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  1. We were notified Friday that our Pearl Seas “Great Lakes and Georgian Bay” May 30 sailing has been “suspended.” I was offered a voucher for the full amount paid that could be used through 2022 with Pearl Seas or their sister line American Cruise Line. We opted for the return of our money and to rebook today, paying just the deposit to not tie up a large sum of money for so many months. I suspected that when I made the final payment in February that Canada wouldn’t be ready for us by May, but waiting for Pearl Seas to cancel on us, we wouldn’t have to pay the $900 cancellation fee. We were h
  2. Yes, thanks! It’s at the edge of the Alexander Gardens, next to the Kremlin.
  3. Well, I’m going to be out and about, away from computers, so someone go for it or you’ll have to wait awhile for confirmation. 😀
  4. I didn’t know that about the annual opening. So several people know the fountain. I thought I’d wake up this morning with the answer posted.
  5. Thanks. I just snapped it with my simple Canon Power Shot, using its zoom. . Right, no Neptune here.
  6. Even better. Just trying to move it along! 😀
  7. Now that’s the way to see Versailles! These photos are REALLY making me want to travel. Joyeux Anniversaire!
  8. JPalbany read the clues very well (I’m not surprised.). Renmar is correct, though I saw it at the Coptic Museum in Cairo, where the description said it had been removed from the monastery. so it’s a wild card.
  9. City and location in the city. The person who guesses correctly posts the next photo.
  10. Budapest Parliament, Red Star placed on the building by the Soviets, removed in 1990 and on display in the building
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