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  1. Yes, that was a pleasant surprise when we first sailed on the Coral although we didn't go there except for meals.
  2. On the deck plans, both ships' promenade look the same width. Both have the same kind of wood loungers, I believe. They're actually fairly similar, size-wise: Star--109 GT, 950 ft long, 118 ft wide, 2600 pax; Sapphire--116 GT, 951 ft long, 121 ft wide, 2670 pax. The main difference is which company built them: Star built by Fincantieri, Sapphire by Mitsubishi. Design-wise, at least when they were new is that the Star has the Vista Lounge and Sapphire has Club Fusion. Vista L has rows of upholstered seating on a sloping floor, Club Fusion had a Western motif (when we were on her) with tables and chairs on a flat floor, as I recall.
  3. I'm thinking of doing my first solo cruise in Jan.--my late DH and I had sailed in Jan. until his health deteriorated in 2018. Would do Caribbean as we live in MI so will have to check out the Enchanted! If we still need masks, I got a free one while in the hospital overnight this weekend (fainted due to dehydration) <g>.
  4. Lovely fjord photos! We've not been up that one, but did sail up the fjord further south where the ships dock at Flaam. Only a few meager waterfalls 😞, but lots of green slopes and rocky cliffs.
  5. The Star does have a wide promenade--I spent the whole time out there when we on her at Glacier Bay. It was an overcast, cool day, but waitstaff brought around free hot beverages from time to time. And I was well bundled up <g>. There also is a forward facing deck on the Star--we were allowed out there for the SF sailaway. Great photo op while approaching and going under GG Bridge. This area is above the bridge and accessed through a door all the way forward on Lido Deck, as I recall. Door is usually locked.
  6. The Star is only 3 years older than the Sapphire (launched in 2001 and 2004, resp.). We've been on both (Sapphire once, Star at least 3 times). Last cruise to Alaska was on the Star in 2014. It was in great shape then and I assume Princess has not let it deteriorate since then <g>.
  7. On our last TA, we sailed as far as Flam, which looks to be about 50 miles south of Geiranger, as the crow flies. Scenery quite similar. We had to sail about 50 miles up fjords to get there.
  8. Thanks for that info! We were in Switzerland years ago on a land tour sponsored by our bank. We were based in Lucerne, a beautiful place. Although lunch wasn't included, I think they always took us to a restaurant where we were touring that day (went into Germany at least once) so never had to go to a fast food place <g>.
  9. Being in Detroit, we don't have much of a choice as Delta is the dominant airline here. Hasn't been too bad for us and only once or twice have we had to stop in Atlanta--think it must have been when flying to Rome. To/from London and Amsterdam we can get non-stops on Delta.
  10. We did that itinerary on the Grand 10 years ago. Yes, it was a lot of ports, but while we'd been to most of the ports, we still enjoyed it. No doubt because the second time around we sailed with a couple whom we befriended on one of our TAs and another one of their couple friends.
  11. I think I paid about $10 for fried fish fillet from a vendor in the fish market back in 2010. Earlier in the day I had stopped in a McD's near the harbor and as I recall the price for a hamburger was between $5 and $10! Can't remember where or what I had for lunch on the 2016 visit. It was probably a quick lunch, if any, as I had an afternoon excursion to the home of composer Edward Grieg (one of my favorites).
  12. Love Bergen and the trolls! We've been there twice. Thanks again for sharing and bringing back happy memories.
  13. Wow! That's why we choose hotels that serve a free breakfast <g>. They've all been quite ample buffets, although with a few items one wouldn't see at a similar buffet in the US (fish, etc.). We've had some nice white-tablecloth dinners at various restaurants and they weren't over-the-top expensive. On our last visit we had a wonderful such dinner at an Italian restaurant <g>.
  14. Sorry, I jumped to the wrong conclusion.
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