*** PHOTO Trip Journal aboard Carnival's CONQUEST (Sept. 2012, Caribbean) ***

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Went on the 2012 NOLA party cruise for NOTHING because of the CruiseMiles(free cruise winner)!!!

And we had a fantastic time aboard while seeing wonderful places (3 ports of call) and meeting great people from all over the World!

Please note that the PHOTO JOURNAL of this fabulous 2012 Party Cruise from New Orleans, LA (USA) is a work in progress...

Consequently, your patience is greatly appreciated while "sailing" along with us on this Western Caribbean adventure
(aboard Carnival's Conquest cruise ship).

1st installment of our TRIP JOURNAL:

EMBARKATION DAY in New Orleans, Louisiana (aka NOLA) - Sunday, September 23rd 2012

VIDEO (arrival in NOLA's Airport via a Jet Blue flight): http://youtu.be/AknJVzk4O9k

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Upon arrival in New Orleans, LA (aka NOLA), took the AIRPORT SHUTTLE ($20.00 USD/pp one way or $38.00 USD/pp roundtrip)
to the Cruise Terminal for the Embarkation aboard Carnival's Conquest cruise ship
(7 nights Western Caribbean Cruise or the CruiseMiles 2012 Party Cruise).

The EMBARKATION was a smooth and fairly quick process and got us aboard the cruise ship in no time basically!
(luggage followed few hours later though - in time for late seating dinner anyway!)

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Now Carnival is no Celebrity, so do NOT expect a complimentary "Welcome champagne" glass (or Mimosa)
or anyone greeting you at the door!

Head to your stateroom and, if past cruiser with Carnival, a coupon for a "complimentary cocktail" awaits for you!

Checked out the cabin quickly and then immediately headed to the Pool deck to meet the CruiseMiles gang (before the Muster Drill)!

They were all enjoying refreshing, colorful drinks - away from the bright sun and the high humidity
(ladies, a nice hat or anti-frizz products are a must for this type of journey/ weather)!
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Admired a beautiful SUNSET as we were sailing along the Mississippi River and then headed back to the cabin
to get ready for the late seating casual dinner (in the Monet Restaurant, starting 8:15PM):

VIDEO (sunset over the Mississippi River): http://youtu.be/AFUJWTydX7Q

VIDEO (sunset over the Mississippi River): http://youtu.be/f_GvzcivJHo

Until the next PHOTO installment (1st Day at Sea), please be patient just because...

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Originally posted by banzaitrey
I can't wait to see more pictures, I will be going on this cruise in December and looking at these gets me beyond excited.
Glad you're enjoying the visuals so far. Note that the ones posted already are a selected few, some better than others...

For additional pictures, we invite you to browse the photo albums completed for the Embarkation day as following:

Flying from Washington, DC to New Orleans via Boston (September 23, 2012)

View entire PHOTO album via the hyperlink or by clicking on the album cover image (105 pictures included)

New Orleans Embarkation Day (Sunday, September 23rd 2012)

View entire PHOTO album via the hyperlink or by clicking on the album cover image (70 pictures included)

NOLA Sail-away, Muster Drill & Mississippi sunset (Sunday, September 23rd 2012)

View entire PHOTO album via the hyperlink or by clicking on the album cover image (60 images included)
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GREAT PHOTOS!! This is gonna be good!
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Great Photo Review thus far!!! Can't wait to see more and I will try to be patient
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Welcome Back! Loving your review and the photos are awesome! Thanks for sharing!
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Originally posted by trubadur
Welcome back!

For the ones not as visuals as the OP or if you simply want more specifics to complement the story told by this pictorial review, check out a comprehensive review posted by Nashville's fellow CC member "nchikk:"


Waiting for the next installment!

Loving this thread and the pics... oh, and thanks for the plug!!!
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Great pictures - can't wait to see more.
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Now to REALLY show the dinning options aboard Carnival's CONQUEST cruise ship, will help with the visuals by using Dave Wilson's outstanding photography:

Renoir Restaurant


Monet Restaurant

As part of the CruiseMiles Party 170+ group, Dali & Co. were assigned to late seating dining in the Monet Restaurant.

So here it is Dave Wilson's amazing photography again to showcase the entrance to the Monet Restaurant from the "Sunflower Atrium:"

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How can I follow THAT, truby??! : - ))

Some not so amazing shots from the casual dinner enjoyed inside the Monet Restaurant on Sunday evening (starting 8:15PM CST):

Loved the plates (in blue/lavander or gray version)!

Appetizers/ starter options

Main dish
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Few more not so impressive shots from the casual dinner enjoyed inside the Monet Restaurant on Sunday evening (late seatting):

Now to REALLY conclude this installment - Embarkation Day (September 23, 2012) -
shall also use Dave Wilson's outstanding photography (as we exited the Monet Restaurant through the same Atrium):

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Excellent photo review! Thank you for sharing!
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