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  1. Dessert in the WJ have been horrible for years now. I already pass them up.
  2. That was done before the pizza fiasco. Get your facts straight.
  3. You have a choice. No one is making you buy it. Yes, there are one or two nights where they had ice cream, but the quality was horrible. I don't even call the flavors vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry but rather white, brown, and pink. If you closed your eyes, you would not know what flavors you were eating. Would I be willing to pay more for a better product, yes, but I decide the price point. For me $1.50 is okay to try it, and then delete from there for the future. There's two orange juice in the WJ for breakfast, free, and fresh squeezed. I got the free if I want juice. To me the fresh squeezed is bitter and not worth it. The point is that I can choose.
  4. Drive time to Kennebunkport is about 60-75 minutes each way. You'll spend about 2 1/2 just traveling. There's plenty to due in the port area, food, breweries, and walking around Old Port.
  5. Many ships sell Ben and Jerry's at a far higher price. What's the difference?
  6. Can't you book a mobility scooter and have it with you the entire cruise?
  7. You could go to the caves too. And then the ice cream shop across the street.
  8. So was I. Don't remember nightly parades. Could it be Destination Dockyard you're thinking about.
  9. Yankee lobster is only three or four blocks away. Very doable by scooter. And Harpoon brewery is right next door.
  10. They probably don't advertise it but I m sure they have some available.
  11. I wouldn't try it. There's too many variables including drive time to and from the ferry in Hyannis, ferry schedule, and returning to Black Falcon Terminal in rush hour. If port time is 11-8, you probably don't get off until 11.30 and have to board at 7.00 or so. If everything goes right, you may have an hour tops. It s matter of too much risk and too little reward. And it doesn't take into account you are getting to and from the ferry.
  12. Thanks for the information. It's a little different than last year on the Adventure but knowing in advance helps. Two weeks to go.
  13. Post 31 says it's a bad attempt at humor. I'm not trying to be funny. I honestly believe you have bad parenting skills.
  14. So now you're blaming other children and their parents.? Are you saying that your children can play on other peoples property (like scooters) without their permission because of poorly behaved kids? Why else would you add them to the conversation?
  15. Rather than tell them they shouldn't be playing on it in first place.
  16. So allowing your children so mess around with someone else's personal property is good parenting? Perhaps you need a refresher course in good parenting? Without knowing why the scooter was there, you made a judgement call. Two wrongs don't make a right. Now that's good parenting.
  17. You must be very proud of them. You taught them very well. NOT¡!!!!!!!!!!
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