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On our one & only (so far) Princess cruise [29N Sun Princess Aus circle], the BOGO for $1 Happy Hour was one of the negatives for us. From 3pm-4pm you couldn't get a seat in the Wheelhouse Bar, as the punters went hard buying their drinks, and stockpiling the extra ones under their chairs for later on. Then suddenly the bar was empty!

We often visited the Wheelhouse for a pre-show drink at maybe 5:30 or 6, and not many were there. We also most nights would visit for an evening drink maybe around 10pm - bar was mostly empty even though there was some really good music acts each evening.. Our drink waiters encouraged us to visit for Happy hour as they noted we had not been there during the times - we don't usually drink much at 3pm, and we were at dinner during the evening session. We quickly realised that the crowded bar which then empties was not really for us.

We suggested that instead of selling the first drink for $6 and the second for $1, why don't they just sell them all for $3.50, which would be the same and would serve to even out the crowds. Our waiter said that he would raise it with his manager, but it has "always been like that". We made mention of all this on our survey.

So not sure if they listened to us and hence the change, or they just decided to remove the happy hour altogether. This news actually would make us more likely to go Princess again.
Agree, dropping the prices by say 25% all the time would ensure the bars had a heatlhy following, if a beer or wine cost $4, they would sell a lot more. Our last time on Princess was in 2016, Island Princess from LA, as you say the bars were chock a block at BOGO time, they ran about 3 of them during the day/evening.
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