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  1. @Kindergirl Hi Deb, I hope you have found assistance for your parents and they are both doing well and you are safe and sound back home. If not, you will be happy to see that spring has finally sprung here!
  2. Wow, that is the best news. Now you will have a job to keep them down by the sounds of it 😀 So happy for them.
  3. Deb excellent news! Take care of yourself and get your rest. You have been through so much yourself you need to stay strong too.
  4. Deb I’m so sorry for the turn of events. My thoughts and prayers are with your parents and also praying that you stay well. Thank goodness you are there for them and for you because if you were up here and them down there you would extra beside yourself with worry. I too hope that them eating is a good sign. Prayers from Canada!
  5. That’s it, and how sad is that. Unbelievable! I am thinking, They will be disembarking in FLL.
  6. Deb, Wow, I followed this thread in the beginning but only just came back today and have caught up from when you arrived in Florida, I had a little catching up to do! I am also from Ottawa and I was quite concerned that you were thinking of driving down on your own, next thing I read you are there! I have to say you sure made it there so quickly. This thread has brought so many tears of joy to my eyes it is truly amazing. Kudos to each and every poster and as others have said John (Copper) is a gem! Your parents are amazing at making it through that very long journey and yet get off the plane in Tampa looking unscathed. Wonderful ending to this story!
  7. I am not American either but agree 100% with this, there definitely should be strings attached and should have been with GM. We are a GM family but PO’d about them moving the jobs from North America. Yes there are many US employees that would benefit from a bailout but just imagine what all those tax dollars can bring.
  8. He must be very rich. I could only dream to be on a cruise.
  9. OMG, I cannot wait to get into this. You are such a hoot. Way to go York! I was going to be using my downtime to clean out nooks and crannys but now you have kaboshed that idea.
  10. I feel awful for you both for being treated that way. Sadly, I believe during these tough times social distancing will be required for all of us, just for peace of mind. I think society kind of sucks at the best of time but bring out these economic changes, we haven’t seen anything yet! Every move will be judged! If AirBNB is frowned upon I would apt to really piss them off and rent it out!
  11. That’s what happens when people have too much time on their hands. How are Bella’s sitters towards you? I hope they are good with you. Just hug your girls and never mind the gossip.
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