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  1. Your OBC will be applied to your sign and sail account. Any charges applied to your sign and sail, gratuities, drinks, etc, will be taken from the OBC first and then from whatever method of payment you have designated from there on.
  2. How do you go about requesting wheelchair assistance for embarkation?
  3. Be sure to put them on all your bags, even the ones you intend to carry on. I didn't do that and the shuttle driver left my bag at the wrong ship while shifting luggage and I never got it back.
  4. If they have plastic caps, you could probably just put them in your pocket or elsewhere on you.
  5. I think that downgrading the loyalty gift from a nice item like a fleece throw or insulated cup to a trinket like a lanyard or tag is a valid reason to comment.
  6. Your question got me wondering. Who does one call to order water onboard? Is it the same price?
  7. We called Enterprise and they picked us up. There was a short wait, but very easy.
  8. Has anyone found an easy way to download Amazon Prime content to a laptop?
  9. On our last cruise I think there was one line in the buffet that was called Comfort Food, or something like that. They had chicken nuggets every day.
  10. We used our magnets on the walls of our cabin on the Legend.
  11. The one I have is shorter than a shoe organizer. The pockets are mesh so you can see what's in them. We use it to keep receipts, spare change, meds, sunscreen, cameras, chargers, just keeps the clutter out of the way. There are lots of variations on Amazon. I picked mine up at Ross years ago and have used it a lot when we travel.
  12. The blankets we got as platinum gifts were not as large, thick and plush as the dive-in blankets. They are nice and soft, but not very thick.
  13. We also bring an over the door shoe holder, but we use some strong magnets with hooks and hang it on the wall. It's much more convenient for us, is out of the way for the stewards, and no worries about damaging the doors.
  14. I put my pills in small ziplock bags that are intended for beads for crafting and bring the printed sheet that the pharmacy gives me when I pick them up. It has the description of the pill and all the information on the bottle and more.
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