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  1. Agreed with being able to go the venues and having a wide variety available. I like going to Crooners and trying out a new Martini or Good Spirits at Sea and get a mixology drink. Much better than trying to mix one up in your room, not the same experience.
  2. I was using ships wifi and once in the dining room I heard my phone ringing ( a certain ringtone I wasn't used to hearing) and it was my daughter calling me through Facebook. Of course I thought it was an emergency because she never calls me, but it wasn't. I was surprised that I had that good of reception in the MDR. 😄
  3. Thank you Steelers 36. I didn't even realize that until I looked at my account and saw a 14 day cruise with 2 credits. I've been saying it wrong for so long : ) I think the wording always threw me off.
  4. To reach Elite status. It is after completing 15 cruises or sailing 150 cruise days. Whichever comes first. A 14 day counts as 1 cruise and 14 days. But 2 - 7 days count as 2 cruises and 14 days. That's why some people do short cruises like 5 days or less to get to the Elite status before a big cruise.
  5. Also if you are trying to get to Elite it will count as 2 cruises instead of 1, if you are doing the 2 -7 days B2B.
  6. Following because it happened to me too. It didn't say I was charged $10 until after I placed the order. And I have Princess Plus also. Hopefully it will reverse because I don't 'want to stand in line at GS for $10.
  7. You can also use Facebook for calls. One time I was on the ship in the dining room and got a call from my daughter through FB. I rarely call people through FB but was surprised that I had a good connection. It was a funny ringtone and thought it was an emergency because she never calls lol. I know your question is more about calling landlines, but FB is good for calling friends that don't have Whatsapp.
  8. Following too. I'm thinking of doing a cruise tour with this itinerary. Can't wait to hear about it and see your photos of the ship. Thank you for reviewing and sharing.
  9. How do you book Dora? I will be there in April. Do you just get a taxi to town?
  10. You can have 4 people. They'll just add 2 more loungers if you want so you will have 4. Then you will also have the inside chairs and couch. You have a mini fridge stocked with a bottle of wine and waters/sodas etc. There is a TV in there too. I just did this in December on the Discovery because all the lounge chairs were sold out, so I decided YOLO, and did the cabana.
  11. I've done it a few times. It's really relaxing and fun to do with a friend. They have 2 steam rooms with different aromatherapy, a dry sauna, and heated tile beds. The Discovery had an oversized kind of like jacuzzi with bubbles. They also have cold towels I would put on my face at the end. Be sure to bring some good shower sandals so you don't slip in there, it's really wet everywhere. It's worth it if you like to relax, and I find the evening to be less crowded.
  12. No night light when I was on the Discovery a month ago. I heard that there might be some, but nope.
  13. The same exact thing we heard when we were on a couple weeks ago. My husband said it sounded like someone knocking. I thought it sounded like creaking when your house is settling. I asked my sister who was on another floor and she heard it too. It was constant and seemed to be with the swaying or the movement of the ship. Luckily I brought my earplugs. I think it had to do with being a new ship. Maybe it's just settling in.
  14. Just came off the Discovery and ordered the Beyond Meat Burger, lobster macncheese, grilled cheese and fried calamari. You order 2 entrees because they are small and no starters. I ordered coffee and doughnuts for dessert which are the bite sized one in photo. It was quiet and not busy so service was fast. The breadsticks come first which are soft with a cheese dipping sauce.
  15. I would like to trade the desserts and/or exercise class for something like a facial, massage or mani/pedi. I think that would be more appealing. Even for guys! I can't tell you how many guys are at the nail salon getting pedicures. Lol.
  16. You may have multiple Captain circle numbers and they booked you with a blue status instead of your elite status. Check your ccn to make sure it's the right one.
  17. Second the "Vanilla Sky" . I'm going in December with the plus package so I'll have to try all the others! Lol. In case I need to find a new favorite.
  18. I'm super excited about this menu too! I was laughing at the font though because it looked like a little kid wrote the title. Haha. I have tried the vege burger poolside, and although I'm easy to please, I have to say it was disgusting and mushy, so never ordered it again. However, hearing that Salty Dog has Beyone Meat, I'm definitely going there. Beyond Meat is my favorite. And I wouldn't mind trying the quinoa one. I know Royal Caribbean has a secret vegetarian menu with really good options. I think the cruise lines are getting better at that area! Getting ready for a December cruise so will try out all the new options.
  19. Can't wait to hear about your experience. I have 2 friends that went on it and loved it.
  20. That's good to know. I was wondering if those drinks would be included in plus. If it's over 12.00 I heard that they would charge the difference?
  21. So I wonder if you can bring your own self test (which if you ordered them through the gov't you got 4 free) and bring it to the ship and do in front of them. It'd be better than $100, if that was the price. Just thinking aloud here.
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