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  1. Found this on Royal's web site, if it helps. https://www.royalcaribbean.com/the-healthy-sail-center/getting-ready-to-cruise
  2. They are adorable!! We have a Blenheim male named Bobo!! Sweetest dogs ever!!
  3. I read a statement from Royal stating that some indoor venues would be designated for the vaccinated only and masks would not be required once inside, such as designated theater shows, casino, and some bars, even on cruises from Florida. Start watching the 'LIVE' review from Allure of the Seas leaving PC tomorrow, July 27, 2021 to find out!! Cheers!! Lots of great info will be learned on Allure's test cruise tomorrow (July 27th)!! Happy cruising friends!! Cheers!! https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2792180-live-allure-stimulation-cruise-july-27-2021🛳/page/11/#comments
  4. A lot of info to be gained by following the "LIVE" threads right now!
  5. For our cruise this September, our water park cabana with 6 park passes included was $399 back in March and is still that price. We had bought it for our family but now it's just hubby and I going. We've offered to share it on our roll call but no takers; however, one cruiser wants to buy 2 of the water park passes, so that will offset some of the cost for the cabana. Now that we have one, I don't want to give it up! We also booked a beach bungalow on Labadee, which is now $100 more than we paid for it back in March, so we'll be sharing that with 2 other couples on our roll call. We enjoy meeting new folks, so have no problem sharing! Cheers! Thrill Waterpark — Cabana And Full Day Pass PERFECT DAY AT COCOCAY, BAHAMAS DURATION: FULL DAY Towering slides, rushing tides— and your very own retreat at Thrill Waterpark From*$399.00USD Price Per Cabana + Pass You purchased this item on 2021-01-03 11:28:45.
  6. I turned our September 12th cruise week into a B2B and added the 19th but only thing left was a neighborhood balcony guaranty! I went ahead and took it just to stay on the ship but we are hoping to upgrade at least to an OV balcony as well!! Even if we fail to get an upgrade, we'll be glad just to stay on board that week, so hoping we don't get canceled! Cheers!
  7. Thought my mouse was going to burn up yesterday! We got the cruising fever bad and, before I knew it, had 10 cruises booked! Of course, one is in 2023, so that doesn't qualify for those double points ....yet! LOL! We won't make P in our lifetime (340 is in reach though) but will still enjoy cruising while we can and spending our kids' inheritance!! Whoopie! Cheers!
  8. Chris, Did you know that the Celebrity Edge began cruising from FLL this past Saturday (25th)? Things seem to be going very well! Laughed at your card trick! Thanks for your videos!! We're not on Odyssey until February, 2023 but maybe we'll get luck and you'll still be there! Stay healthy, keep the faith, and cheers my friend!!
  9. We are cruising with another couple from FL. We explained the Cozumel Bar Hop to them and they are interested in going; however, we're not sure that we will be able to book private excursions yet. We may wait to see how the first few test cruises go and what RC is allowing people to do. We'd love to hop again with you!! Maybe I'll email Tom (owner) at the bar hop and see what's happening that week! Oh my, yes, the peanut butter tequila!! And the Dirty Monkey too!! Yum!!
  10. 16. Single members must have 340 Cruise Points earned in order to receive the single cruise fare at 150%. This offer is based on availability with certain restrictions. Ocean Voyage Packages, Holiday sailings (Christmas and New Year) and the months of July and August are not included in this offer.
  11. Changes are being made almost daily, so can't help you there. Sales are ongoing as well but you can book the cruise you want and, if the price goes down, you can call and have them re-price it for you, which I have done in the past. To be safe and allow for more time, I would book the November 8th cruise; however, I may be a bit biased as hubby and I are on that one! If you book it, please join our Meet & Mingle roll call! There will be no free on-board M&M, as the cruise is < 7 nights but we are planning a couple of informal get togethers to meet in person. Happy cruising whatever you decide! Cheers!
  12. No ugly purple slide on Allure either!😝
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