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8-8-13 Thursday Weigh-In Welcome Everyone!


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What to say..What to say

That I haven't said every Thursday


Guess I'll say the same

To all of you who came


Eat right to a tee

Drink enough water that you pee


Exercise on machines or on the floor

Keep doing it till you can't anymore


So everyone come in each week

On the scale we need to peek


Hope we see the pounds disappear

Each and every weigh-in my dears

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Welcome to all the new people

joining us.


Of course it's wonderful to see the..

"old timers"!


Everyone is doing a good job!


Welcome back shootr.


Jan..Your cruise is soon?


Diana..You one lucky woman.

Going to Europe. Where?


Thank you all again for the kind

words and thoughts.

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Good Morning All! and good morning Belle!! Hope everything is getting better for you. I'm leaving for Florida one week from tomorrow and then on the ship on Saturday!!!:D


The last week before this I lost nothing - this week I've lost 2# for a total of 39.8# since February. I have 5.5# to go to reach my goal of bring "normal" - don't think I'll make it next week:rolleyes: Which is ok.


Hope everyone had a wonderful week. Jan

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Hello Everyone,


Hello to Belle, glad you're here.


Jan, you have done so well, congratulations. You will have a wonderful cruise.


I stayed the same. Just glad I'm not gaining.


Belle, we are going roundtrip from Barcelona to Monaco, Livorno, Rome, Naples, Dubrovnik, Venice, Messina.


We've done this itinerary before but this time will be a bit more challenging. As you remember last year my hubby tore his achilles tendon and is about 1 year post-surgery but still walks with a limp. And can't walk too much still.


Well, we are getting rental cars delivered to the ship in a couple ports, have a couple tours booked and will take cabs in other places. We'll make it work.


Wishing everyone a good week. Diana

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Good morning, everyone.

Jan, you are doing awesome. I am planning on going on the Oasis in about two years, so I will be looking forward to what you have to say about it.

Belle, I hope that all is well with you.

Welcome back, Shoor.

Diana, your trip sounds so exciting. It sounds like you have a good plan to keep your husband comfortable.

I am up 1.5lbs. I thought that would happen. I did not have a good week. We had my granddaughter's birthday party over the weekend and there was cake involved!

I booked my next cruise, so I am anxious to get back on the right track. I have 9.5lbs to go to my final goal weight.


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Love the poem, Belle!

Wow, Jan, that's incredible...almost 40 lbs lost!

WTG, shootr!

You are one lucky girl, Diana, I would love to go on that cruise someday.

Rose, don't be discouraged, you are so close to your goal weight...I'm impressed.


I just started this diet on Monday and was pleased to see 4 lbs down this morning. I know that's not realistic (I'm sure it was mostly water) but it's still encouraging.


Started back at the gym after 6 weeks off and I feel like I'm starting from scratch. I could only do 45 minutes of cardio Tuesday and about 20 minutes of strength training and 30 minutes of cardio Wednesday. I don't walk as fast or at as high an incline on the treadmill as most people. I'm hopeful that just the fact that I'm moving at all will help.



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I'm needing to lose about a pound a week through November to reach my goal of getting down to where I was in my 20's. I know I'll never look quite the same as I am almost 50 and have had 4 kids but I know I will feel much better.


Anyway, I lost 2 pounds this week which is actually a lot for me. I know I won't keep that pace but I'll take it. It helps me stay motivated. I think what's really gonna help me is the accountability if I have to check in weekly!


Hope everyone else had a good week!



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HI all!


Didn't have time to check in yesterday so have to say with regret I'm up 0.8 lbs!:( I have to lose 9 lbs again to be where I feel comfortable which is still probably 20 lbs from where I should be.


Some of you are doing great (Jan, shootr, Cindy, Michelle) & some of us not so good. Oh well there's always next week!:o


Diana & Jan lucky you gals with cruises to look forward to coming real soon!


Have a great weekend!


~ Jo ~ :)

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Thanks, Jo. Here comes the weekend which is the real test for me. I'm not going out at all this first weekend because I know I'm weak!!!


Good job Michelle!

Skiiergirl and Jo...the past is the past. Today is the first day of the rest of your diet!



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Forgot about looking at this yesterday! I had a good week and went down about 1.5; impressive because the week before I'd gone down about 5 lbs! That was after coming home from a little mini trip, so that's not a normal thing. But, showing another loss after one that big is unusual for me. I have stepped up the exercise and am being fanatical about what goes into my mouth -- am listing every point.


Question for any of you WW people out there: do you use your weekly points regularly? Sometimes I do and sometimes not; never use the activity points and I usually rack up quite a few of those.


It is so MISERABLY hot and humid here that it's hard to be active outside after about 10 am. Heat index values have been around 105 for the last couple o weeks. I am so looking forward to getting away from this -- and this time next week will be on our way!!


Hope everyone has a great week...

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Hi All, fist week weigh in and down 10lbs, OMG! I know the first 10 is the easiest. Low fat, lots of greens and chicken. I also feel like I could float away with all the water I am drinking.



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Ahhhhh! Horrible Friday and Saturday! 1500 calories OVER budget left me with a deficit of only 900 for last week. The heat is killing me; if I can't get out and do something I sit around the house and eat - even the pool couldn't save me.


Hope everyone else is doing better than I. Did much better today so rant is over - should be good to go until Thursday.

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I am back after several weeks. My scale finally moved!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D Down 3 lbs. I joined weight watchers online last week. But, I blew the 3 lbs this weekend. We were away Sunday and I made bad food choices - so the scale is back to where it was stuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. :eek:


I am back on track so this week should be better (as long as i don't blow it the day before weigh in).

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