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  1. How was the seafood restaurant? My wife wants lobster rolls for lunch one day and I am trying to determine if it's worth the trip.
  2. The only issue I have with the Liberty and Voyager class for that matter is the casino layout. There are no dedicated smoking and non smoking areas. It's more like one aisle smoking and the next non smoking. So smoke permeating the whole casino.. and casino staff has no problem with letting people come in to smoke with out actually gambling. It just adds to the problem. That's my two cents and I'm sticking to it.
  3. Fyi. There is a 11 day southern Caribbean on Odyssey in Nov 2025 from Cape Liberty.
  4. I totally agree with what you're saying. All Royal needs to do is make a stand. On the Anthem last week, they were constantly making announcements in the casino that you must be physically gambling if you want to smoke. Many non smokers appreciated that. I wish they would do that on all ships.
  5. I would hope you're older and wiser. But after seeing your response, I doubt it.
  6. Why have you asked the same question three times in the past hour?
  7. So do you think another ship will come to Cape Liberty, or will we be without a ship until the spring?
  8. Does It seems strange that Odyssey only shows cruises until Feb 2026? It the past, the Anthem showed cruises to the April/May timeframe, just before she left for European season.
  9. Oasis ships weren't here before COVID. Oasis was the first in September 21.
  10. I agree with all the others. It's an option, so buy it you want it.., or don't if you think it's too expensive. You do have a choice.
  11. They are seriously cutting down proteins. Shrimp pad Thai on Asian night only had four tiny shrimp in it. WJ breakfast and lunch options are becoming more vegetarian in nature.
  12. $29.99 a day. Yes you can get a for a single day.
  13. I believe Feb 9 is an eight night sailing, not a seven. Same issue, as stated earlier.
  14. If you become diamond on your next cruise, the benefit doesn't start until the one after that.
  15. The ship doesn't dock until 1-2 pm. That's the issue, not enough time.
  16. What's the difference between the ships? They're the same class. Freedom was supposed to be in Bayonne in 2021 but COVID took care of that.
  17. We just got back from the Anthem on Thursday. Breakfast in the WJ is worse than ever. Remember the carving station of ham or different sausages, gone. Replaced with hash brown patties.
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