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  1. I agree with the post above mine. The age is 60 on up. At least it was on the two cruises we've taken with ACL. We have not seen children or teens on either sailing. There are no programs for them. I'm not sure how comfortable they would be . . . personally, we would not take kids/teens on these ships. Whatever you decide, though, have a wonderful time!
  2. While we have stayed on the 4th deck on The Melody and the 3rd deck on The American Eagle, I can say that the lower deck, one and two are highly traveled. There is the laundry room and the fitness room on these decks. Also, hallway traffic to the laundry for the staff is on the lower decks. I've peaked into these lower deck cabins and they are a lot smaller than the 3rd and 4th decks of the ships we have been on. BUT! If you are traveling to enjoy everything else but your cabin and you don't mind the square footage, then go for it. Whatever your choice, I hope you love ACL as much as we do.
  3. ACL is very good about having ample employees to assist with getting on/off the ship for excursions. They have plenty of golf carts to transport you to the bus for excursions. The bus has a step stool with wonderful drivers that help you aboard. The first few seats are reserved for those needing assistance.
  4. Just returned from a smaller cruise ship line, American Cruise Lines. It was wonderful with only 136 passengers aboard. Smaller cruising, more attention to detail. That being said, for my cruise journal I obtained postcards in each of our stops and am creating scrap book pages with each postcard. It'll be different from my previous "typical" scrapbooks.
  5. Yes, we noticed this as well . . . times are a changing . . .
  6. I agree with you! We will never go back to "big ship" cruising again. We just returned from the Melody up the Mississippi. It was fantastic and worth every penny. We stayed on Deck 4 in Cabin 423. There is not one thing negative I can say. Beautiful cruise and we met so many wonderful couples!
  7. We just returned a couple of weeks ago from cruising the Mississippi on the Melody. That being said, THERE WAS SELF SERVICE LAUNDRY ON THE MELODY. There were 3 washing machines and 3 dryers. I used them after lunch when an excursion was leaving.
  8. We just returned from cruising the Melody from NO to Memphis on 11/1 to 11/8. There were no excursions that were missed. However, in Vicksburg, we had to dock a tad bit away and take a bus ride to our excursion of the battlefield, which was a 20 minute ride. Additionally, we couldn't dock in Memphis where they normally dock. That being said, we were still situated very close to town. Memphis was our favorite stop because we mainly took this cruise for the history. Lots to see and do. As far as the ship: we were in Cabin 423. It was very roomy with a nice balcony. The noise level in the hallway was practically non-existent. Meals were fine, however, whenever they served steak of any sort, it was on the rare side. Hubby likes his steaks and meats medium to well. They just always came out rare. BUT the food was good. Cocktail hour and good conversation ensued every night. Colin, the Cruise Director, was spot on. He was always available, along with Meg to answer or assist you with your concerns. If you have specific questions, please let me know. Oh, the water level on the river was low. Lots of sandbars.
  9. Thank you so much for your reply! We'll be sure to check out what you stated.
  10. RIP, so happy we saw him in MA. A legend, a true legend . . .
  11. We are staying at the Intercontinental in November. This seems like a nice hotel, but is the area of the hotel safe? Thank you.
  12. Thank you, jebhoward3, for your kind response!
  13. Oh, gosh, I really love these! I'm going to check etsy and every other site to find one. I just love these forums!
  14. My feet have gotten wider, for some reason. I guess aging does that! I wear Birkenstocks, probably have 20+ pairs. They have nice ones that have the thong going between your big toe and 2nd digit toe that are somewhat nice looking to wear with a sundress, etc.
  15. I, along with many others, roll our clothes. I also put small things into plastic bags and tuck the bags into shoes, trying to utilize every space possible.
  16. Hello! Would anyone know if the Melody ship that is going up the Mississippi has a self-serve laundry facility? Thank you!
  17. I'm asking this question for friends traveling with us. Are you able to get a second portion like on a Princess, NCL, Royal cruise? Thank you.
  18. I guess I'm an ol' fashioned kinda gal. I still use Maybelline mascara in the pink and green tube! I put about 3 layers on, giving each layer a couple of minutes to dry.
  19. I like the Jergens lotion and use it! Just a piece of advice on spray tans (IMO, for myself). Oh, dear, I got one a few years back and was never able to enhance my tan on the ship or get any darker. It almost seems like the spray tan created a barrier.
  20. Hello! We booked the Princess Caribbean for January and would like to know the hotels close to port. Pros and cons, please. Thanks!
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