Duct Tape, Collapsible Water Bottles, Hi-lite Pens, Anything Else?

Cruise Rituals
Not voo-doo...but what do YOU do?
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I was reading a message board that listed things to take, and now I can't find it. There were some good ideas: Zip lock bags, duct tape, hi-lighter pens (to hi-light activities on the ship in the newsletter), collapsible water bottles, hand sanitizer, lavender oil, room fresheners, insulated cup holders...Anything else?
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I don't know if this is what you're looking for, but this site has packing lists. Just look at the menu on the left.

My personal addition to that list is Benedryl gel, especially if you snorkel. I've had to doctor passengers on more than one cruise with my trusty Benedryl. Some people take a night light or small flashlight, but I don't. Others with balconies sometimes take bungee cords to hold the doors open. Instead of collapsible water bottles (haven't seen that) and insulated cup holders, you could take insulated cups. I read about other people taking blenders, and we're putting one in our bag on the next cruise, so we can make our own smoothies in our cabin. We like a small, collapsible cooler to take drinks into port to ensure we have drinks we like.
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I take the post-ems notes to stick on the mirror to communicate with the room steward when I don't see him or with others in the cabin or on the outside to leave messages for others we are with.
I also use them to label the drawers and shelves with names,etc

I take 2 over the door clear hanging shoe bags. One for shoes on the outside of the bathroom door, one for the inside of the bathroom for misc. stuff due to limited counter & closet space.

Extension cord, power strip, hair dryer if you want good power, back pack, disposable & waterproof cameras, first aide kit, medicines, bonine, sunscreen and aloe vera gel, lotion, hanging cosmetic/shaving kits. I take a full size but plastic blender that is light weight and inexpensive.

I take some sort of inexpensive door decoration to make recognizing our door easier and use a putty to attach it.

The cruisediva on her site has lists, also.
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I have a small travel kit with assorted toiletries and keep a night light in it. That is handy at a hotel or on a cruise as it can be left on in the bathroom (like we do at home) and if you get up in the middle of the night you don't need to turn on the bright light. I left one once but it only cost me a couple of dollars.
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Bungee cords! Can be used to keep your balcony door open, and are really handy to hold your towel down on deck when it's windy! Also Downy Wrinkle Release, a small travel steamer, lots of plastic clothes hangers (they never give you enough, and sometimes you can't take them off the closet pole!) Also some clothes pins, handy to hang up your bathing suits or whatever if you have a clothes line in your shower. Post it notes, great to leave your room steward requests when you are leaving the room and he or she will be in to clean your room while you are gone.

I'm sure there is more but it's early and I'm not awake! Will post more as I think of them (if no one else does first!)
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I read that it is useful to identify luggage, fix luggage, tape the shower curtain to the floor so it doesn't stick to your butt when you shower, and to hem pants. I think it also makes a good lint remover if you wrap it around your hand sticky side out, and rub over the linted area.
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I love to take door dec. Remember all doors are metal on the ship, so I use magnet printer paper. Yes most places sells it.. You can custom design on your computer what you want.. In May I did a big sign that had my cruise critic names on it.. date and ship... Then I did a bunch of small cutie ones.. Like a cup of coffee, bottle of whine, waiter, Hamburger, french frys, Malt shake, all on one 8x10 and cut them out.. so they can be placed on differant areas of the door. Everyone who came by my cabin LOVED THEM.. and the last day a few of them came up missing.. That was ok with me..
You can even make special ones that read,, DO NOT ENTER ... or LATE SLEEPER TODAY.. We had about 15 people on my last cruise who used my idea ...
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A shower cap so you don't have to wash and dry your hair after a quick shower, and some antihistamines in case you have an allergic reaction to something. Also, don't forget the Tums or Rolaids in case you try a new food which doesn't agree with you!
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I like the idea about the suction hooks. I think they would really come in handy for hanging wet suits to dry in cabin.
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I love the idea of the magnetic paper! Never knew such a thing existed!

I'll be hitting Office Depot soon!


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We also include a small air freshner for the bathroom...one that can be opened or closed as needed. Extension cords are a must and a power strip is a great idea.
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We brought our own hand sanitizer; one for the room and smaller size for purse. Bring a different colored highlighter for each member of your room; then you can highlight what activities you want to participate in, and others know where you are by checking your dailies!
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OH, extra hangers is an excellent idea; we brought several and I was sooo glad we did! Those clothes pins come in handy for keeping the drapes closed tightly also, if light disturbs you!
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Thank you. Great ideas here!!!

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I took a small roll of duct tape (found it at Wal Mart) and really didn't think we would use it. Ended up we did - to tape our liquor boxes before getting off the ship. We also used the power strip, flashlight, over the door shoe hanger, highlighter, extra hangers, roll of quarters (used in laundry room), extra zip lock bags, and insulated coffee cups.
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We like to bring binoculars to get a closer look when pulling in or out of port. The new spray bandaid works great for blisters, or if you have a wound and still want to snorkel in the warm water.
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