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  1. I wish they'd bring back the libraries. I'm not buying the argument that people were stealing books. That's ridiculous. It was a wonderful perk on the longer cruises and widely used.
  2. So happy to hear that the Ocean Bar has entertainment. The lack of it has been a huge disappointment for us.
  3. Coming into ports, and leaving ports is a big deal for us to see, so we have booked lanai cabins on long transatlantics. We love the view and easy access to the promenade deck.
  4. If you booked with a PCC, they are the ones who can make changes to your reservations. If there are further adjustments, they will connect you to ship services. By the way, there are never stupid questions.
  5. I was originally told that I would have to refare, and then it didn't seem to matter, since the price I paid was the same price that you would pay today for the same cabin. It made no sense. But, to be clear, I am always very nice to any agent I speak to. Always. We got charged a daily amount to our original fare, which was never that discounted to begin with. Water under the bridge, so to speak.
  6. I have several cruises booked. However, I booked a mariner special, whatever that is. I've lost 2 Personal Cruise Consultants and now have a third. So, since I booked this cruise in December in what seems the dark ages ago, I was told I could not add drink package etc., even for extra money, since I booked under a "special". So, today, I called again and without involving this PCC, who I hardly know, and was able to secure a have it all package for extra money. That's all I wanted in the first place, nothing extra. My husband is having a special birthday and wanted this special. Why is this so hard?
  7. This is such a sad posting. I have no idea why HAL doesn't do what NCL does, and test at the pier. We found it so easy. I feel very badly reading that it is so difficult for people to do some testing that should be automatic for the cruise line.
  8. We really hope the vaccine policy stays in place. I don't think covid is going to end anytime soon. The hysteria at sea that you reference to is rather dramatic on your part, however.
  9. It is so much fun turning 40 and I wish you a very happy cruise!!!
  10. I booked a cruise using the mariner fares, and quite honestly, sorry I did. I missed out on the free drinks, gratuities and so on. Understand that free isn't free, but I could have gotten a better deal had I waited for another promo. I'm not impressed with these "mariner fares".
  11. I lost two this past year. The first one I worked with for years. This is too bad, and it's going to be hard to become accustomed to another one. The warm and fuzzy was missing, to say the least.
  12. I was told since I was past final payment, that no way could it be added. My PCC said I booked under a mariner special promo, so too bad. I asked her why I have a PCC in the first place, if nothing can be done. We have a back to back in December, and I wish I had been contacted about this promo before I made the final payment.
  13. Thanks so much for posting. Glad you are back onboard!
  14. I am at a point in my life where I want things easy and without hassle. NCL does a great job of testing at the pier, and it's so easy. There is enough angst in life without worrying about getting a test.
  15. We were on this sailing and enjoyed it very much. Thanks for your great review. It was a lovely vacation.
  16. We had the test at 9:30 a.m., and it was by appointment, and it was done very quickly. NCL made it easy. So nice to cruise again....I enjoy your postings. We have another NCL booked, too, as well as two HAL...guess we missed cruising!
  17. I love your postings and thank you for doing them. We just returned from an NCL cruise, and even though we prefer HAL, we had such a great time. Isn't it great to be cruising again?
  18. We went for tests, free, a week before, just to be sure we'd possibly be ok. Testing at the pier was great, though, with no charge.
  19. Nasal. 5 swabs each nostril. We waited 20 minutes for results. It was incredibly efficient. They teamed with CVS and had a gazillion employees to do this, and it went smoothly.
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