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Status of Millennium Drydock?


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To get from Barcelona to La Coruna, the ship will have to go south, thru the Straits of Gibraltar (the entrance to the Med) just north of Africa, then up the Atlantic coast to the Bay of Biscay, then hang a sharp right. it is no where near Marseille which is on the Med. it is in the part of Northern Spain called Basque country, or right next to it, anyway. I forget. I was there in '68 and we'd been thru Basque country. Forgive me if I err.

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Queen - I don't think your friend was pulling your leg. Someone from our roll call seemed to have confirmation - he said it was 1200 nautical miles from BCN to LaCoruna, and it would take 50 hours each way.


It Millie is still enroute tomorrow, we'll know for sure.

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Marseille is about 6-8 hours from Barcelona.

It is a little bit more to the north east from Barcelona.


Like flashdog_1 pointed out La Coruna is right at the northwest corner of the Iberia peninsula - or just north of Portugal.

The time to reach this port is much longer. 50 hours is a good guess - I don't know for sure.

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bump - got the dread white screen and didn't get 'credit' for the post.


Sure wouldn't want you to miss out on your "credit":rolleyes: sheeesh....don't mind us havin to put up with your double posts....just don't miss out on your "credit":(

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Well, morning has dawned, and Millie's still at sea. I guess that's our answer. I wonder how much work they're already doing on board to prepare for the drydock? I wonder how much they'll still be doing when we're aboard in Barcelona?


The voyage calendar on the webcam still shows Barcelona on the 18th. I wonder when they'll have to leave LaCoruna to get there? Likely the night of the 15th, or early morning the 16th. I guess the last thing I'll be doing before leaving for the airport on the 16th is make sure she's underway!



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Well, morning has dawned, and Millie's still at sea. I guess that's our answer. I wonder how much work they're already doing on board to prepare for the drydock? I wonder how much they'll still be doing when we're aboard in Barcelona?




That's what I'm dreading. I did not spend big bucks to be in an unsafe cronstruction zone. When I was watching that special on Sovergn (sic) of the seas drydock, they said the greatest risk of fire was during drydocks.

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So, it looks as though my friend was correct after all. Thank goodnes - or he would have gotten a real tongue lashing from me when I got a hold of him!!!


He isn't sure if he is staying or going home, the end of his contract is in December, but if he stays, I will keep you posted on what's happening.

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That's right Queenoftheseas, you'd have to give him a real "smackdown" - here's my visual: *slap* Don't you ever embarrass me on CruiseCritic again *slap* :D :D


Seriously, though, did he give any indication as to why they moved the drydock? Was it the rioting? Also, are they confident they'll make it back on the 18th to BCN, or is it too early to tell?



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Our agency was informed this morning that the Marseille yard was unable to accommodate Millennium because of financial difficulties. Read into that as you will.


Several of my coworkers are booked on the cruise.. they aren't happy campers as well.. but a day at sea.. is certainly better than schlepping into the office!!

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:) Hi,

as at 0853 her time, Millie was still at sea.....almost 48 hrs from

Barcelona. Previous posters' estimations would put her within sight of land within an hour or so......The seas are somewhat '' swell-y''.....

A last minute change in drydock yard locations ,such as this one, is a massive logistical nightmare. Materials and manpower previously lined up for Marseilles have to be re-routed;;;LaCoruna is not exactly the easiest place to fly in cargo & people in and out.....Crew displacement is horrible for them....As drydock schedules are ALWAYS too tight, historically, due to the lines reluctance in alloting at least 100% of the necessary time,we can only imagine the impact of the 3 days lost ( front and back) due to the switch....Yep, I think a 2 day wetdock session at the tail end, in Barcelona,is unavoidable.....They might not shorten the transcon, though....Didn't they have Mille on a '' 2 day to nowhere '' cruise ex FortLauderdale after her transcon and before her winter program ??? THAT one would be easier to scrub off, on all fronts....


Happy sailings




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I've been watching the webcam, and she should be in sight of land soon. I woke up in the night with a nagging feeling that she was just going to head straight on to FLL, but they wouldn't do that, would they?


