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  1. It depends what day you dock. Some may have entertainment on weekends, but not many mid week.
  2. You're way over thinking this. Like others said, just ask. It's that simple.
  3. It's the only port we leave from and haven't had any issues. And lately we've been doing 5-6 cruises a year.
  4. How much is a taxi from the Puerto Plata port to the center of town? If it difficult to get a taxi back to the port?
  5. mets123

    Arawak Cay

    go for the conch fritters and kalik beer. you can't go wrong and very reasonably priced. You can get there from the jitneys by the straw market. just $1.25 or $1.50 each way (exact change is appreciated.). it's about a 10 minute ride.
  6. No more tribute bands in those ships with the Music Hall.
  7. Royal doesn't make money on them. If it was held in a venue where drinks were served, then they would have reason to do it.
  8. The buffet is not bad as others have said, but the layout is the worst of any Royal ship we've been on.
  9. Breakfast is free at Johnny Rockets with no crowds. Different menu from WJ and dining room.
  10. They do, but I don't know the frequency or how many there are.
  11. But don't expect lobster, it's only on cruises of seven days or more.
  12. They haven't had trivia prizes on the Liberty since at least the September 7 sailing. The staff is blaming supply chain issues.
  13. It also depends where the ship docks, so the walk could be as much as a half mile. There's a tram service operated by locals that will bring you the end of the pier. And yes, it's always hot. Why not rent a scooter before you get on the ship?
  14. You are never charged 18% tips for your free CAS drinks. If you are, go to Guest Services. It shouldn't happen. I became diamond over 20 years ago and never had tips added to my account for the free drinks.
  15. It helps if you go to the same bar (the bartender knows you) or you tip accordingly. If you just go to a random bar and just ask for a bottle, chances are you will be charged. I saw this on the Liberty first hand last week. A random person walked up to the bar and asked for two bottles. The bartender charged for the two. I asked the bartender why he didn't change me for the same. His answer was, I know you and you take care of me.
  16. I hope you all get some good OBC for this. You've paid a lot for a five day cruise and wind up with just eight hours in port. Lol
  17. On last week's 9 day the captain and chief officers walked through the Royal Promenade for an hour answering questions on the last sea day.
  18. They had a white night this past week on the Liberty. It seemed no one got the memo or even cared.
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