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  1. I usually head to the Dive-In for a Dive-In Dog and an Amstel Lite. I sit out by the pool and let the starving hordes and table hogs have the Lido restaurant to themselves.
  2. I'm doing cardiac rehab at a hospital right now, and we have to mask up during the entire workout. I wouldn't be surprised if masks are required in the gym.
  3. I never get a rental car in the port city. I wonder if Uber or Lyft would be agreeable to taking someone for a test?
  4. You're lucky. We regularly have empty spaces on grocery store shelves here in Nashville. Friends and family in other parts of the country report the same thing. I work in transportation and there is indeed a supply chain issue in all sectors of the economy.
  5. @kazu, thanks for the clarification. An attorney would have a field day in court with that wording. 😀
  6. "The Signature Beverage Package has a daily limit of 15 beverages, which includes all beverages priced $11.00USD or lower including service charges. Guests may order beverages one at a time and must be 21 years or older for alcoholic beverages. No sharing is permitted. Beverage management reserves the right to revoke the package if misused and refuse service for any reason, including service of alcoholic beverages to intoxicated guests. Package excludes purchases made in Signature Shops, Mini Bar and In Room Dining, or beverages on Half Moon Cay." I'm not sure what the highlighted text means. Does it mean you can't select a $10 beverage because with the 18% tip it would bring the cost up to $11.80?
  7. @PhD-iva, yay you're going on a cruise. Sorry about missing Budapest. Have you ever visited there? It's a great city. You can take in some of the city sites and ambience while docked there overnight. I did Bucharest to Budapest with Uniworld in 2016 and thoroughly enjoyed it.
  8. Based on what I'm seeing on TV, a flack jacket or bullet proof vest would be more useful in Paris right now than a pass sanitaire. 😉
  9. I didn't realize that. Thanks for the correction.
  10. I booked and am paying for the cruise, so there's just one invoice. My sister is a Mariner. Thanks for the info. I'll contact my TA.
  11. I booked my sister and I on the Rotterdam for a March 2022 cruise. I'm passenger #1 and she's passenger #2. Part of the package we booked under includes a One Night Specialty Dining Promo. When I look at the invoice and when I look at the booking online, it indicates only passenger #1 gets the included specialty dining promo. What's up with that? Am I supposed to go to the Pinnacle or Tamarind alone and tell her to fend for herself that evening? ☹️
  12. I've had good, bad, and mediocre experiences with both fixed and flexible dining. It's the roll of the dice.
  13. There are "always available" selections each evening in the MDR. Usually grilled chicken, broiled steak, and a grilled fish such as salmon. Ask for them to be served without sauce, or on the side.
  14. Uniworld just resumed sailing on select itineraries, so I don't think any of us can answer those questions until the situations arise onboard and someone reports back on how they were handled.
  15. I thought for sure Uniworld was requiring all passengers to be vaccinated. Thank you for posting about your experience. I hear ya about no storage space in the bathroom, even for a cosmetics bag.
  16. I posted the above back in April of 2019. Wow, a lot has changed since then. First, we started working from home in March, 2020 so that gave me a feel for being at home all day by myself. Then in February of this year, at a routine (or so I thought) visit with my cardiologist I found out I was 6-12 mos. away from a fatal heart 💔 attack. I had successful open heart surgery on May 20 to correct 2 birth defects and have been at home on FMLA for the past 3 months. My return to work is next week on August 12. I'll be working 2 days in the office and 3 at home. I'm going to give it a try for a few months and if there's too much stress and BS going on, I'll bail a year or so earlier than I planned. In the meantime, I booked my retirement cruise. It's a 31-day cruise around South America in March of 2023. I've never been on a ship longer than 13 days so this should be interesting. I've never been to most of the ports except for the Panama Canal transit and Aruba.
  17. Great suggestion. They don't dry out. I have one from my Princess PC cruise in 2012 that's still going strong. 😀
  18. So do I - Carnival, HAL, Princess, volunteer fire dept., etc. I always forget to pack them.
  19. @dobiemom, got it. Thank you. I've never played on one of those machines. So if you buy the traditional 3 or 6 card pack, you still use the dauber? I see they have daubers for sale, so I assume that's the case.
  20. Thank you, and could they make it any more confusing? How do you play 30 or 36 cards at one time? Or am I not understanding what's being sold? That is sad.....😢
  21. Here's a YouTube video: Cabana Time! On Holland America Line's Nieuw Amsterdam - YouTube
  22. When you have time, would you mind posting the cost of bingo? Thank you!
  23. Instructions for all cruise lines under the Carnival umbrella: 2021 Carnival Benefits.pdf
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