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  1. Your 66 cruises reminded me of our motorcycle (trike) adventure riding along Route 66! Currently talking about getting another RV (probably a toybox style for our trike) instead of a vacation home and enjoying the sites around the USA! Cheers!
  2. The name between D+ and Pinnacle could be Mini-Pin! I'm just bored. Can ya tell?
  3. Do a little research to see where you want to move it to, then call but don't wait too long since final payment is looming, and you don't want to lose it altogether! Good Luck! Cheers!
  4. I will say "yes" you can L&S. We had one for this September out of New Orleans and we did the L&S, moving it to next year. I believe you need to do the same number of days and within the same time frame but not necessarily the same ship; not sure if the itinerary needs to be exactly the same or not. Your or your TA will need to call RCI to do the L&S!
  5. Hmmm, we have an OV GTY for April, 2022; however, after reading these posts, I just may upgrade to the beloved AFT balcony! Twist my arm!! LOL!!
  6. The only way to find out if the 6 night on Odyssey would be an option is to call RCI and ask. I would guess they would want more $$ for that extra night but who knows unless you ask? Currently, you can only L&S before August 1st but this could be extended, so you have a month or so to decide. Good luck! Cheers!
  7. I called to L&S our September cruise from New Orleans and it was fairly easy to do; however, my wait on hold time was very lengthy. Anyway, the rep was able to L&S to the same ship/itinerary next year, one day earlier, and I even got the same 3 rooms for that sailing. Since next year's cruise was more expensive, he explained that the first confirmation I would receive would be for the increased amount but that I would receive a corrected one in just a few days with the same price I paid this year. Worried me at first but I did receive the corrected amount less than a week later, so all is good! Yes, I lost the sale price for the beverage packages purchased at 40% off, as well as the beach bungalow at Coco Cay, which I have already re-purchased at increased prices but can always cancel and re-purchase them if the prices go down, so I will keep an eye on that! I agree with the advice to wait until end of July to decide. Good luck with your choices! Cheers!
  8. We are leaving from Barcelona to Tampa in November, 2021 on Rhapsody of the Seas and have an AFT balcony cabin booked! The AFT balcony cabins are a bit larger than the regular ones on the sides and you get to see both sides from the end! This will be our first TA! Cheers!
  9. Florida got some good news!! https://www.porteverglades.net/port-covid-19-udate/?fbclid=IwAR1_-EEr2745v7sZDrDKe42JS47p1Nkpkw4cpcb2T9ah8a1QaAEdurfd0vc
  10. Great news for Florida!! https://www.porteverglades.net/port-covid-19-udate/?fbclid=IwAR1_-EEr2745v7sZDrDKe42JS47p1Nkpkw4cpcb2T9ah8a1QaAEdurfd0vc
  11. We have an AFT balcony at the very end of the Rhapsody booked for a TA in November/December, 2021 from Barcelona, through the Canaries, and on to Tampa, which will be our first TA! Would have preferred to have the corner AFT, which was unavailable but I continue to check to see if it suddenly becomes available! Love the bigger AFT balconies! Ready to get hooked on TA's!😍
  12. Our Nov/Dec cruises to the southern Caribbean show Deluxe package for the 5-night at $44 but the following week for the 9-night is $41; refreshment is $19. Purchased at that price a few weeks ago; then it increased; and now, it's down again. The Columbus Cove (Labadee) beach bungalow shows currently $264 but I bought it a few weeks ago at $183 (cabana holds up to 8)!! Got a great deal back then!! However, our group has increased from 8 to 12, so hoping our cabana attendant is flexible!! All of us are very good tippers!😉 Since these cabanas are not in private areas, I'm thinking some of us can just get chairs near the cabana.
  13. We lifted and shifted our September cruise on Majesty from New Orleans in September to next year, same category, same time frame. We have 3 cabins and taxes/port fees increased by around $160 per room, which was added to the balance due for next year. Canceled all pre-purchased packages, which are either unavailable, not listed yet, or increased in price. That's the way the cookie crumbles, I guess! Can't take it with ya! Cheers!
  14. Update on my new invoices: Just received our 3 updated invoices from our Lift & Shift. They added the $100 pp change penalty but then deleted it on another line. The basic cruise fare was a little less than this year but taxes/port fees were increased. Long story shorter, the $160 per room that I saved for this year when prices went down ended up being a wash with next year's increased taxes/port fees! Hahahaha! It figures that RCI would find a way to get its money back!! Of course, the packages that I had purchased for this year are either unavailable or priced higher for next year, so waiting on that refund before I give them anymore $$. Ah well, ya can't take it with ya now, can ya? Cheers all!!
  15. Right there with ya Pat and Lorraine!!! Will make final payment for Aus/NZ and hope for the best!! All of this combined with the riots here in Indianapolis and other major cities around the U.S. puts us all in a lot of stress and worry about the future of a lot of things. Wondering what my parents would have thought about all of the "stuff" going on today. Hoping that the power of prayer and love deliver us from all of the madness!! Stay safe my friends! Cheers!
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