Hi joly.....thanks for the nice welcome! I have to tell a "funny" on myself though. I only realized when I started reading the whole thread last night that the "Spring" you started with had already come and gone! I didn't realize it started last January. Anyway.....I got through about half of the thread and you guys really do seem like a fun bunch, 1st thing I noted was wine and chocolate, OH YES! We live in an area with many, many wineries within a few hours drive, belong to a few wine clubs and really enjoy going wine tasting. Of course I do have to curtail the amounts or go full tilt into calorie overdrive!

I also enjoyed reading about all your different exercise plans, I've done Billy Blanks, (Taebo) and Turbo Jam but now with my hip I can't do the hip-swivel part of it anymore. Yes.....the rehab for this thing is very l-o-n-g. I'll deal with it any day though rather than dealing with the pain pre-op. Actually my Doc. said I waited too long for the surgery and it was extra difficult. But it's only UP from here,

I was also interested to see that some of you watch The Biggest Loser, I've been a follower since the beginning and get "Fired Up" even knowing full well that that whole philosophy really does not work in the "real world", yeah, like we all can work out 8 hours a day! It's wonderful to see the transformations, some of them really go from overlooked wallflowers to va va voom, and the guys, really handsome. (I even heard that the dark haired weight lifter last season hooked up with Dolvett!) Also heard that Jillian is coming back! It's hard to maintain but a few have and more power to them! I'm looking forward to a new season but think I read it's not till next January.

Let's see what else, I am into Day 4 now and feel pretty good, munching my way through a chicken salad with the tastiest little cherry tomatoes in it. Yoghurt on the side! I've designated Friday to be my weigh-day so tomorrow morning we'll see where we are, I only weigh once a week otherwise it gets obsessive and if it goes up any then I am prone to "cheat", haha.

OK, it's back to work ladies, it's going to be fun coming here daily to check in. Like several of you mentioned, you are on here daily anyway so we might as well kill two birds.....etc. Cheers!