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  1. Thank you. Today will be picture day, then. I have the forms filled out.
  2. Thank you for that link. I’m not sure that I need to deal with the French gov since it’s US PASSPORT but I did read the HAL details which recommends a six month validity (it does not say require). Perhaps I’m overthinking this but I sure don’t want to be denied boarding.
  3. Searching for an answer specifically…US CITIZEN PASSPORT VALIDITY ENDS 2 Jan 2025. Booked 30 Oct 2024 Barcelona to Ft Lauderdale. Arrive FLL on Nov 14. I know that’s ok according to the US GOVT., but will HAL let us board in Barcelona? I’m asking because we are living in France and getting our renewals via the US CONSULATE in Paris is a bit more complicated than waiting til we get back to Md. (I also worry that if we send our passports to Paris and some emergency comes up, we’ll get stuck in red tape). i welcome all informed replies: thank you. susan
  4. NCL DOES IT: if you don’t want the package it’s better to book before final payment. This is just a personal observation. I don’t drink so this is a no-go for me.
  5. I guess the fact that Suites are provided with a unit proves the point that electrical fires aren’t the issue. Housekeeping probably wants to avoid the added time the attendant spends readying the cabin on a daily basis. Did I mention that the Queen Mary, Brittania class cabins have the full Monty: kettle, sugar, sweetener, tea bags, coffee and milk capsules AND a real China tea set? This explains why there are no Brits on this crossing. (Why would they sail to Barcelona anyway?) On my MSC SEAVIEW TA the Lido had WMF hot water/coffee units that had a temperature gage reading 205F, which was perfect. I’ve basically given up at this point. The possibility of very hot water in the boutique cafes wouldn’t help: they use paper cups I am enjoying everyone’s comments: Thank You.
  6. I’m on the Legend TA and at every turn I’ve failed to get water hot enough to brew a cup of tea. On some lines I’ve been successful in getting a kettle or little coffee maker in my cabin (basically British passengers require this amenity). The hot water/coffee makers in the Lido are by WMF. It’s a good brand (and the coffee is hot and good). It seems that it should have a temperature adjustment…on MSC the same units made wonderful tea. The MDR situation is even worse. Any experience with this? Any suggestions. Thanks tea lovers for your input… SM
  7. I’m on the Legend near the Azores, port in Barcelona next Sat, Apr 27, 2024. Extended balcony. OK cabin tho bathroom still has shower curtain, molded aqua sink & bright blue floor. It doesn’t clean up very well and word has it that the dry dock is to address accessibility issues, like more elevators for the in-between floors. This is « the word « on the ship. The Legend is really long in the tooth but frankly over the last week I’ve grown fond of it. For me..downsides…I have not had one decent cup of tea because the hot water spigot does not provide boiling water (MSC is best for that). The MDR food is good, but the Lido food is pretty low standard. I was invited to a special Diamond meal on the Lido deck and the salmon was inedible. We are at 83% occupancy and yet two couples can’t pass comfortably in the public spaces. Perhaps that will be fixed in dry dock. Mostly Americans, very relaxed tho formal night people really stepped up all sparkly. The Casino is packed most of the day: something I’ve never seen before. The daily activités are plentiful with, for example, at least 4 Trivias a day. The plentiful staff are sweet, great really, and the passengers are quite happy. There are plenty of elevators, well located. I love Sea Day Brunch with big menus and hours in the MDR to 11:30 which is cool. But on some sea days breakfast closes at 9:30. This transatlantic is my first Carnival cruise. On a European itinerary the things I’ve covered here might not affect your experience. But I hope you can gauge my comments to what you’ll need to enjoy that special voyage you are planning. Have fun.
  8. I’m on the Legend, mid Atlantic. Purchased one device Premium & worth every Penny. Answering my own question. 🤪
  9. I paid $50 share years ago & recovered more than that BUT the price is low, BUY NOW. MY $50 shares are worth $16. 😢
  10. Yes, I put that in. But the notice that I got from Carnival today says that they will have bus transport to Norfolk on the 15th. You must sign up but they haven’t issued the specifics yet. we’re also getting $100 OBC per cabin.
