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  1. I see my favorite dessert!! Thank you for showing me that the menu is intact!! Also, the duck looks delicious...have never tried it; might have to in May.
  2. Good to hear; when I look at the Navigator Tamarind menu I only see the shortened list. I haven't looked at the HAL website menu recently. Thought they would be the same.
  3. Has anyone noticed that the menu is not as large as before? Last year I had the fish (burrimundi-spelling?) entree and it appears to be gone now. Also my favorite dessert: a sweet "cheesecake" item...forgot the name.🤔
  4. I think you missed the “excluding” parenthesis.
  5. That happened to me last weekend. When I finally got to talk to someone by phone on Monday, it turned out that the whole shorex was cancelled and the message was sent in error.
  6. I am a little confused by your “default” discussion, but how do you get to the “Stock Perks” site? Thanks!
  7. We have been on two Regatta cruises and I believe that there is dance music late night in the Horizon lounge by the show band most nights. We did not actually check that out though.
  8. You may be right about the age of the passengers. We are embarking this Saturday, the 9th and also got a first-ever group A 10AM assignment. We are also older, but not quite to the fourscore point. There are "only" 3 ships next Saturday, but I'm thinking it might be good for us to get through the checkin procedures quickly and at least have a seat in the waiting area instead of standing in long lines. For one of us, standing for awhile is a problem. If we can get on the ship earlier, that would be even better...
  9. We are going on a HAL cruise that stops in this port. We have been there before, but every time we have gone on a shorex, so I have a question about access to the city from the port. If you do not go on a tour, is there access to taxis or a shuttle bus or rental cars to take to the downtown? I know the port is industrial, so not much around for tourist access to anything like most normal ports. Thanks for any help!
  10. Thanks for your response. Somehow I never got notified, or somehow missed it. Just searched and found it today...🙂
  11. You are correct. I just tried to add 3 shorex to my previous 2 already booked and they were charged as if I only had the 3, not the previous 2, so no discount (we have to have 5 booked). I was just experimenting, so I quickly deleted the 3. Our trip isn't for another year, but I wanted to test your experience. I hope they correct this soon. Don't know why they can't just add the new selections to your old ones...Guess the programming for the new SM is not quite ready for prime time!
  12. I have a question that is off topic. We are doing a similar trip in a few weeks and are wondering if HAL has an "in transit" shorex in Whittier for travelers doing a roundtrip voyage? I think I have seen one flash by when looking at shorex in the past, but our trip does not list one. Did your trip have one? If not, did you find anything to do in Whittier during the change-over day? I have searched online, but not much is offered. Thanks for any information and sorry to go off topic.😉
  13. If you don't need to use this for embarkation, who do you contact to get a wheelchair at the port when boarding? Thank you for any information.
  14. Ditto; I ordered a few pieces of sushi as an appetizer, then the rest of my meal off the Tamarind menu. They do charge you ($3/piece in my case) separately for anything from the Nami.
  15. Hi Ruth; we haven’t used a HAL airport transfer in a long time…would like to know if your luggage is automatically put on the bus or do you have to take it to the bus yourself?
  16. Thank you for this information. Where is the library located? We really missed it when the libraries were removed from the ships.
  17. I’m a relative newbie but I think the higher price is for the Prestige package if you don’t already have the House package and the lower price is to upgrade to Prestige from House. Oops! Guess I typed too slowly….
  18. I thought Neptune suite passengers have access to CO. Is this not true? Or did you just switch to lower the cruse fare and still get CO? Thanks for any info.
  19. Has anyone looked at the Shore Excursions under the new SM plan? I looked at some of them on a cruise I was considering for 2024 and no prices of any kind were listed, and it just said "unlimited", which is not really true because the shorex for this cruise has a $800 limit per cabin (I guess). Perhaps there are no prices since the cruise is not until next year; I didn't check any 2023 cruises.
  20. You are correct on that one...that "comparable" description is not true of the old plan. Otherwise we would not have to upgrade. We usually only have one cocktail drink before (could be with) and one cocktail drink after dinner (could be with, also).
  21. This passage is from the attachment to an earlier post (I believe #291 or so) that describes the possible new lunch/dinner package and mentions alcoholic drinks other than beer and wine: PS- Now I am really confused; I guess we DO have to wait for the "real" rules...
  22. Thank you; we have been on many cruises and understand that HAL insurance is not the best. We have gotten older after 35 years of cruising and private insurance coverage is a lot more expensive as you age (if you can even purchase it}. Our regular health insurance covers out-of-country and at this point mostly we need evacuation and "cancel for any reason", which HAL will let you purchase close to final payment. Appreciate your comment, though.🙂
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