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  1. The ban is long overdue and necessary to preserve Venice, but it will be a huge loss of the sheer joy of sailing out past St Mark’s.
  2. That was an adventure that has stuck in my mind since it happened. It’s one reason I’m glad we’re old and don’t cruise with grandchildren any more. Nobody to try to meet up with or worry about. He didn't lose his head or good attitude. That helped.
  3. I second that. We’ve had half a dozen credit cards from three different issuers hacked in the last few years. We had the cards in our possession every darn time. Our banks notified us of the charges, we told them yes, they were fraudulent, and that was the last we heard. No charges ever appeared.
  4. I leave ours in the safe and hope it’s there for the next cruisers.
  5. Fire is any seaman’s worst fear. Worse than a shipwreck.
  6. He explains it well enough to maybe convince people not to smuggle banned electric appliances.
  7. I wish chengkp would chime in to explain why the ban on steamers aa well as other fire hazards.
  8. My father felt there were three important things to teach me. One was port and starboard, one was forward and aft, and one I didn’t learn till I was 15. Let out the clutch in a car meant put your foot down on it. I got the nautical terms easily as a small child. I really struggled with understanding the clutch as a teenager.
  9. Someone posted on another thread that Canaveral strictly adhered to boarding times and told the OP on that thread they’d be made to wait till their assigned time. If it’s true, it must have just started.
  10. And sweeteners? I’ll be glad to bring my own hot chocolate packets!
  11. I think I saw a mention of kettles in JS. True? and if there are, do they have tea, coffee, hot chocolate with them? my DH would be so happy!
  12. The point of TSA locks is that TSA employees can open them. There are no TSA employees at ports. Therefore no keys with which to open TSA locks. The security people must have been dunderheads not to match the lady’s name with the name on the luggage tag.
  13. They will wait if they can. Sometimes they can’t.
  14. Even more, it was downright creepy. I don't want anyone going through my drawers or shelves.
  15. You do know the cruise line does not guarantee that the ship will wait for a late ship’s excursion, I hope. The cruise line guarantees they will get you to the next port at its expense if a ship sponsored shire excursion arrives after the ship sails. Many times cruise ships cannot wait more than a short time.
  16. I was ready to throw my iPhone in the garbage! Thanks for letting me know I’m not alone!
  17. In the last couple of years, on Serenade and on Crown Princess I set up or joined a variety of excursions. Quite a few were set up as an amount to pay for the vehicle and driver/guide where we each paid our share. Had anyone dropped out, everyone else’s share would have risen. Over time I developed a relationship with all of the participants so that we were comfortable with each other. At no time did I feel there was a chance of being stiffed. We had become a little family. Multiple families, actually. I’ve been doing this since I joined CC in 2000. It has enable
  18. OP did not say Royal charged his credit card twice.
  19. The main purpose of the lock would be to keep your luggage from accidentally popping open. Any lock will do. The porters and the crew don’t have time to go into anyone’s luggage, so zip ties will serve the purpose. If you ever fly, or might in the future, then buy TSA locks. No one at a port or on a cruise ship has a key to open a TSA lock, but you’d be called to open your luggage, anyway.
  20. You may have a problem with ladies es following you around the ship. Men in tuxes and men in kilts are gorgeous 😍
  21. Closer is Freeport with LLBean. South Freeport has the Harraseeket Wharf with lobster rolls, fried clams and lots of boats and water to look at. The prices are lower than the Kennebunks. If you do go to the Kennebunks, you can park along the shore and see the Bush compound.
  22. If you want to try again, ask Guest Services to make a copy of your spare map and put it out there again.
  23. I would definitely have a note on the door large enough for passers by to notice and read. Some parent will probably see your map in their cabin but have no clue where to return it. If it was kids, and I sure hope it wasn’t adults, they probably wouldn’t know what door they took it from.
  24. I set up a Bunco group on a TA once, and Royal set up a conference room for us with card tables, tablecloths, index cards and pens and a table with pitchers of iced tea and water. All I needed to bring was dice and a bell. I took my own paper goods back home with me.
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