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  1. I started this thread from mid-reading a poorly written Celebrity document! Silly me 😳. I pointed out my confusion in #9. We can probably close this thread now. Glad that more vaccinated folk can travel with their mixed vaccs.
  2. All roads lead to Southampton😀. Can I cancel my flights to Miami for my ABC cruise?
  3. Looking at Deck 9 the cabins are adjoining. Is this just the balconies that can be opened up or the entrance vestibule? Not keen on doors between rooms as can be noisy. Glad for clarification.
  4. Recently had a SV corner Sky Suite on Silhouette. Fantastic. Loved the port hole. It was a British Isles cruise in late September so did not use the balcony much but allows side and aft viewing. It offered a good warm up walk enroute to the gym. Have a SV cabin on the Beyond in September😀
  5. We are on the Beyond cruise that finishes in Rome 3rd October. We were keen on trying an Edge class ship but we’re not sure about the infinity balcony. We choose a Sunset Verandha. Hope to have a look at an IV cabin whilst aboard. Just returned from a Sunset Suite on the Silhouette. I would be happy with that room for all my future cruises. Loved it😀
  6. Spoke to staff on the Silhouette and they were very happy being onboard. Our room attendant did have concerns about a contract after the completion of his current one. I offered to do some shopping for our room attendant in Liverpool. He said they could get all they wanted on the ship. The cruise lines may have more difficulty attracting doctors and nurses. Likely they will have gained employment immediately on leaving the ships in Spring 2020. One of the attractions for them is the foreign travel. I believe Carnivals brands are improving their packages accordingly although I have no knowledge of RCLs plans to recruit this ‘in demand’ group.
  7. I was disappointed when I did the MacAllan on Silhoette last month. Booked it online prior to the cruise. Had to enquire onboard when it was happening. Turned up twice to the Ensemble bar at 9pm to be told it was the next evening. Refused to return again the next evening as we had plans for a show. Barman got the whiskey out and did it then and there. He was already doing the Jack Daniels for a couple of guys. He just read about the whisky off a card. Really no comparison with the tastings I did on Islay in June and more expensive. A damp squib.
  8. Interesting. I imagine things will move on by then. We have a cruise which visits Colombia end March but have not considered it yet. Is staying on the boat an option (and who is to know)? Received an email from Celebrity for that Silhouette ABC cruise stating that they had reduced the final payment date to 60 days. I booked this cruise on the USA website. 'We are also pleased to advise that we’ve adjusted your final payment terms to allow additionally flexibility for everyone in your travelling party as you finalize your vacation plans. For all sailings departing between December 1, 2021 and March 31, 2022, final payment will not be due until 60 days prior to your cruise departure. This means you’ll have an additional 30 days to make your final payment. No action is needed on your part to benefit from this extension in final payment date.'
  9. Checked my Beyond cruise in September. Have already received £200 off per person. Have noticed another £15o each less. Waiting on the phone now!
  10. Interesting. Still £300 more than my Silhouette Caribbean trip in March when I booked on the USA site (11nt in a 1B verandah). Arguably for £300 I wold usually be happy to book in pounds though. Hope they keep the prices for the 2023/24 cruises when they come out in the Autumn. I have a voucher purchased on a Staycation last week.
  11. Last two cruises service was exceptional except the sommelier. Slow service although I noted that there was a scarcity of them (can we blame X for that?). Only one wine waiter for Luminae. I may try tipping in advance!
  12. Fantastic cruise. I did find the Ocean View a bit of a bun fight although I do not think it would have been an issue if we could have sat outside. I have often needed to do this on Med/Carib cruises but the weather did not allow it on this cruise. Some people could have moved on quicker after completing their meals (likewise hogging tables too long in Al Bacio). Fortunately we could eat in Luminae on sea days. We did have room service after giving up finding a table one sea day. Had problems booking a table in Tuscan Grill. On second attempt out Butler managed to find a table for us. However it was pretty empty. Much preferred Murano and Luminae although the view is nice. Our only complaint would be that the wine was pretty poor. It is usually decent. Also there was only one sommelier in Lumninae and the service was slow. Poor girl was rushing around. In retrospect should have found the Food & Beverage Manager to complain. We went to the Staff Captains talk on Navigation. He alluded to the need to leave Liverpool on the tides as the Silhouettes needs significan depth under the keel for safe working. Saying that cannot understand how that could not have been anticipated. Must have been some communication error between deck staff and excursions. Enjoyed Liverpool although surprised it was so quiet except the loooong queue to get around the Beatle Museum. Ignoring children the average age was much higher than on previous Celebrity Cruises. Sat next to a ninety-one year old who thought that the ship was boring and he much preferred Royal Caribbean cruises! We loved it though. Cannot waoit to get back onboard in March for the ABCs.
  13. Ate in Tuscan last week and left $10 tip. However noted there was a 20% service charge included. In retrospect felt I should not have. The meal and service was def. not $100 more than the dinner I could have had in Luminae. However I was using up OBC and had allocated tips to butler/room attendant/Luminae staff from OBC. If a cover charge is added there is no need, and should be discouraged, from adding more. European staff will usually be on a wage with holiday, sickness etc. The French tend not to tip because of this. A tip of 10-15% is usual in the UK for good service. Restaurants/waiter Ed pubs, hairdressers, taxis.. Rarely/never barmen, Starbucks, McDonalds etc. I used to live in New Zealand where tipping is much rarer. Kiwis were not happy about tipping US tourists who ‘spoilt’ the servers. The price was the price.
