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"Angry Bird on Vacation!" Carnival Liberty Review 5/28/2011


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Don- sorry you don't like the review. I am doing my best and I've never written one before. Unfortunately there do seem to be at least 4 different kinds of people that do like this review... A) The people who are generally happy in life B) People who don't come home every night at 1 am drunk and nasty C) people who are smart enough to know that there is a real stuffed angry bird in these pics and it is not photoshopped and D) people who have other things to do then troll around and try to get a reaction. Unfortunately those are a lot of people... so I'm going to continue with my review and recommend that if anyone doesn't fit the afore mentioned criteria they discontinue their reading and continue with their miserable existences....


Thank you.. and now back to the review....


Hahahahaha! Loving the review even though Angry Birds frustrates the heck out of me!

Thanks for sharing!

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CREEPY JESTERS!!!! The only thing on the ship that creeped me out





Yikes...while it doesn't bug me so much (there is a definite creep factor), the GF would definitely be freaked out by these guys and we'd be avoiding them at all costs. She has a fear of jesters and clowns that I have never quite understood.

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I'm loving your review can't wait for more! I must tell you my 3 year old granddaughter always sits over my shoulder when I'm on cruise critic, she is absolutely addicted to your review. She has asked me 2 times today to check to see if the bird is going more places. Keep up the great review

Renee & Chastity

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I'm loving your review can't wait for more! I must tell you my 3 year old granddaughter always sits over my shoulder when I'm on cruise critic, she is absolutely addicted to your review. She has asked me 2 times today to check to see if the bird is going more places. Keep up the great review

Renee & Chastity

aw, love that! My 5 year old loves Angry Birds, I hadn't thought to show her this review - I'll show her tonight. :D

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Lovin the Review and I love my Angry Birds..:) Frustrating they are but I do pretty well with it...Playing Rio Now!! lol Keep it coming..We are sailing on the Liberty for thanksgiving and cant wait...

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OMG this is the best review! Hilarious putting the bird all over the ship :-) Plus, I love the Liberty.


I love Angry Birds (maybe too much), I've beat the whole original game and Seasons with three stars on all levels!

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I'm back! Thanks all for your comments! The adventures of Angry bird are about to continue!


a few things first... that's is an AWESOME idea to dress the bird up for elegant night.. but alas we just aren't creative enough for that! Maybe next time!!! :)


Carnival's Angry Bird passenger rate is very low and as soon as we got on the ship we cancelled Angry Birds tips because...really... how much mess can one angry bird make???? LOL


LOVE that the kids are waiting for the next installment... :) That makes the bird less angry.. but angry nontheless....

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So the third day of our cruise... Tuesday... was St. Thomas day!!! Because of the back up with the tenders at HMC they gave us an extra hour in St. Thomas.. we got in about 9 and didn't leave until 7... so it was a nice long day in St. Thomas.

Can't give too much info about the actual island, except the bay/harbor area is really gorgeous, because we didn't really go past the port area. We got off the ship first thing in the morning and did some shopping...




St Thomas is DEFINITELY the place to shop! There was a ton of stores, restaurants and cool stuff in the port. We walked around awhile with the bird, and I bought a Pandora charm for my bracelet... a turtle! :) We then headed back to the ship to get ready for our dive excursion.


We booked through Carnival.. and though I always hear crazy stories we actually had a pretty decent dives. St. Thomas was just ok...Nice to do but not the best diving ever...


We had to haul around our dive gear and met on the pier... thank goodness the bird was there to lessen our load for awhile...




It was a short jaunt to the boat, and only a 15 minutes ride to the dive site. Angry bird is not a huge fan of the water so he was just a bubble watcher in St. Thomas... but here are some pics...


Me lookin angry like the bird




and a creepy grave marker in the bay




I think I would like to see more of St. Thomas by land and would love to go back.... it just made the bird more angry that we had to leave. He threw a fit and went to bed early in the ultra COMFY Carnival bedding!!!!



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So I'm thinking I'll talk about staff and extras at the end and continue on with our days in port... Wednesday was San Juan. Angry bird, DH, and I weren't too excited about San Juan honestly... We like water activities and... well... not much going on there. BUT San Juan turned out to be a great port and we had a blast!!!


One word of advice because we got off the ship around 7:30-8:00 am ish. There were LOTS of people standing near the ports entrance trying to get us to pay $10 to go on their one hour tour of San Juan... it's probably a good deal to see it all, but we weren't interested so we said no thanks and headed down the pier (past a Royal Caribbean ship and many more salespeople for this tour) ... the first people we passed told us that NOTHING in San Juan was open until 8:30... the second group we passed told us nothing was open until 9... the third group said nothing was open until 9:30... and the last lady yelled to us that nothing opened until 10.... we made it down the street a little bit and walked into an open store. HA!!!! It's a smooth tactic though.


Angry Bird found some enemies even on vacation and went in for the attack!




We bought some souvenirs for family members of Puerto Rican heritage... if you want to get a knock off purse.. this is probably the place to do it BTW! They were everywhere. We walked around a bit and headed to Castillo San Cristobal!




The castle was awesome and Angry Bird enjoyed it the most...






This was actually the dungeon of the castle.. PRETTY COOL!


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So I have to tell you.. when this picture was taken a mom and her sons entered into this room and the mother started talking about how these are the barracks the soldiers slept in (history, history, history blah blah blah) and her son, maybe about 8 yrs old, cut her off, pointing and said... "Mom.. why is there an angry bird there??"




Cracked me up!!!! We had to explain to him that Angry birds weren't part of history, but that it was our angry bird... just enjoying his vacation!


We left San Juan very happy with our stop.. It's the kind of place that I wouldn't hesitate to do a land vacation too.. Old San Juan was really cool!



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