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  1. Thanks! Do you remember which night that was on your cruise? I like sushi AND prime rib; I looked back at your menu postings but could not find one from the MDR that had those 2 items, but maybe I missed one....
  2. Did I miss something? Which dining room had sushi AND prime rib?
  3. Thanks, that makes sense if day 2 is a port day. I don't think I've ever been on a cruise that has a port day on the 2nd day, but obviously it can happen depending on the cruise itinerary.🤔
  4. So your first gala night was Day 3? Usually it is on Day 2. I don't want to schedule a specialty restaurant on the first Gala night, so I was assuming it was always on Day 2, but I guess I shouldn't assume if it can be on Day 3 as well...
  5. This is actually my favorite item on the Pinnacle Grill menu...I eat every bit!😋
  6. Thanks to you and all the others who gave me info on the various names of the pastry! Looking forward to them on my next cruise 😋
  7. Sound yummy! Are these available in the Lido, or just the MDR?
  8. I'm not familiar with the pastry in post #202; what is it called?
  9. Thanks for the reminder menus; we skipped both, but the Silver one was the one I wished I hadn't.....😒
  10. Was this a GALA night menu? Some of the items make it look like one. If so, which day of the cruise was it? I don't like to skip the Escargot or the Black Forest Cake with a non-MDR dinner!
  11. Thanks for the quick reply! I wanted to have escargots on our Alaska cruise in August, but forgot they were only on the first Gala night and had already made a specialty dinner rez (not Sel de Mer). Hard to find locally, so may have to wait awhile....🤔
  12. How are the escargot different? If I remember, the ones in the MDR are traditional, in the special plates with butter. Yum!
  13. If you ask they will tell you what the specific fish is that night. I too was curious about the fish description, but waited until the last night of the 7-day cruise to try it (we had 3 specialty dinners). The waiter said it was "halibut" that night. He didn't say so, but I think they may leave the fish name off the menu so they can see what fish is available in a given port for that day or the next. My dinner was pretty good, but I'm not really a halibut fan, unfortunately. I like salmon, but we get lots of that at home, and I like the way I make it, rather than restaurants, so usually don't order it out.
  14. Thanks for the link! Will be able to use it next season (hopefully there is one). Missed the ship today, though. Found your post too late....☺️
  15. This is off-subject, but noticed you are from Canada. Do you need another Covid test to get back to BC after your trip? Glad you are ok with the route change...stuff happens when you cruise!
  16. Whoops, I guess I didn't make it clear...I was talking about the CO dining room getting crowded. Also, the CC took my statement and put it under your name, that's not right!
  17. Is there any problem getting a table after 7:30pm? We usually do late dining in the MDR. It seems like as more people sign up for CO, the dining room may have crowding problems...
  18. Hmm...when I booked the HIA dinner online, the cost was automatically deducted before I completed the transaction, but I have read where some people didn't have that opportunity, depending on when you did the dinner booking : earlier or later when the website was updated to do that. Glad to hear that they corrected yours.
  19. I booked one rez in the Pinnacle for 2 and one rez in the Tamarind for 2, and paid full price, even though we are newly 5* and expected the refund problem to appear and have to talk to the manager, etc. to get full refunds for both. This is in addition to the HIA complementary dinner offered. This was on the NA that sailed on 8/21/21. Amazingly, when I looked at our online statement on the first or second day (can't remember), all 4 meals had been totally refunded except for the new 18% (I think that's the percent) gratuity now being added. I was totally surprised, since in the past it had been a hassle to make sure we got the 50% back when we pre-booked as 4* to get the dates we wanted. Not sure this will happen with everyone, but glad it did with us!
  20. To answer your original question, we took the CVS PCR test in California through their minute clinic drive through test site (not sure about an antigen test) back in August on 8/18/21 about 2pm. We got the result via email at 7pm on 8/19/21, and needed it by 12noon on the 21st, so pretty fast. We also did a Worksite (Express test, I think) PCR test pre-flight about 10am on the 19th and got that back about an hour after the CVS one on the 19th. Of course, that one cost $150pp.🤔Did like the speed, though. Will probably use Worksite for the next cruise if needed.
  21. I had the same dish 1-1/2 years ago on HAL and it was delicious! I'll admit the cottage cheese should've been larger, but it was tasty, and you could've asked for more when you saw the size. I needed to leave room for my "Texas French Toast", anyway!!😊
  22. Thanks, but when I entered my info it said "your booking isn't eligible"; for what, I wasn't sure. Maybe because I already submitted a rebooking request by phone?
  23. I've been using my computer for all recent contact with HAL (mail, bookings, etc). Just checked my iPad...no link on that cancellation email either. In the past I have always gotten links to replacement choices: refunds, FCC, rebooking, so I know what you're referring to, kazu. Maybe they "forgot" to add the link to a few (or bunch?) of emails. Sure was confusing.🙄 I even looked for the link when I read the original email, expecting one. Surprised I couldn't find anything.
  24. Good luck at finding the link...I got the cancellation email, but no link to options as kazu mentions in post #5 above. Thanks to her posting of the list of replacement cruises earlier I got the information I needed about choosing a new date, which I used to find a new cruise on the Koningsdam in early 2022. If I did not find that, I would've wanted a refund, also. As it is, my final payment for the Zuiderdam will go to my new cruise (I hope). I did have to call HAL yesterday (9/11) to initiate the process.
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