  14. I spoke to Celebrity UK 2 weeks ago trying to get some improvement in booked cruises. No luck with equaling the US rates. I did get £150 off with a Beyond Europe 2022 SV cruise already booked using the current UK sale which she initially argued was for new cruises. However I took a FCC for the deposit of a Caribbean April 22 cruise I had made. I thought it was a good price too. I then rebooked the cruise on the US site and saved enough to take the elevate package and an extra £100 off each. There was no issue with the booking living in the UK. The deposit was much larger, you are gambling on exchange rates, and possibly the consumer rights are better/worse. My only concern is I ticked the military box. I am British Army retired not US and I do not have the forms cited that may be asked for. I will be taking my discharge papers. Never have an issue with Celebrity UK getting my discount. I have sometimes found the UK site being cheaper. Looked at US TAs and found them cheaper/ more expensive. I know some Brits use US TAs. Just got off Silhouette and have a future cruise voucher for OBC on a 2023/24 cruise when hopefully they come out soon..
  15. Currently in Luminae on Silhouette having a fantastic breakfast. Have found the buffet too busy and unenjoyable even with only 1300 on board. There has been no availability for Murano last three nights of the cruise. Spoke to a couple who are wait listed. It would be remiss of X to allow folk to eat there every night whilst others cannot even get one opportunity. We had a fantastic meal in Murano. A decent quantity. Why anyone would need more than one entree beats me. Enjoying the Luminae evening meals. My wife, who has a limited selection of meats/ fish she will eat, has chosen off the MDR menu. If the entree portion is small the waiter has always advised adding sides. She noticed I am 6’3” and about 15.5 stone. No need for double entrees but frequently added the escargot. Dieting next week I am told.
  16. This is the offering for breakfast room service on the Silhouette at the moment for a Sky Suite. Unfortunately my wife does not do breakfast whereas I think it is the best meal of the day. Had a great solo Luminae breakfast on Sunday and had the Angus Steak for room service yesterday ( very nice). The buffet was a disappointment this morning so back to Luminae for the rest of the week.
  17. Enjoy. Great discount for the hotel too. Must add that to my discount list for when visiting US. Hopefully you will be 'charged at' with some martinis.
  18. I have requested our taxi to take us to Gate 8, City Cruise Terminal. Eurofinns lost my wife’s results. Mine arrived 7.50 this am. Spent 30 minutes on the phone this afternoon during which it popped up on the website. All pleasant staff but got the impression minimally trained.
  19. @Stockjock I personally have no major issue with that although I would not claim a discount I was not entitled to. However I will claim every ex-military and Health Service discount that is going, and will go via a cashback site if they are not available. I also play Amex cards for airline points so that I can turn Left rather than Right. All honest stuff and moneysaving sense. My military friends who are now senior officers and have served in war torn areas can scoff at me claiming a military discount for the few years I did in the eighties. However it is available. I did not earn much and had a fair amount of inconvenience in those few years. I have have no anticipation of getting into a heaven.
  20. Sorry I cannot answer that. This is a bit of an experiment. I will be having a similar sum going into my 'holiday' credit card from a refund booking on the US Travelzoo site for hotel booking I am cancelling in Antigua (Halifax Clarity which has no fx charges). I know many people use US TAs. I did have a look at a couple of sites but their prices were more than X and I did not wish to add a third party. You could have a cheeky weeks cruise on an M class verandah for £2K!
  21. Opps! Wrong island. We just cancelled an Antigua land based trip in November as DW has a knee replacement booked the week before. Thought about arranging a cruise to The Canaries ex-Southampton in January. Choice was Fred Olsen, P&O or Cunard on QE. Too young for Fred, Cunard a little stuffy and drinks exorbitant so considered P&O but dates did not quite fit her work. We are saving Cunard for the Queen Mary. Azamara would have worked but she too will not fly. Yeh it would be great if Celebrity bases a ship in UK for the Winter! PS Glad Jim_Iain are having a great cruise too!
  22. I have a Caribbean Cruise on the Silhouette in March to the ABCs! Highly unlikely to stay this side. Is the Infinity this side of the pond? Consider an Azamara ex-Tenerife if you wish a decent cruise although a short flight. Reasonable prices. BTW I have just managed to get a bit of a discount on my Beyond cruise next September with the current £400 off sale. Claimed that was for new bookings. Managed to get a couple of hundred as base price went up. Cancelled the March Silhouette cruise on the UK site and rebooked on the US site for £100 discount but with the Premium Package and $200 OBC each. Rip off Britain !!! I have better be packing for saturday rather than rebooking cruises. Spent 70 minutes on the phone. Luckily not on their charged phone number.
  23. Out of Interest what verification do they require of US retired military. Do you get asked for ID at the Port on embarkation. I give a number from a Military Discount card when booking on the UK site. Retired British military cannot keep their MOD 90 military IDs and cannot access military sites post discharge.
  24. I managed to haggle a little discount for a UK booked Beyond cruise. Spent an hour on the phone. However an ABC cruise was so much cheaper on the US site so cancelled it on the UK site for FCC (to use on the Beyond) and rebooked on the US site. Saved about $800.
  25. Read my post. It was regarding the UK not USA. And I get 10% ex taxes. Using a UK TA is pointless for Celebrity as ex-Military. I believe US TAs can get better discounts. Using the current 20% off sale if you click the military (and include your CC number) the military discount is substantial. Shame we do not have the sale in the UK as all the prices are 10% less.
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