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  1. It is quite common for them to absorb deductible. no fraud, they likely make enough off claims and do that to get the business.
  2. @grapau27 I am sorry to hear you got Covid but happy to hear you are feeling better. I pray your wife continues to stay well also. Enjoy your float away lounge looking out at that beautiful sea.
  3. Beautiful pictures. So many places to see When will we be able to get out there again???
  4. I remember your story about your solo trip and still find it fascinating. When I visit you in Alaska and you have your own motorhome you will have to show us the way 😀
  5. Well the 33AL is a real contender as well but we have only seen the 33AA in real. We don’t have any dealers near to us and two within 200 miles from here. When the time comes we will window shop in Florida where we can likely see all models and floor plans and decide then. Budget is always the driver so very likely the 340 would suit me fine. It’s a drastic step up from our 17 yr old gas model and I will have to pinch myself all the way home with whatever we get. We are not in any rush at all because the old girl is still in perfect condition and always gets us where we are going.
  6. Those pictures are beautiful and worth quoting. Where were they taken?
  7. We are race fans and got tired of paying for hotels at jack up prices for race weekends and travelling to and from track through too much traffic so we bought a slightly used Class C in 2000. In 2004 we bought a new Class A Gas and now that hubby has retired and I have a few more years our sights are on a diesel pusher to travel further and longer. I guess that won’t work in the near future as this past summer campsites were hard to come by and being Canadian we can’t cross the border on wheels. So we now have to hibernate in our igloo throughout the long cold winter 😀 @MamaFej
  8. The Marriott Chateau Champlain is right across the road from Queen Elizabeth, I prefer The Marriott.
  9. Just came across this so late to the party. I am so enjoying your story telling. You have a wonderful way of words. Thank you! i will have to now go back and read your other reviews.
  10. I believe you can fly from Canada you just need to quarantine coming back.
  11. After all of what is going on there may be many experienced hospitality Americans looking for work who would gladly take a position.
  12. Does the cruise line sell the ship in its entirety to the ship wreckers or do they sell scrap part by part. I know for a fact those big diesels are worth quite a bit of money new so just curious how it works.
  13. @Kindergirl Hi Deb, I hope you have found assistance for your parents and they are both doing well and you are safe and sound back home. If not, you will be happy to see that spring has finally sprung here!
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