  11. Actually the Eastern Shore of Maryland to the mainland, Annapolis & the west. Chesapeake Bay Bridge Rt. 50.
  12. I’ll bet they SELL drinks on that first day…n’est pas?
  13. Boy do I agree. I95 is a nightmare from the Pentagon past Fredricksburg, Va. From where we live we use the inner beltway going east to Central Ave. exit and pick up US 301 S (yes, there are some traffic lights in built up areas) and over the bridge into Dahlgren Virginia. Cheap gas along the road after entering Va. At Port Royal turn L onto RTÉ 17 passing Tappahannock, etc. You won’t believe how quiet this route is, and just before meeting US 64 NORFOLK there are plenty of services. You can then take the tunnel at Hampton leading to Norfolk. Our daughter lives in Hampton and this route from where we live in Frederick takes four hours (less from Baltimore). Bonne Route. Susan
  14. I learned way back to wear a real wrist watch to keep track of the time. It’s much easier than adjusting your phone.
  15. If this is true, I’m free to sell that stock. I bought at $50 a share and at least I’ll get a tax deduction next year for Losses.
  16. I’d like to purchase wi fi for the April 15th transatlantic out of Baltimore. What’s your reaction? Lately we’ve been on very new ships which had impressive Internet. Legend’ though possibly lovely, might be behind on technical installation (I’m worrying). Thanks..Susan
  17. Adding that close to Placa Catalunya is Hotel Grandia.
  18. The Hotel Continental was our first Barcelona Hotel years ago and hands down the worst one. There are lots of choices and although prices are going up each year there are plenty of bargains there. In November we stayed in Hotel ONIX LICEO at the sea end of La Rambla and although the little street was a tiny bit shabby the hotel was quite nice and reasonable. I’ll stay there gain.
  19. The info they ask for is scary: how do we know that Stockperks is secure? why do they ask our earnings?
  20. I paid over $50 a share, I’ll sell them to you half price 🤓 seriously I’m pleased with the OBC that I’ve gotten but it sure was bad timing. It’s time to buy stock imho. I didn’t know that a request for OBC could be turned down. Susan
  21. I’m surprised to hear that Carnival has a Tea time (yea!) I’m really picky & this is my first Carnival cruise: Transatlantic on the Legend, April 15 from Baltimore. So, tell me more. What time? Is it every day? Or is Tea on every Sea Day? Are you seated in the MDR? Is the tea delivered prepared and ready to pour? (Or do they pass around tea bags to put into not-so-boiling water?) Has anyone ever requested a tea kettle for their cabin? (In Dec. NCL Prima actually delivered one at my request.) Several TAs ago we crossed on the Queen Mary and the TEA was the only reason I would sail Cunard again (it was that good). Thank you for indulging me this one peculiarity of mine. Cheers, Susan
  22. Cabin OV deck 5 cabin 5778 There were noises (fast rolling carts but not very loud) we were under the Casino. with the TV going we heard nothing.
  23. Just off: we asked our steward & got a small drip coffee machine & supplies. There is a sharps container, red, on the shelf below the bathroom counter. The bathroom is really really nice: great glass enclosed shower.
  24. It’s been my experience that catching a cab (especially if you have at least one companion) is not only cost effective but time saving as well. Several times I’ve hired a cab for a day for under €100 and often just to the Placa Cataluna at the far end of Las Ramblas or simply to the seaside end from whence (whence? Really?) we walk up Ramblas to Catalunya, stopping on the left side near Liceo at the Bouqueria market. Wonderful food stalls where indeed the taste of Espana awaits you. Crossing the major circle of Cataluna head for Passia deGracia with its high end shopping and a few blocks up on the left side, the famous Gaudi apartments: really a treat of imaginative architecture (do your homework and Google Gaudi to see if you are interested in Art Nouveau design And here’s a discovery I made and pass this on to those who just want a leisurely look at something special..or have already visited the major sites. Back to Placa Catalunya & restart up the Passia de Gracia on the right side & in a block or two you will see on your right a little alley leading to the massive, iron clad 19th C foodie haven >el nacional barcelona< Google it. You’re Welcome. Be sure to visit the restrooms. Also if you are a reader, I recommend SHADOW OF THE WIND by Carlos Ruiz Zafon. Another site if you love stained glass windows is to tour the Acadamy of Music (Palau de la Musica). Can you tell that I love this wonderful European city? It’s in a category all to itself. Bon Voyage, Susan
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