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  1. Thanks for taking the time to do a blog. Your writing is fantastic and the photos just enhance the story. Henry is a cutie and those dimples - enough said! This is a sailing in my future and you have provided great insight and tips which will come in handy. thanks
  2. Great start looking forward to reading all about your cruise. Thanks
  3. Well there you go, I thought there was a law that allowed it at one time but perhaps they then ruled against it. Still never saw anyone walking around topless
  4. Andrew and Lisa I hope you have a great cruise. I’m glad you finally got into what looks like a beautiful room. I was afraid to come back today to read that they “walked” you which is a term used when they oversell and send you to another hotel. I was anticipating reading a post from a very angry person this morning. Too bad bad about the rain but hey it’s better than here in snowy Ontario. Wishing you a fantastic week! P.S. the mention of Owen’s tears gave me a lump in the throat but I am pretty sure he and gramma are doing just fine by now.
  5. I went to the shop that sells Makeup one morning and the sales gal did my face up for nothing. I did buy mascara and eyeshadow after which I was going to do anyway. Stop in and ask if they will do that for your mom. I’m sure they will.
  6. Sure. I enjoy reading about your’s and your sweet Marie’s travels.
  7. That is a beauty (the car too). A few more years I hope my hubby takes the hint and gets me a nice topless retirement gift! And hopefully we will be touring down there from Jan -April. Sooner would be better though, I am looking out at a snow covered field and lawn and it’s still October. 😢 John, I am positive Andrew doesn’t mind. Thanks
  8. Well that sure went fast! Another great review as always. Can’t wait to follow again in January. It is currently snowing in Ottawa South and slowly turning to freezing rain - yuk! thanks to both of you for sharing your vacation with us. P.S videos worked great, thanks. One more thing, my good friend retired Friday and her husband surprised her last night with a Mustang GT. Sounds awesome. She got to drive it to the storage unit and won’t see it again until April. I will tell them about the Hot Rod tour.
  9. Woohoo Andrew and Lisa review. There will be no housework done! Congratulations on Hockeyville, that is great for the town, it must have been great. How did our Sens play even though they lost? Enjoy your cruise!
  10. Glad to hear you made it home safe and sound. Are you going to join your roll call for The Bliss? I am assuming you are not into those things but I think it would be a great way to hook up with other solos on your sailing and they always look like fun times on NCL.
  11. I wish you all the best with your upcoming treatment. I am assuming you did not buy insurance but you should check with your credit card used to pay for cruise, perhaps you have insurance on it.
  12. I like the way Lil Bits thinks :) What ships and dates are you sailing in 2019?
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