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  1. Thanks for that complete explanation of the PVSA requirements!
  2. Why does a ship need to go as far as the ABC Islands to fulfill the PVSA requirement? Seems like Bermuda or the Bahamas or Turks & Caicos or Cayman Islands or Dominica etc could fulfill the same purpose.
  3. I wouldn't call it "heaps" of viewing areas for a 3,600+ pax ship. Certainly not the same amount as found on the wraparound promenade on the older ships which is covered compared to the totally exposed mini outside decks on the Royal, not counting the spacious rear covered deck beyond the buffet (not much "standing at the railing" area there, though).
  4. It's been a few years since we were on a Princess ship and used the TS, so I'm afraid I don't remember the rate plus it's probably gone up. As we usually do 10+ day-cruises, I always bought the pass for the whole cruise, which is a better deal if one plans to use it most days.
  5. I've used the Thermal Suite, especially the heated beds, on many cruises. Rarely a problem to get one of those five beds, even on our TA cruises with lots of sea days. I don't think that many people buy the "pass" for it, especially on 7-day cruises. With so few sea days (when it gets more use), I wouldn't think it would be a problem getting a heated bed, especially on port days.
  6. This is because they're "departments" (like our states) of France, so it's like you're entering France when you get off the ship. We've been to both but years ago (1990s), before the passport requirement. Apparently they've gotten stricter about it recently. I didn't get a passport until 2008 because we planned to do our first TA the following year, having only done Caribbean and Panama Canal cruises until then. DH already had one because of his business travels overseas.
  7. Looking forward to reading your blog! We've been to most of the ports on your itinerary, including Greenland, and we've been on the CB several times. But we've never sailed from NYC, only arrived there from TAs. Have a wonderful cruise!
  8. On the Royal the TS does not have windows and it's called the Enclave. It has a very large whirlpool, which the older ships don't have and is similar to what HAL ships have. It is on Plaza deck 5, port side, but across the hall from massage rooms which do have windows (I think). On the older ships there were OV and Inside cabins in that area.
  9. We've done 30 cruises on 13 Princess ships starting with the Dawn in 2000 through the Royal in 2016. Last cruise was on the Caribbean in 2017 (we've had to retire from cruising since then). While I was wowed by the Royal size and classiness, it's not my favorite for various reasons. Our preferred cabin is an OV near the Atrium on Plaza for its location and price (we used to do 2-3 cruises/year). So was greatly disappointed when Royal/Regal eliminated those cabins and forced pax to choose between a balcony or inside (have had one of each on Royal). Thus much prefer the Crown class.
  10. Recommendation for Genoa: take the HOHO which is available right outside the cruise terminal. I've done that and thought it was a good route showing different sides of the city. I got off at several locations to explore on foot.
  11. For a change of pace from Venice, you could take a vaporetto over to the Lido, a large island on the east side of the lagoon. Totally different from Venice's main island. No canals, large houses with lawns, streets, etc. It's a nice ride over there and back.
  12. We did both ports on our own--very easy to do so. Mykonos is known for its many 16th century windmills--very photogenic. Also easy to just wander around on your own. It's a tender port and there's a large plaza where the tenders dock. Lots of outdoor restaurants there. Even though we were there in mid-Oct., temp. was just right--not too hot as it must be in the summer. Will always remember it as the first time I had ouzo <g>. Although both town share the same white-washed building with blue roofs, they're quite different. Santorini is along a high ridge (was the rim of an ancient volcano) and one can either walk up a zig-zag wide walkway or take the tram. Views from up there are wonderful! Enjoy!
  13. Another place we like to visit in the Nice area is Saint Paul de Vence. Considered "One of the oldest medieval towns on the French Rivriera" [or rather "above" it--it's a mountain town]. Ships usually have an excursion to it. Lots of art galleries, views, etc. Picasso had a home there.
  14. We have sailed out of both, but with the political situation in PR, I would opt for Tampa. But OTOH, Old San Juan (close to the docks) is lovely with its colonial architecture. Tampa's winter climate is quite mild to warm, esp. compared to ours in Michigan!
  15. Sorry to hear HAL is leaving Tampa. We sailed on them twice out of there (one was a B2B, so really three times) and enjoyed our pre-cruise and "layover" time there. Quite different from Ft Lauderdale in various ways. E.g. nothing quite like sailing under the Tampa Bay Bridge (second to sailing under Golden Gate in SF). Also sailed on Carnival out of there once. At least Celebrity will fill the void--we've sailed on them a lot, too.
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