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  1. Ah thanks so much for the clarification! I clearly misread that- I am on the Sept 23 Anthem sailing, so guess it's another wait and see till the option for L&S presents itself and they advise fall sailings. Thanks again @FionaMG !
  2. We are booked on September 23 sailing- confirming changes/cancellations apply only until end of August at this time?
  3. @Jimbo We are on same sailing as you- has this been applied to September sailings as well? We won't be cruising but also looking to L & S. Haven't got any email yet.
  4. @OurusualbeachMy eyes thank you for starting a new thread for each update you have shared thus far- looking forward to learning updates 🙂
  5. In an interview with Ben Bouldin, VP for Europe, Middle East and Africa, the following was stated in Travel weekly (and the interview podcast) “All adult passengers and crew will have to be vaccinated prior to sailing. Children under 16 will not be vaccinated and will be able to sail as there will be full testing before boarding.”
  6. Uch this literally just happened at a medical appointment. Gentleman in the waiting room (masks + physical distancing enforced), started to build up the makings of what you could tell would be a sneeze and then decided just before the sneeze came, to pull his mask down and sneeze into the air, then pull it back up. 😲 I thought the man sitting in front of him was going to unleash the Hulk at that very moment. You could hear a pin drop with the silence that overtook the waiting room. 😷🤧🤢
  7. Travelling with my Senior mother (hopefully) in Sept 2021 (we booked in May 2020). Not much of a rate discount at the time but then we saw the fare had dropped in general and went back to TA to reprice and there was a significant drop in adding the seniors discount. That being said we booked a couple additional cruises in 2022 and no great shakes there. Will greatly depend on the demand, existing and forecasted occupancy and time of the season. Good luck!
  8. We have been using our TA years and years now (smaller company- only books cruises) and they have been a blessing in so many instances, especially in lifting, shifting, FCC's, feedback and dealing with the cruise line directly. I am a planner by nature (it's actually my job), but our agent just makes everything so seamless and I don't have to deal with the additional calls in knowing she will follow through within hours, even with a slight time difference. And she ever- so patiently acknowledges my "planner" emails LOL She has also been most generous to continue to extend OBC's fo
  9. Thank you for posting this and those who provided the great details and visuals. Fingers, eyes and toes crossed to be sailing on Anthem Sept 2021- first time on that class! Will be fun to explore something new and not know the ship top to bottom 🙂
  10. Keep asking your questions and @BND defined it best. Actually it's quite refreshing to see a non-Covid related question being asked on these boards 🙂 We all tend to forget we were all once "new" members.
  11. Right?! too early to countdown? 😉 Those are amazing ports! HAHA if Turtle burgers don't fly you could attempt Stingray city! And don't miss the Snack Shack at CocoCay.... Funnel Cakes there could give Wonderland a run for their money!
  12. 100%! Definitely going to be a tough , long winter pill to swallow! We are near the time where it would really be countdown to the holidays and then cruising! Argh. But that only means we will be closer to 2021 hopeful medical advances and cruise safety to and opening those borders 😉 Even more to look forward to with Odyssey- are you on the southern route? Looks incredible.
  13. Had Odyssey booked for Jan 2021...L&S to 2022 Had Harmony booked for Feb 2021... moved to Allure May 2021 (will keep moving this one along prior to final payment but fingers, eyes and toes crossed) Have Anthem booked for Sept 2021 for Scandinavian Cruise.... I remain defiantly positive for this one 🙂
  14. Have sailed on the entire Oasis Fleet multiple times and we just booked our third cruise with Allure. She's a great ship, great dining options, great entertainment and keeps us wanting more. Unless the slides are a deal breaker for your family, you cannot go wrong on Allure. Of the fleet, Harmony was our least favourite, mainly due to food quality at the time. I'm sure that has since changed. I would not pass up a cruise on any one of these amazing ships. Having sailed on Carnival as well- the Oasis Class there was just no even comparison in all departments. Happy Planning!
  15. Some tier comparisons in link below: https://secure.royalcaribbean.com/cas/secureViewAllBenefits.do If you strive to continue to attain status with RCI, and will cruise annually, the Diamond level is where you start to really see the benefits (Diamond Lounge, Happy Hour, Balcony/suite discounts, etc). If you wish to discover other lines, ships and itineraries and are not targeting or partial to status, then the ocean (Post C-19) is your buffet of options. Complete personal preference. While we are partial to RCI, we certainly have experienced other cruise lines- like Princes
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