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  1. I have cabin 1166 C3 after looking at the deck plans which are hared to read it shows 1166 on Deck 10 usually the decks are the first two numbers. Are the decks not numbers correctly on the web site
  2. I have been on a few different cruise lines. We sailed the Divian last January 11 Caribbean Over half of the passengers were from Italy. The food was not as good as Celebrity We had 3 couples so we ate together. We ate lunch a few times with other couples and they spoke very little English. The ships bands were not good they had no brass sections in their band All the shows had recorded music. we had a good price so can not complain I would not cities with MSC again
  3. Pilots do not touch any of the controls they give verbal commands and tell the captain about port conditions and tide The only place a Pilot touch’s the controls is going through the Panama Canal
  4. You must buy it for the whole cruise or you can start on a certain day but must buy it for the remainder of the cruise
  5. I was able to complete my on line check in months ahead of time. The e tickets I could not print because I used TA. I called them and they contacted MSC and I received them in an email on file
  6. Looking at the deck plans on the Divina I see the Top Sail Lounge for the Yacht Club, is there a similar bar area for the other passengers to look out the Bow of the ship that is enclosed. I know Celebrity ships have the Crows nest.
  7. This is what I received today from my travel agent Hi Earl, I've spoken to a manager at MSC and he did confirm that all guest who have purchased the Classic beverage package prior to the change will be covered under the current package price limit. I.e Cocktails at $9.25 and beers at $7.50 etc..
  8. This is what I received from my TA he is with a large discount travel agency he said we will get what was originally posted on the classic package even though the price increase on the frozen drinks went to $9.25. We we have those drinks as originally posted on MSC web site
  9. Since I booked with a Credit card and I did not receive what I was told I would get when I signed up for the Classic package; and have not received any official correspondence from MSC that they have changed their policy. I could have my credit card company file a complaint against MSC for not honoring what was described on the web site when I originally booked the cruise and they would demand money back from MSC and credit to my account .This would have to be done after the cruise since I do not know for certain how MSC will handle this until I cruise on the Divina on January 10th
  10. I have classic I will now order Virgin frozen Cocktails and then order a shot of rum, whiskey, or other liquor and put it in my drink myself
  11. Thanks. My wife's family lives in Stoke On Trent. We visit there every few years .
  12. Has anyone found out what the classic drink package is now. I up graded to the classic package while booking 6 months ago. Will MSC still honor the price of the cocktails before they changed the prices. Our cruise is January 10th on the Divina
  13. I notice the cocktails are made with premium liquors it you get the same drink without premium liquor it should be cheaper The classic package states beer is included and so does the drinks on us includes one type of draft beer and a few types of bottled beer I assume there will be bottles beers on the classic package
  14. I was able to get on last night after redoing password
  15. Mrearl

    MSC Website

    Do you have to take your picture on the web site. Or can you do it at the dock When are you suppose to take you picture
  16. Mrearl

    MSC Website

    Always save all your copies and then take a picture with your phone. Travel with all your copies of documentations
  17. It states select post from following but does not list Divina
  18. I did through my travel agent Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  19. I will never get off the ship there again way to pushy Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  20. Last January they had hard cider Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  21. It may show the dining experience but they are not showing for any of the January cruise Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  22. You give the desk your boarding pass and they make the arrangements for the tags You have to print your boarding pass the day before or already have it. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  23. You do not have to book your flights with the cruise lines I have used it three times and it makes it easy going through customs. I hope MSC start this service soon. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  24. Thanks for the information I may try doing it that way Sent from my iPhone using Forums
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