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  1. You know the answer to this question!! Jeans are fine.
  2. Don’t know whether you’re flying Economy but if so, maybe you should look at investing in a couple of passes to the Air Canada lounge.
  3. I’d say an 1115 flight out of Vancouver is too chancy. It’s not too difficult or time consuming to get to the airport from the cruise terminal but there is potential for delay. The real problem could be US pre-clearance at YVR and the length of time that may take.
  4. If you want to fly to YQB you will have few choices other than using Air Canada (although there is an AA flight through ORD that may interest you; and that saves the hassle of clearing customs in Montreal on the second leg). I see the Business Class fro LAX to YQB on October 4 is about USD 1118. My experience with AC is that prices change ver little (other than going up close to flight date) and Business Class will definitely not go down. The flight I looked at is Air Canada all the way, traveling through Montreal.
  5. I agree. The OP did mention ‘bigger bang for our buck’ during her daughter’s vacation period. To me, this implies somewhat limited time period and a less than generous budget. Probably, a seven night Caribbean cruise is the most affordable (time and money) option.
  6. Yes, we were on the EDGE over period 6-13 January and I understand there was a good selection of free on=demand movies. Me, I don’t normally watch TV and found there were plenty of other things to enjoy on the ship. I’m guessing that SUMMIT does not currently have this ‘feature’ and I don’t expect it will be installed during the drydocking scheduled for March.
  7. A group of us are going on the SUMMIT in January, 2020. One of the fellows likes to watch a movie in his cabin during the afternoon. Are there free on-demand movies available?
  8. Another resource for checking out yellow fever is the World Health Organization: https://www.who.int/ith/ITH_Annex_I.pdf
  9. I’ve been on similar itinerary a couple of time and never got a yellow fever vaccination. Here is something from World Health Organization: https://www.who.int/ith/ITH_Annex_I.pdf
  10. I’ve cruised in September (Caribbean and Transatlantic) and have only had a problem once in about a dozen times. It can’t be predicted so my advice is to go ahead, make your plans and plan on enjoying yourselves.
  11. Where is the travel? If it’s a closed-loop Caribbean cruise she can probably use her driver’s license. I’m thinking her passport would not be a useful travel document and the marriage certificate won’t change that.
  12. I’m not even certain that the word ‘refund’ is an accurate representation of the situation. Once he started playing, the funds he prepurchased became USD (the onboard currency) and his casino balance when he left the ship ought to have been paid out in USD with a cheque. Charging a credit back to a charge card, whether in USD or some (mis)calculated CAD amount doesn’t seem to be appropriate to me.
  13. We were in Fort Lauderdale over the last couple of weeks and had absolutely no problem at the airport or the pier. Have a good trip.
  14. If you walk off the ship early with your luggage the 1155 flight is no problem.
  15. Here is a screenshot from my iPad...
  16. Goodness, what bank was that? I paid CAD 1.34 for USD 1 in Ottawa about two weeks ago.
  17. Dropping off a car at FLL and getting to Port Everglades is not a problem. However, you may want to consider renting a car from Alamo and dropping it off at their Port Everglades location. They offer a free shuttle from there to the port. It’s much likely easier, faster and less expensive.
  18. Ha!! I think the moral of this story is ‘don’t believe everything you hear or see’. I think that’s especially true on an anonymous internet forum.
  19. Well, I expect your wife will be surprised when you tell her you need to go back to work for a few months to pay off the cruise...
  20. That’s pretty much the way we’re feeling too. We booked the January 6 sailing while on a cruise in January, 2018. At the time, I thought it was pretty expensive but we decided to invest the extra $$ on a more-or-less one time event just to experience the new ship and satisfy our curiousity. To me, the whole Edge thing has been over-hyped and initial reviews have been all over the place. I’m thinking my IV cabin will be interesting enough for a week (as will the ship itself), but that will scratch the itch enough.
  21. POSH - Port Out (from Europe to North America), Starboard Home (from NA to Europe). If you want the best chance to catch some sun on a balcony cabin get one on the starboard (right) side of the ship. If you’re concerned about motion sickness best to get something low and near the centre (midships) of the ship.
  22. I’m not so sure I understand the difficulty of getting to Quebec from CA (Air Canada runs flights from LAX to YYZ to YQB) and I’ll leave the expense thing aside but why would it make any difference whether you stay at the Hilton instead of the Auberge Saint Antoine which is near the cruise port and well located in a very interesting part of the city?
  23. No, I expect they’ll make sure you get to Quebec without a night-long stopover in either Toronto or Montreal.
  24. Normally an announcement will be made on what you should do (either written and/or over the speaker system). Typically it is recommended that in addition to your cruise card you should take a government issued ID with your photo on it. A driver’s license for example. You can take your passport if you wish; I normally leave mine onboard especially in the Caribbean where it’s highly unlikely I’ll need it.
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