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  1. Princess Alaska cruise, they brought on a sled-dog trainer and a couple of the dogs. Sure, she promoted the excursion, but shared a lot of information about how they train and race. People stood in line to pet the dogs. They also had one of the lumberjacks from on-shore show, who talked about his real experiences as a logger in the region. We felt the get-your-tickets-early message, but enjoyed the rest of the presentation. We have always like the live narration in the fjords, especially when wildlife is visible -- saw bears with cubs, moose, bighorn sheep and otters from the de
  2. I think passengers will fall into two distinct groups quickly -- compliant, and not. The non-compliant will protest that they PAID FOR THEIR CRUISE, and nobody can FORCE them to put on a mask, or otherwise inconvenience themselves. They're the same group who save seats, cut lines, take all the bacon, park their scooters blocking fire exits, hold up the tour, leave half-eaten ice cream cones on random ledges, and smoke cigars in the casino. I was booked on a December cruise out of Athens that has been cancelled, but was resigning myself to biting my tongue for the whole t
  3. By charging a full or nearly full fare, the cruise lines make bringing a baby (even) less appealing for the parents. Call it a dis-incentive. As others have said, the baby doesn't spend any money in the casino, jewelry store or spa -- and might prevent a parent from visiting those profit centers. Although they don't order a dinner, the high chairs and extra mess are more work for the wait staff. Room stewards have to work around strollers, pack-n-plays, pull down bunks, and clean up extra spills, crumbs and mess that naturally comes with babies. On road trips with little ones
  4. Jamaica - Falmouth, I think. (Unless I've mixed it up with Ohco Rios). The small shopping area at the pier had a very high brick wall, sturdy gates, and plenty of armed personnel at said gate. Tours were loaded inside the zone and left quickly. We opted to venture out on foot, thinking we'd spotted a straw market from our balcony. Mere steps outside the gate, DH was solicited for sex, weed or 'whatever else he wanted'. We walked maybe 3 blocks, being harassed every step of the way. Grabbing at my sleeve, pulling on my arm... crazy. We're not timid travelers, and usual
  5. We sailed on Carnival in 1990, kids were 8 and 11 at the time, so we read all the kids/youth program materials. The offered daycare during port days, and both parents could leave the ship. Extra paperwork was required, which also granted staff permission to the stateroom if needed. I don't think there was an extra charge for the normal daytime care. If the parents missed sail-away, a babysitter from the youth program would take the kids back to their stateroom, order room service for dinner, and stay with the kids there. The parents would be charged several hundred bucks p
  6. Complete them before you leave... The IRS will accept your return as early as Jan 1st, if you have all your documents.
  7. Sometimes I think I could do well in the game... I could try to build a motorbike, assemble a wooden donkey, slide in a basket-sled down a big hill, figure out maps and road signs in every language, learn the Greek guards march or to Tango, and do the other puzzles. BUT, once it shifts to significant physical challenges, like rock climbing, or plowing muddy rice paddies with an ox... I'd get flattened. Where's the race for old, fat people?? Who's in with me??
  8. We were booked on the Spirit out of Athens in Dec 2020. (cue sad music). It's a smaller ship than the Epic which is in the Med now, and I can't help but wonder if size is part of the decision. That is, smaller ship has less ability to distance crew, no matter what they do for passengers.
  9. The least NCL could do is tell us WHEN the next update will be posted. I visit the website every day to check for status. Am booked 12/2 out of Athens, stopping for a few days in Paris on the way. We are becoming more and more resigned to rebooking.
  10. I never fly in early for a cruise out of the US, but like to grab a few days on either end of a cruise to get more time in a city. I figure the airfare is already paid, so why not? Haven't (yet) travelled abroad without a cruise as an excuse.
  11. We are entirely tired of the Caribbean... but will go on a freebie from the casino. (yeah, twist my arm!) Would go back to Copenhagen, London, St. Petersburg, Berlin and many others several more times before I feel like I've seen everything important. Sigh. I'd like to see anything but my own backyard...
  12. We got stranded in Germany when the (public) train got blocked on the way back to the port. Leveraging the only person aboard who could translate, we managed to convince the station master to contact the cruise-chartered train due through on a different track shortly. DH and I went through our whole train, calling anyone headed to the port to get off that train, switch platforms, and board the charter train. We 'saved' at least 40 passengers from missing the ship, including an elderly Chinese couple who didn't speak English well. She held on to my sleeve as we crossed to the new platfo
  13. First, while many people with the virus are asymptomatic, many still experience long term effects -- some as yet unknown. We could only assert that 99% have zero effects *if* we tested every single person, and then measured the effects short and long term. Decades ago, a medication given to pregnant women to combat morning sickness didn't hurt the woman, but their children ended up having fertility problems as adults themselves. We won't know the full impact of the virus or medications/ vaccines for some time. (Thalidomide) Second: 'fractions of seconds' to be infected ne
  14. Wonder which drug(s) will be set aside to focus on packaging vaccines for distribution. Insulin, for example, is sold in similar bottles. Rather than set up a new facility, manufacturers will likely repurpose existing equipment and processes designed to ensure proper handling.
  15. You can decline either or both of the 'free' drink and dining packages (and their service charges). We only drink in the casino, where our casino status gets us free drinks from a limited selection. Always decline the Free-at-Sea drink offers and never have to pay that service fee. Sure wish I could trade the drink package for more specialty dining... We love, love, love Moderno.
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