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  1. Our sympathies to Stan. Never had the pleasure of meeting them, but Jim was such a wealth of information and so willing to share his knowledge. May he rest in peace....Fair Winds and Following Seas.
  2. We are also scheduled for that cruise. Our longest cruise to date has been a 38 days sailing on Insignia, a segment of the 2018 cruise from Sydney LA. We were not ready to get off the ship then and would have loved to sail on to Miami. Our perfect cruise is anything over 30 days, but as others have said this is a question only you can answer. We find Oceania to be a perfect fit. Itineraries, life on board, the ports and the joy of seeing new and interesting things are something that so far we never get tired of.
  3. All valid points, Jan. However, I'm still left wondering why after a couple of days with this thread, there has been no answer to a simple question do in-house agents receive a commission? In fact there has been real push back as to why the the question was even asked. Jancruz is someone that for me, is a valued contributor, I've enjoyed her insight for years on all things Oceania. I believe she could answer this question easily. Unless this is something that Oceania Cruise Lines does not want to be common knowledge, and that only leads me to asking why? I can't speak for zoncom, bu
  4. Personal questions are something that an individual can either answer or not, and I have no argument with that. Zoncom asked if Oceania agents received commission. He evidently asked an individual, but in my opinion was coming here to see if others had an answer to what is Oceania’s company policy. So I don’t believe your argument of an individual pertains here Pinot. And I stand by point, the initial respond to the OP was rude and not helpful.
  5. Geeze, two helpful answers😳, aren’t you glad you asked, zoncom😂 Didn’t know that asking a question on CC had to be accompanied by a reason for asking. I’ve wondered this myself, and if I must have an answer as to why, I guess simple curiosity.
  6. ‘....wait and see’ is exactly the attitude we are currently taking. We remain hopeful that this cruise will happen and that Oceania will recover fully from this unprecedented time.
  7. Lyn, I agree. This may be the way of doing business for the cruise lines for some time to come. And while I can see why they are doing it, for us and the scope of our next cruise, we may want to rethink doing the cruise in 2021 and hold off until 2022.
  8. We have had some excellent Oceania shore excursions in the past, so ship tours only would not be a deal breaker for us. The sticking point for us is not being able to leave the ship and walk around the port on our own. Totally understand the rational for Oceania's decision, but there are ports where we have been before and don't want an organized tour, nor to be guided around the port in a group. We have an extended trip booked for late July 2021. It is my hope that if tours are still up in the air on how they will be conducted, Oceania will extend final paymen
  9. You know Lyn, I considered that, but they are so busy that first day and it is so easy to put those items in the cases under the bed. I always tell the room steward where those items are and it’s easy to put them back when I’m packing up. Works for us
  10. We store our 28" cases under the bed, open. I have found that the cabins come with a lot of 'stuff'....robe, slippers, sharps container, assorted bathroom sundries, shoe horn, clothes brush, booklets, etc. These open suitcases makes a great place to store this 'stuff' and gives me more closet and drawer space🙂
  11. On our cruises in 2018, 2019 and the one in 2020, if you ask your cabin steward to switch out the Champagne for a (in our case) bottle of Merlot, they were happy to do it. These cruises were on R class ships.
  12. Veranda Stateroom - B1 | B2 Custom-crafted furnishings, exotic stone finishes, supple upholstered headboards and chic lighting are just a few of the enhancements within these 216-square-foot staterooms that also boast our most popular luxury – a private teak veranda for watching the ever-changing panoramas. Conveniences within each stateroom include a vanity desk, refrigerated mini-bar, breakfast table and spacious seating area. Veranda Stateroom Amenities Ultra Tranquility Bed, an Oceania Cruises Exclusive Private teak veranda Twice daily maid servic
  13. No disrespect, but it may be that a number of CC posters have blocked your posts and are unaware of of what you post.
  14. I so hope this is an option!!! We sailed Regatta, October 2016, NY to Montreal. After a stop in Newport, with the next day being Portland, ME the captain came on just before we left to say we had been given permission to transit via the Cape Cod Canal. It rates up in my top 10 cruising memories. Fingers crossed to be able to experience this again.
  15. See post #3 from LHT28 above and follow the link she included. Note that in our experience the quoted price is for a single shot. If you want a double, double the price and then include the 18% gratuity.
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