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  1. Oops sorry for losing - should be including
  2. Just logged in and I can see everythingin losing my booking and future cruise credits. So site must be fixed.
  3. We did a cruise from Sydney October 2019 on the Ruby and had suite R412. Would not recommend it if you like sitting on your balcony as we did with the mother-in-law who had the balcony cabin next door. All day there was a constant scrapping of the chairs from above and then the pounding when anybody ran (it was in school time but there was still a few children on the ship). Of course the noise level varied depending on what was happening above. I can honestly say though it didn't affect our sleeping. Can only hope they have fixed all the rust on the balconies - the whole overhang deck was more brown in colour than white and did not make sitting out there a pleasant experience. We actually got a free day in the Sanctuary as they were wanting to start scrapping the rust - mammoth job - no excuse really now for it not to be fixed over the last year.
  4. Dear all We cancelled our August cruise from Hong Kong to Australia on March 8 as we could see the writing on the wall that it was not going to be a viable option. We lost a future cruise credit and $100 as we cancelled outside the 181 days. I decided to challenge them on this and was informed by email that they would refund us both the FCC and our $100 to our credit card. Of course the credit card refund did not happen in the 48-72 hours as promised in the email but the FCC did and I have since used it on a future cruise (fingers crossed). However today when checking my credit card there was a lovely $101.10 from Princess Cruises processed. So I can honestly say I was very much doubtful that I would see my refund and although it is small I have got it. So the moral is they are paying up and it may take longer than we are used to or like but just give them a go. Other people I know who booked through TA's for trips here in Australia are having to fight to get their money back and all they do is ignore their customers, or their phone calls and emails. Hope everyone gets a good outcome like I did eventually.
  5. Princess are stuffed. How they lied to Australian authorities has sunk them. People are now getting together to sue - power to the people! Princess have been going down hill for years putting money before everything just like all big corporations. If you have a cruise booked with them I would be cancelling and getting your money back - there will be no cruises leaving from Australia in May - state borders are shut so no one will be getting off as most businesses are now shut. Be warned!
  6. Let's face it - cruising will not be high on anyone's list for a long time - the MSC Magnifica is off the coast of Western Australian with no Australians (1,700 overseas visitors) on it but has 250 people with upper respiratory illness on it and they want to get into Fremantle. Sorry but you need to go back to where ever you came from. We have enough of cruise ship passengers with problems already. Give them fuel and supplies but get out of our waters!
  7. Just be thankful you are not on the Golden! They have three people in isolation from America who came on a flight with an infected person. NZ will want to off load all passengers back to their home countries ASAP and not have to look after all the sick people.
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