but to my 87 year young mom it is huge. I have no beef with Crystal at the moment. This is just what works for the company during this unusual time.
  2. My personal opinion only: It is easier and faster to file a credit card dispute for a cruise canceled BY Crystal. It saves time for both you and the Crystal. Think about no waiting on hold except for your bank or credit card company. Crystal deals with it on paper only. They don't waste precious staff time on the phone with it. It is neat and tidy. There is a neat paper trail. I do not think Crystal would ever recommend this to you because they want to hold as many dollars for as long as they can. Still it is the best way for both parties. It worked
  3. SuzieQ, My mom called her bank today and the bank was willing to dispute the charges. She was able to get the smaller of the two charges immediately. We shall see. I wouldn't wait one more minute. The door seems to be closing. So very sad.
  4. Today I got in touch with my mom. She is in her 90s and doing well. She had a paid for river cruise that was cancelled in April. I told her no more messing around call the credit card bank. She used a Chase Sapphire card. She got ahold of the bank and disputed the charge today. She was immediately refunded part of the money. The the rest is in process. Chase told mom not to worry, they will get her money refunded. I recommend proceeding in this manner. Time to get your money back has come. My advice is to act immediately. I am so sorry that this is the case. It is heartbreak
  5. In answer to what is Sturgis? It is the largest or one of the largest roadbike motorcycle convocation in the USA. It seems a majority of the thousands this year are not wearing masks. Why? I believe it is a combination of deadly factors: 1) the desire to show "independence" (I don't need anyone telling me what to do) 2) a certain machismo and invincibility that some road bikers seem to enjoy including some females and 3) lack of education/belief/understanding of science, germ theory and contagion. Certainly not all riders are of this belief. Many of the riders are themsel
  6. I would voluntarily sit out 14 days of quarantine if it were comfortable enough in Australia. I would adore a spring time circumnavigation of both Australia and New Zealand. That would be a no brainer Grand voyage for us. The Northern territories are amazing.
  7. Such sad news. We were so fortunate to have him as a lecturer on board our Iceland to Norway cruise last summer. We will really miss his skill, wit and insight. This will be a tough one to replace. Condolences to his wife. He was a really good guy.
  8. Junk mail from Crystal is not a significant complaint this day in age in my opinion. Seriously I get a stack of it that goes to recycling everyday. Who doesn't? I think it is going to stop as people stay home from non essential business. Oh wait is advertising essential? 🙃
  9. Better than that Crystal allowed us to transfer her booking to her daughter in law. She doesn't have the energy for all the insurance. This is a win win for all of us. Mom gives daughter-in-law a wonderful gift and doesn't feel like she is throwing away her money. My sister-in-law is thrilled. It works for our family. If it gets cancelled it is not a big deal at this point. My sister-in-law can rebook at another time. I think mom really was overwhelmed and felt vulnerable to travel in the current situation.
  10. 1. It is not Crystal's fault merely their action/inaction in the world wide situation. 2. Next time Flyertalker is going to help my mom with making her decisions because I think you are such a certified expert and better equipped to deal with her. 3. I think we have solved the situation without having to deal with insurance via the TA in very win/win situation for our family. 4. Flyertalker why don't you just stick to FlyerTalk where the posters are more to your satisfaction. You certainly seem to distain the people on this board.
  11. Dear FTer, I certainly wouldn't but my 86 yr old mom is not savvy and very proud. She made a couple of rookie booking mistakes. She is very pleased to give her spot the trip to a younger family member. If it is acceptable to Crystal then all will be well.
  12. What would be the ideal happy outcome would be to be allowed to transfer the booking to another family member who is younger and healthier. That would certainly make my mom much happier. We have sent a message to the TA requesting this under the circumstances. We will hear back next week. I take back about never sailing with Crystal again. That is not the case I just hope for a little flexibility.
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