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  1. I have no idea why I moved dining and added it to the .com! senior moments seem to be multiplying! No rejection yet, so thanks again!
  2. Miller-Daemon kicked it back. I had used rccl@rccldining.com in the past, and that’s what’s not valid any more. Looks like rcl@rccldining.com isn’t, either.
  3. My email address for dining no longer works. Maybe it was worn out! Does anyone have an address for them?
  4. I bought one not expecting much. The champagne was still like just opened fiur days later.
  5. I tried three dollar stores for an inexpensive over the door organizer. The last one was Dollar Tree and I found a nice lightweight one that’s now been on half a dozen cruises.
  6. It wasn’t a ship. It was a cabin in Maine on my husband’s family’s property. The footsteps were so real I could hear them walking toward the bedroom. They got closer and closer but never came into the room. That’s how my husband described them, too. He was absolutely sure he was hearing a live person. There are woods behind the cabin, and behind those woods is Cranberryhorn Hill cemetery. In that cemetery are the graves of people killed by Indians in the late 1700’s. I don't know this this ghost has walked for that long, or he’s newer, but no one has e
  7. I kept telling my DH there was someone walking around around in a cabin in Maine. He got irritated with my waking him up three nights running. He moved into the other bedroom right next door. I woke up hearing someone turning the knob on the front door. It was my DH. I asked him what he was doing. He shushed me and whispered that someone was walking around and he was checking doors and windows to make sure they were locked. They were, and the deadbolts were locked, too. I reminded him that I had told him I heard footsteps. He said that that was my imagination but that w
  8. The first night he brought them they were cold and rock hard. From the next night on they were fresh, soft, and delicious. The problem was that I felt obligated to eat them and I love the pumpkin seed rolls. I hardly had room for dinner!
  9. Different seeded rolls and plain ones. I love the crisp crusts and fluffy innards. Hey evidently don’t serve savoury bites any more, but when I asked about them, our waiter started bringing them every night. They’re bite size rolls and so good.
  10. I wasn’t very clear, was I. I meant that’s where we get omelets, but other than the free Johnny Rockets breakfasts, we do the MDR or Windjammer. But in March, I’n striking out on my own!
  11. As long as they have the great rolls I’m happy! They are the only thing I can get on a cruise ship that I can’t get on shore.
  12. We alternate Royal and Princess. Two different styles, but both appeal to us.
  13. Very nice review. I like the breakfasts at Johnny Rockets but my DH won’t spend money on food on a cruise, so in the past I’ve gone along with him. I think I’ll do a couple of solo meals...especially since I like hibachis.
  14. I have heard that before. Maybe it’s because it’s more laid back, less of a theme park feeling? There’s more to do than there was in the beginning, but it’s definitely different from the other parks. I find it more relaxing, if that’s possible at any Disney park!
  15. Funny you mentioned that. I just ran across two decks of unopened Carnival cards that must be around 30 years old. I had put them in a safe place and never saw them till last week.
  16. My DD and family and friends will cruise Nov 10. I can’t depend on them to pay attention to any details.
  17. While on a cruise I arranged for a wheelchair for disembarkation. We went to the area that was set up and a nice gentleman pushed me all the way down the ramp. He stopped inside the terminal door and left us. After 10-15 minutes a different man took me the rest of the way and we got through Border Control pretty quickly. My DH had given the first man $10 so he gave the second one $20 because we went farther. $30 is a lot, though it was certainly worth it to me. I’m still amazed that he would give that much when he used to carry three suitcases to keep from tipping a bel
  18. I just wonder if the OP got a written confirmation, how can any business say the price is a mistake. A written confirmation showing what has been paid and what the money was paid for becomes a contract, to me.
  19. It happened to me on Princess. Since there was nothing left to sell in my category and no category to upgrade me to, I wasn’t eligible for a fare adjustment. I can see their point.
  20. I’m so glad this review is live now so I can read through the whole thing. Now only will I get some tips, it makes waiting till March to cruise a little more bearable.
  21. You’re right! i suffer from FFS. (Fat Finger Syndrome)
  22. I told a port employee we had Mobile Pasports and we were directed to a line with one person in it. You need to have your passport open to show and that’s it. Very quick. Hell! i don’t know where the underline cane from or how to get rid of it!!
  23. We love Park N Go in Ft Lauderdale. I don’t think anyone could beat them. I booked Park Port Canaveral after one of our CC members gave me the promo code. I got the 7.95 rate. I’d rather be in a lot with a shuttle than trek to our car in a terminal. If you’re in good shape mobility wise, I can see using the terminal.
  24. That works, and I went ahead and reserved for next March. I doubt it would go lower, and would more likely go higher.
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