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15 minutes ago, Tedferg said:

Perhaps Messaging used to be available. When I click on a handle it show Message icon but then says - This Feature Has Been Disabled

Perhaps when the forum originally started on AOL, but not as long as I have been a member.  The button is thee probably because it is part of the software program.  RM

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1 hour ago, Tedferg said:

Another well used acronym RTFM


RTFM is a classic and should be adhered to by more folks.


Many years ago I blew up at at tech support person on the phone. I had an issue with a modem that malfunctioned and the tech person said I should read the manual. I told him I had read the manual and he expressed disbelief. After I spoke with his supervisor I hope he learned that was not good tech support skills. I never called anybody for assistance unless I had researched the issue.


I did do a brief search here on CC for usage of the @ feature - I remembered seeing someone talk about it a while back - but, as you likely know, sometimes searching CC isn't all that useful.

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23 hours ago, cr8tiv1 said:

Google is my friend.  And since Thrak didn't know....





Enterohemorrhagic Escherichia coli is a significant human pathogen that causes disease ranging from hemorrhagic colitis to hemolytic uremic syndrome. The latter can lead to potentially fatal renal failure and is caused by the release of Shiga toxins that are encoded within lambdoid bacteriophages.


This is going to be a thread worth watching.


Shiga-toxin producing E. coli? Here I am reading along and trying to solve this mysterious acronym and learning about IT codes I never knew existed when suddenly a reference to information from my own microbiological realm. Too funny! But no, in this case I'm going with the thinking that STEC is probably suite or suite cabin or something along those lines. Nice try though! 😂

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On 6/25/2021 at 9:41 PM, Thrak said:



And why in heck would I have a clue about this? I have never booked a club class mini suite. Heck, I've only booked a mini once and it was a "window mini" that didn't have a balcony. We prefer to sail in Caribe balconies in the aft section. When we sail Coral we sail in B731 - an Ocean View that is all the way aft and we have that entire back deck as "our balcony".


I have no idea where one would see that particular designation but my best guess would be that it was a typo during data entry. At work I would have classified it in one of several ways depending on who made the error.


PEBKAC - Problem Exists Between Keyboard and Chair

PICNIC - Problem in Chair Not in Computer


LAYER 8 NETWORK ISSUE - There are only 7 network layers...



I am a retired IT type and certainly knew what an IDtenT was along with the familiar RTFM.  I like the PICNIC but find the PEBKAC to the point but hard to remember.   


Although we usually book minis but not CC, I have never seen the STEC used.  My guess is mini or suite club class.   The phrase minisuite is a misnomer since it is simply a larger balcony cabin with a bathroom with tub/shower.  No more shower curtain stuck to the posterior.  At least they left the barrel chair (for now).  

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