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Sailing RCCL Allure next week. I was hoping to bring a pre-set amount of cash on board for Black Jack. Would like to play after dinner and the shows for an hour or so a couple of nights.


Can you bring cash to the table?

Will my lack of experience (I will watch a while before joining a table) upset other players?

What would be the lowest bet "table" on an Oasis class shift between 10:00PM -12:00PM?

Any other tips?

Thank you!
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Yes, you need to bring cash to the table.
Who cares what others think. It is your money and your play. Just have fun.
Only gamble what you are willing to lose.
If you plan to gamble a lot, make sure you give the dealer you room key so that you can get rated. Your next cruise could be free.
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Minimum bets differ by ship and season.
Minimum bet for BJ will probably be $10 or $15. On Saturdays at might go as low as six dollars for a couple hours

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On Grandeur of the Seas, the min BJ bet was $6. Part of that could be on the side bet. Many people played $5 on BJ hand and $1 on side bet. This was on the table paying 6 to 5 on balckjack.

If you place a $6 BJ, they short you 20 cents on the BJ payout ($7 versus $7.20).

They had other tables with higher minimum bets, that payed 3 to 2 on blackjack.

Some players will get mad at how you might play. Ignore them. The fact is, the odds don't change if someone at the table plays stupid. But you can always ask the dealer what to do with your hand, most of them know the proper play. But not all.

And the dealer WANTS you to win. If you win, you tip. If you lose, you don't tip. The CASINO wants you to lose.

But before you go, you can look up the tables on what to do with each hand. I have a card I picked up in Vegas. For X my hand against Y dealer show card, it tells you exactly the best play for the best odds.

This card -

They are about $1 at the gift shops in the Vegas strip casinos.
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If you're at a $5 or $10 minimum table, who cares how you play? If someone gets upset with your play, then they should be at a higher table.
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Generally the players are friendly and you can ask an experienced player what they would do in a situation. Some dealers are better than others at recommending the right play, but good players will almost always help.
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