I know it's a nightmare for Celebrity, and apparently our cruise may still cancel. It's been pulled from inventory as far as selling it goes, but they're still selling the 2-day to nowhere.


I just hope they get back to Barcelona and they let us board on the 18th. One of our roll call members had a call from her TA that they may not let us board until the 20th, and may cancel altogether.


I'm fine with the missed ports, I just want to board the ship!



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Thanks QotS - I sat bolt upright in bed convinced somehow that today was Wednesday and Millie had been at sea 72 hours. Once I pulled myself together, I realized it was likely still on time and on course for La Coruna.


Hardingk - many of us are on the transatlantic that preceeds the 2-day nowhere cruise and we've had our departure delayed from BCN due to a change in the drydock location. So far, our arrival date in FLL is still 12/2, and the 2-day to nowhere is on schedule and still taking bookings.

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November 8, 2005

Dear Millennium Guest:

I am writing to inform you about a modification to the itinerary of your November 18 cruise.

For many months, Millennium has been scheduled to undergo routine maintenance in a shipyard in France. That work was scheduled for November 7–17, taking place immediately before your cruise. Last week, the French shipyard went into bankruptcy and, therefore, is unable to perform Millennium’s scheduled maintenance. Since learning this, Celebrity Cruises has identified another shipyard, in Spain, that can perform the necessary work.

Unfortunately, because of our need to reposition equipment and parts to the new shipyard, as well as additional time needed to sail to and from that shipyard, we are forced to shorten your cruise by two days.

The two days of your cruise that are being cancelled are Friday, November 18 and Saturday, November 19. Millennium will now depart Barcelona with a modified itinerary on Sunday, November 20. Boarding will begin at 2:00 p.m. that day

We sincerely regret having to take this action, and we apologize for any disruption this may cause you.

To assist in dealing with this development, we have two options to offer you regarding your modified cruise.

OPTION 1: Guests may travel to Barcelona as scheduled. Celebrity Cruises has secured and will provide complimentary hotel accommodations in Barcelona on November 18 and 19, including breakfast and transportation to the ship on November 20. Guests will have the opportunity to explore Barcelona for two days before departing on Millennium. Celebrity Cruises will also provide these guests with a 20 percent refund of their cruise fare and a $200 per stateroom onboard credit.


OPTION 2: Guests may modify their travel to Barcelona – arriving on November 20 – and board Millennium that day. Celebrity Cruises will reimburse these guests up to $250 per-person for flight change fees. These guests will also be provided with a 20 percent refund of their cruise fare and a $200 per stateroom onboard credit.


Should you have to pay an airline rebooking fee, up to $250 per person, please send a copy of your receipt along with a brief note explaining that you are sailing on the November 20, 2005, sailing of Millennium to the following address, for reimbursement:

Ms. Jayme Porkolab

Celebrity Cruises -- Customer Service

1050 Caribbean Way

Miami, FL 33132-2096


Page 1 of 2

Your revised itinerary, below, reflects the new departure date and revised ports of call.


20 / Sunday Barcelona, Spain 8:00 p.m.

21 / Monday Villefranche, France 7:00 a.m. 6:00 p.m.

22 / Tuesday At sea

23 / Wednesday Malaga, Spain 7:00 a.m. 6:00 p.m.

24 / Thursday At sea

25 / Friday Tenerife, Canary Islands 9:00 a.m. 5:00 p.m.

26 / Saturday At sea

27 / Sunday At sea

28 / Monday At sea

29 / Tuesday At sea

30/ Wednesday At sea

1 / Thursday At sea

2 / Friday Port Everglades 7:00 a.m.

Celebrity Cruises has established a special help desk to assist you with any questions you may have. The toll free phone number to the help desk is: 1-888-281-9344.

Again, I apologize for these unexpected events and thank you for your understanding and cooperation. Celebrity Cruises will do everything it can to further assist you and to make your sailing as pleasurable as possible. We look forward to you sailing with us.


Dondra Ritzenthaler

Vice President, Sales

Celebrity Cruises

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