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  1. jklc123


    I also enjoyed reading this, fred111. We loved the Tosca, too, and all the staff. We didn't receive the bathroom tip envelope, a good addition. In my comment card at the end of the trip, I suggested staying at a hotel in Giza instead of the Cairo Four Seasons again, which would have eliminated travel time in the horrendous Cairo traffic, which we did twice, for the evening sound and light pyramid show, and then back the next day for Memphis, Saqqara and the pyramids. You were lucky you got to stay at the older Four Seasons. Thanks for sharing your marvelous trip with us! PS At the Old Cataract Hotel, I think you had a cream tea. High tea is an early evening meal with cooked food, bread and tea.
  2. Danke , G.M.T. Very helpful.
  3. Just received our documents for the Uniworld "Enchanting Christmas and New Year's Cruise," Passau to Budapest. No notification of possible problems due to low water, but a bit early as yet to know for sure, of course. There are some changes from the brochure itinerary, including the addition of "Christmas Market in the Quarry" as a choice in Passau, as well as previously advertised Romantic Bavarian Winter-walk," both for an additional charge (we will chose one as we have OBC.) Anyone familiar with either of these? In Vienna, added city tour with visit to Musikverein. In Budapest, choice of Parliament House visit instead of Opera House visit. An optional excursion to Etyek for champagne tasting has been eliminated. Along with everyone else on this forum, we're watching the water levels and cold weather. And getting very excited!
  4. Bubbulz, is it your understanding that Uniworld will transport you from the Budapest airport to the ship in Vienna? We are booked on the Maria Theresa from Passau to Budapest for the Christmas - New Years cruise and just hoping we can sail at least as far as Vienna. Of course, our flight home is from Budapest, an early morning flight. If the river doesn't rise, I'll call when it's closer to our departure. I'm glad you were able to get info.about contingency plans and wish you well for your voyage.
  5. jklc123

    Just Back From a Nile Cruise: Time for a Comeback?

    New things sound interesting, but glad we went when we did. No rafting, no crowds.
  6. jklc123


    An answer by someone more recently in the area with Uniworld might be more useful to you, but on our January 2017 trip, on the way to Saqqara we had a brief stop at the Mit Rahina open air museum, which features statues of Ramses II, other statues, a sphinx and other relics of the little that is left of Memphis. After a rest stop at a carpet factory/store, we then proceeded to Saqqara, where we drove past a few pyramids not yet excavated, and stopped to enter the highly decorated Mastaba of Kagemni, a high ranking official of Pharaoh Teti and Teti’s nearby pyramid. Then on for a stop at the Step Pyramid of Djoser, and lunch at the Mina Hotel (not always an option but we were a small group and able to eat there) before our final stop at the Pyramids of Giza and of course the Sphinx. We had the option of paying small fee to also enter the “Solar Boat” exhibit, well worth doing.
  7. jklc123

    UNIWORLD...nonexistent customer service!

    Bill and twoboys, thanks for posting. I'm feeling more positive now about our upcoming cruise on the Maria Theresa. After having cruised 6 rivers with Uniworld with excellent service and excursions, even though twice we had itinerary changes due to high water, I was disappointed to read the negative reviews on this thread.
  8. jklc123

    High Water!

    Trig -- I guess my post doesn't put your mind at rest!
  9. jklc123

    High Water!

    We were on that route in late May 2010 and had to leave Durnstein earlier than planned due to rising water and concern about getting under certain bridges. We saw campers packing up along the shore and woke up in Bratislava (not on the itinerary at that time) instead of Vienna, and were bused to Vienna for just one day there while the Beatrice proceeded downriver. We met her and sailed on to Budapest where an extra day and more excursions were added. This was our first river cruise and we were hooked! We did learn about out being flexible due to Mother Nature. We had missed ports entirely on two ocean cruises due to bad weather so it wasn't a new concept. Now we, too, are watching water levels as we are booked on the SS Maria Theresa in late December.
  10. I like the addition of alternate dining options, which is something I've mentioned on Uniworld's end of cruise surveys. I did like the spacious staterooms on the Tosca.
  11. I agree with bubblz. Tips are not expected, but DH usually has given a small tip (he can't help himself!) LOL We had an en suite dinner one evening when we were exhausted from a long day of touring, which the butler served in courses. Also, we have had butlers switch complementary bottles of champagne for a bottle of Bailey's, which we enjoy more. And the unlimited laundry is great. Bon voyage!
  12. jklc123

    Uniworld Included Tours in Budapest

    Our Panorama tour with Uniworld 8 years ago included a stop at the Matthias Church, I presume the one referred to by Shoeman1, where our guide spoke about the church, the Fisherman's Bastion and Castle Hill area, with over an hour for us to explore on our own, which we actually enjoy, instead of always following a guide everywhere. We then had a drive through Pest, with a stop at Heroes Square.
  13. We were there 8 years ago with Uniworld in early June, so this might not help much. It was an included tour; we had a short orientation to the village, and then time to wander the picturesque streets and browse in the shops -- ceramics, hand embroidered blouses and linens, and carved wooden boxes are what I remember. There are a few art galleries and museums, including a ceramics museum and a marzipan museum (!). There may be Christmas stalls when you go, so perhaps someone who Has taken the market cruise will respond.
  14. Thanks JP. I read your review of your Danube cruise (so well done, as always), so have looked at the bus situation from the Drava pier, just in case. Our last day is January 1, so not much would be open. I'm thinking of visiting the City Park area that day and maybe visiting the zoo, which appears to be open. The day before we should have the afternoon free and could take your favorite tram 🙂 to the parliament area. Of course, we'll need to inquire when onboard about ship movement but wanted to have options ready. And we hope it's not pouring rain, and that we're packing enough layers! We did this itinerary on the "old" Beatrice in late May several years ago -- much nicer weather, but high water caused some excitement. We are repeating for the holiday atmosphere. 🌲☃