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  1. Yes, I'm optimistic, but I realize it may not happen. Haven't been on a cruise since April '17 when my husband's health started to decline, so I'm more than ready <g>. It's not a B2B criuse, but a true 14-night cruise out of FL. We did something very similar on the Grand back in 2010.
  2. I recently booked a 2-week "Circle" Caribbean cruise on the Crown P for late March. It will be my first solo cruise as my DH passed away earlier this year. We have been to the Caribbean many, many times and usually just wander around on our own. But if I can't get off the ship to do that, I'll survive <g>.
  3. Curious as to whether you've ever been to Pompeii. As to this thread's topic: I wasn't very inventive--I'm Barb who lives in Michigan 😉
  4. Hope you're wrong since I'm booked on the Crown before the "hole" in the schedule; I'm scheduled to sail on 3/27/21 for the 2-week "Circle Caribbean" itinerary. I just made this reservation last week.
  5. We sailed with Capt. Nash at least once and maybe more. Really liked him so congrats on his promotion!
  6. I think most, if not all, of the HAL ships that do Alaska are smaller than the Royal. We've been to Alaska a number of times on 3 different cruise lines incl. HAL and Princess. Have also done many other cruise on those two lines. I would never do Alaska on the Royal, which we've been on at least twice and enjoyed it on other itineraries. As a prior poster noted it doesn't have the covered outside decks (Promenade, etc) like the Star, for example, and I believe a lot of HAL ships have them as well--at least the older ships have them. Those are essential IMHO, esp. if you're going to Glacier Bay, and if you don't book a balcony cabin. There would be fewer entertainment and activities options on HAL on their smaller ships. But this may not be that important on a 7-day cruise. We've done a lot of transatlantics, mostly on Princess and one on HAL and entertainment/activities are very important for us on those cruises.
  7. I just got my first "free room" offer from another cruise line (HAL). Was quite surprised since I came out ahead by about $100 by the end of the cruise--a first for me! It was a transatlantic cruise so I had a lot of free time to play the slots--pretty much stuck to two machines. We've cruised a lot more on Princess so I have put a lot more money into their slots with no subsequent offers 😪
  8. Had same sunset experience when we were in Fairbanks. Took lots of photos! I'll try to upload one later.
  9. Travel restrictions posted here: https://www.budgettravel.com/article/here-are-the-new-rules-for-visiting-the-caribbean
  10. We've done both a driving trip (twice--once in summer, once in fall) and a cruise right after Labor Day. On the cruise we had fairly good weather (only had rain 1 day), but too early for fall color even up in Quebec.
  11. All the older ships, like the Crown, have a Thermal Suite. I've bought a pass for the whole cruise (usually a transatlantic) many times, but I don't remember the price and I'm sure it's probably gone up anyway. Those ships also have a steam room and a sauna in the ladies restroom/changing room and I've used those one of our cruises. Such a pass for the Enclave is more expensive I believe. We've been on the Royal twice and I thought it was too expensive.
  12. Curious as to when these flights that arrive in the wee hours took off from the lower 48. The only time we flew to Alaska (Anchorage) we arrived during daylight (don't remember what time we left Detroit--probably was an overnight flight). We were sitting on the left side of the plane and got a wonderful "eye-level" view of Denali.
  13. We've been on both ships, although not to Alaska. But we have sailed to/from Alaska 4 times and I don't recommend the Royal as it doesn't have covered outdoor promenade decks as the Coral does. Those are particularly important if you're cruising early in the season and going to be in Glacier Bay. It's can be quite cold as the ship is always moving even it's only rotating. At least this is true in May and Sept., the months we've cruised there.
  14. We did a 10-day Can-NE cruise in early Sept. 2015 and didn't have any serious weather problems, only a little rain.
  15. Having done 51 cruises, it's hard to pick the best one. But one of particular note was our repositioning cruise on the "old" Regal P, from Rome to Copenhagen in 2003. It was our first European cruise but we'd done some land tours within Europe before that. I thought it was a "magical" itinerary: Rome, Cannes, Barcelona, Lisbon, Vigo (Sp), Le Havre, Dover, Antwerp, and Amsterdam. We revisited all those ports, except the last two, on subsequent TA's. We did get back to Amsterdam when we did a river cruise from/to there.
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