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  1. Thought so! Just be careful if you order a hot beverage! On our last cruise, the barista put one in my caramel macchiato! Ewwwww! Nasty stuff!!
  2. For the shows (with reservations), we try to arrive around 15 minutes before the doors open and have always gotten a good seat! A few minutes before show time, it'll open up for those without reservations. I will be boarding the Allure this Sunday and we have reservations for Mama Mia! Looking forward to it!
  3. I always pack a camping twin size mattress pad (self-inflating) just in case I want some extra padding! Luckily, I haven't needed to use it yet! It folds up fairly small, so easy to pack!
  4. Thanks for all of the great photos orchestrated by Mother Nature! But maybe not so good of an idea to be out on that balcony to see it!😲 Wishing safe travels to all! Also hoping there's not another one following Dorian (since we board Allure on 9/8)!!🙄
  5. Aagh! I failed to finish reading all of this and spoke too soon! Came back to last page to delete my comment but wallah, you beat me! Again! Haha! Thanks for the live review, bon voyage, and cheers! Tom and I will be on HOS on October 20 ..... of 2019, of course!! We have a pretty rowdy crowd of 8 this time! Wish you could come with!
  6. The "next muster for October 20, 2018" on your signature page may be a bit confusing to some of us.🙄
  7. Here's the link to our informal roll call for the Harmony of the Seas, leaving October 20, 2019 from Port Canaveral! Come join our thread and join in the conversation!
  8. I sometimes bring bags of the small chocolate snack bars for our room steward and various servers, who all seem to like them a lot! I'll bring some for your pillow! RIP upgrade fairy!
  9. Cruising grandma and I have a cabin on Deck 11, right by the DL on Allure in a couple of weeks! Wondering if I can slip in there in my PJ's for coffee to take back to our balcony!!🥰
  10. Wishing Laura a speedy recovery and pray you don't catch it!!!!!😲 Tom got the bug a couple of weeks ago, then I got it!🤢 Guess we didn't stay away from each other quickly enough. Anyway, we are both almost back to 100% now and I'm gearing up for the Allure!😁 Thanks again for letting us tag along!!
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