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  1. In this case they are off message and are going to be ignored. The CDC is asking for input on the virus. It is not the place of the CDC to decide if a cruise ship benefit to society exceeded its impact on the environment. They do have a valid concern, however a public health agency is the one to take the environment concern into consideration.
  2. I have done the EPIC for Cevitavecchia. Great choice. Most of the passengers are getting on/off in Barcelona, so the lineups are small to non existent. The state rooms are normally ready very early relative to other ports. There is a bit of weird vibe with this cruise. Usually everyone gets on you meet people and then you have that last night. In this case that is true for half the passenger and not for the other half. Finding an old small hotel within walking distance of everything in the center of Rome is the best bet. As for taking the train or shuttle/car
  3. You want to phone Princess (aka EzAir) and ask them how to handle it.
  4. The assumption here is that the courts in Bermuda or the Isle of Man will not accept a claim from a creditor(s) and will instead defer to the US court. The country where the ship happens to physically be located is also in a position to accept and enforce maritime liens against the ship. That country courts may or many not recognize the authority of a US court.
  5. The problem I have always had with these types of service are the rules associated with the pre-paid service. IT may be a bus (where your waiting for others who are doing the same service) or some coupon for a taxi or something else. You may find things are easier just grabbing a taxi or uber. If the terminal has a long line for either, just go up one floor to the Pan Pacific hotel and grab a taxi or order an uber there.
  6. I would not be surprised if NCL even gets the machine for free with a commitment to purchase some amount of coffee over the life of a multi-year contract. In Canada, they have had a number of "free machine" offers where you subscribe to capsules. Typically targeting small business. https://www.nespresso.com/pro/ca/en/vertuo-at-work
  7. A few years ago there two cargo ships stuck off the coast of Vancouver. One owned by a Korean company and the second operated by that company but owned by a German firm. Between bankruptcy filling and claims in the US, Korean, Canada and other parts it was quite a long time before the ships were permitted to dock to offload anywhere and was done country by country. https://www.timescolonist.com/news/local/stranded-near-victoria-korean-ship-s-crew-expects-to-go-home-this-week-1.7491454?mod=article_inline https://www.reuters.com/article/us-hanjin-shipping-debt-usa-ban
  8. It is a complex international web. The US has a very flexible bankruptcy process. In many other countries it is different. All the ships are registered in the Bahamas with the exception of the Pride of America. It sounds like the Bahamas laws only permit Bankruptcy for Liquidation not reorganization. Determining which countries laws apply will be complex. In addition to all of this most of the ships are in Europe these days. You also have the laws of the country where the ship is physically docked to deal with. The US airlines are a little different in most
  9. There may be some debate in Canada between the political parties on what is the correct course of action. Leaving that aside, the current government has been very science focused (several ministers in cabinet are trained as scientists, doctors or engineers before going into politics) and a strong focus on multi-national strategies. Several of the senior medical people in Canada have worked for the WHO before. End result is Canada is following a very science/data driven path on this. Before closing the boarder with the US , the restriction Canada had in place was on cruise shi
  10. Given the international nature of the operation it is likely complex. NCL going into receivership in the US may or may not impact the NCL subsidiary in the Bahamas that operates the ships. However, generally in most countries the courts appoint an administrator who is responsible to secure the business, and try to sell off the assets. The administrator would be responsible for ensuring the assets (ships) are appropriately safeguarded to optimize resale value. They would take over being responsible for paying for essential crew to do that. If the ships are leased,
  11. No guarantee with BA either. They were split between Terminal 3 and 5. That said just now with COVID it is all Terminal 5.
  12. Heathrow is only operating Terminal 2 and 5 just now. I find the problem at heathrow is the length of time to do a transfer especially when you also need to transfer terminals. In the case of AC at Terminal 2 I have usually ended up in the satellite terminal, you need to go back to the main terminal t do security the back to the satellite for the connecting flight. Not a fan.
  13. The only lectures I have ever had on an NCL ship was the Jade when it stayed in Europe all year. It was done by the cruise director and focused on each port. Covered history, what to see etc. Very well done. I don't think it was programming created by head office. Very good option, for just walking off the ship and doing your own thing.. On some of the Caribbean cruises they have offered similar thing that were nothing more than an info-commercial for the local shops in the port. Not worth attending.
  14. Rouge had the more junior staff. The more junior pilots at Air Canada have been let go. The few remaining pilots at Rouge have been moved back to mainline. The 767 fleet is being retired. The same has happened to the Rouge cabin crew. AC has A330 wide-body that use be TAP Air Portugal or Singapore aircraft join the fleet this spring and summer. They have configured them as mainline. It is unlikely Toronto Venice will operate as Rouge. I would expect any Rouge flight of that distance to be operated by mainline in the future. WestJet is also doing the same th
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