What is going on with me?!?!?

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Cruise Rituals
Not voo-doo...but what do YOU do?
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Joined Jul 2004
Ok, sailing on my first cruise 8/7 on the GLORY. Anyway, I am like SPRING CLEANING my house and have absolutely no control over myself! I haven't felt like this since I was "nesting" a week before I had my son. Anyway, has anyone else had this issue of perfecting their home before leaving? (I am serious, I have been through every cabinet, closet, and drawer!) Am I insane??

Monterey, CA
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I've no idea why the 'nesting'...but a solution...come to my house...lot's of need for you ....happy sailing...I'm on the Amsterdam on the 8th!!!!
anniecat from Alameda, CA
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Joined Aug 2004
Its normal. I do it before every trip too. I think it has something to do with not wanting to come back to a messy house.
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Shannon - I live in CT - make your way over to my home and help me clean!!!!!
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I can only hope I get this "side effect" before I cruise.
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I've decided I must make cruising a regular occurrence!! I'm just hoping I can still walk by the time I get on the ship! All this cleaning & organizing is much more physical labor than I am used to!!! LOL --Shannon
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Originally posted by JanetMarie
Shannon - I live in CT - make your way over to my home and help me clean!!!!!
Heck, I live in CT as well and will be on the Triumph on 8/7 so she can clean my house for me as well.
Marshfield, MA
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Join the group! I go crazy cleaning before every cruise/trip. It is so nice to return home to a clean house when you have all that laundry to do but I'm not sure that's what drives me to do it! My husband thinks I'm a little nuts but he has learned that it's just part of going on vacation. Happy cleaning and have a great cruise!!!
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Shannon and Joe ~ I live in Granby. In the boonies...can you still come and clean for me????

Yes, I have been on that Carnival ship. Princess is my fav line. Hal is too stuffy, IMO, Carnival is a party ship, IMO, Celebrity is nice and Princess, well, afterall, it's the "love boat."
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Toss away your inhibitions and sail away on the high seas!
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I also have an insatiable desire to make sure my house and room are impeccable. I belive that you are already returning from a week long vacation feeling bad...last thing you want to do is walk in to a house that's messy and needs cleaning.
If you take care of it before, all you have to do is unpack when you get home and relax!
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Actually I think it has something to do with someone else coming in your home while you are gone and looking around....like your mother-in-law with her white gloves etc. As a kid we had to sit on the front porch and wait for my mother to put the vacum in the front closet before she shut the front door so the pattern the vacum made would greet her on her ruturn!!! Me, I hire Molly Maid and let her do the work....unless your willing to travel to Mich before your cruise....leaving 9/20 on the Prinsendam Lisbon, to Piraeus and can't wait
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Originally posted by ZSandy25
Actually I think it has something to do with someone else coming in your home while you are gone and looking around...
That is exactly it for me...there is usually someone coming in to check on things while we are gone, and I can't stand the thought of letting them see my dust bunnies and clutter. Plus, the nice side benefit is that we come home to a clean house (into which we immediately dump luggage, piles of dirty laundry, beach sand, salty scuba gear, etc.)
Perth Australia
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I am glad I am not the only one. Everytime I go away everything has to be done. The family thinks I turn into the house ****. I growl and snarl if anything gets taken out. Hubbie always says, why wash the windows when we arent even here. Next trip is a biggie for 6 weeks with someone moving into our house to look after the animals. I cant talk anymore better get started! LOL

Hey Shannon, do you go as far as Perth Australia for cleaning. Everyone else wants to help you get over this cleaning thing. Your welcome to come to my house! LOL

Brampton, Ontario Canada
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Hi Shannon,
I don't think that there's anything wrong with you at all. I do the same thing before I go away. I like to be sure that when I get from from a vacation I don't have to unwind by doing laundry, washing floors etc. Come home, unwind and just reminisce (sp?) about the time away.
My DF now gets it too (he didn't understand at first), now he helps without complaint because not only am I happy when I leave, we are both happy when we return.
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Joined Jul 2004
Well, now that I am back and depressed because I'd rather be on a cruise ship (!!!) I am glad I don't have to worry so much about the cleaning! Now all I want to do is spend my time researching where I will take the next one and on what line!! Thanks everyone for letting me know it is NOT an uncommon affliction!! --Shannon
Bowie MD
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Joined Apr 2004
I think that it is perfectly normal for women to clean before going on vacation........Or before someone comes over. I not only cleaned, but I scraped and recaulked the shower. I was hoping it would give my husband some incentive. Sigh..........

It is Friday and I am leaving on Sunday for Bahamas - hurricane or not.
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I always do this. My mother inlaw comes to stay with my kids and the thought of her looking in my closets and cupboards looking for things she needs drives me nuts. I have already started cleaning the closets and my trip is not for two months.
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Oklahoma City, OK
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I'm sailing on the Elation next week and am trying my best to clean my house. I'm a complete neat freak. My daughter on the other hand is a mess. Every time I clean something I turn around and it's messed up. I too feel like a house ****. In all honesty, my house isn't that bad it's just that I want it to be "perfect" when I return. I have a feeling it's not going to be. (sigh)
Hopefully this won't ruin my cruise it's getting me really down at the moment. Ugh....
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Hi Shannon, my wife does the same thing. doesnt want to come home to anything that needs to be done. Unpacking is more than enough to do when you get home.

Have a great trip