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  1. But we're no longer in high school, and that need then to look for others to feel validated or part of an in group, is no longer a part of who we are. I find this thread interesting from the fact that it highlights some of the CC members that have been so valuable in sharing their cruising wisdom over the years , those that make you laugh out loud and those that you know you hope to meet some day. I don't believe a popularity contest was FF intention.
  2. And now there is no doubt, I’m laughing out loud😂😇
  3. I'm laughing and then feeling maybe I shouldn't. I have to believe this is your wry sense of humor?
  4. Then with that in mind, I guess it would have been best for you to not have asked RJB to explain what he was trying to say, for you would no doubt get an opinion, which may have violated some of these site's rules. So far the only rule I can see I've violated is taking this thread way off topic, so now back to Marina in Falmouth.
  5. I learn a lot by listening to other peoples opinions, whether I agree with them or not. However, I'm not sure what you mean about "depends on the opinion'.
  6. It sounded like an opinion to me. And as far as I know, it is still okay express one.
  7. This morning all remaining cruises to Alaska had been given an availability designation of Wait Listed. This seems to be Oceania's first step when a cruise will no longer happen. It is specific only to Alaska, as there are other August cruises that still are available. If Oceania follows their pattern, formal cancellation should follow sometime the third week of June.
  8. alaskaca


    In already trying times , this must be a frustration you could do without. It will be interesting what others have to offer, but from my location in Michigan, a small community along the western shore of Lake Michigan, mail has not been a problem. It is delivered pretty much at the same time, but the volume of mail has decreased, and I can remember only one or two Oceania/Regent brochures being delivered since early March. Our local newspaper has also reduced its publication to five days a week and it is less that half of what it used to be in number of sections. Online orders take longer is they go the USPS route, while UPS and Amazon are close to what they were, maybe lagging by a day or two if items are coming from the west coast. We do our grocery shopping every week or so, so no experience with grocery delivery except what I hear from friends, and that can require waiting longer to secure a slot and delivery. Wishing you continued health and safety.
  9. Great shot and it sounds like a trip of a lifetime!!
  10. Your suggestion proved to be very good advice. Thanks for your help!!
  11. Do you qualify for the reduced fare if final payment has already been made? Mrs f, I was able to see the change in fare by looking up my cruise online and checking the fare there.
  12. We must be incredibly lucky, as we have not experienced any of this with our MIA flights in the last 6-7 years. Nice to know there are close alternative airports for those that have.
  13. Let me clarify, the Global Entry card wouldn’t be used. When we got the GE card, any airline ticket we purchased came with the TSA pre check designation, allowing us to use that security line.
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