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  1. Has anyone noticed price drops for 2023 sailings? I haven't seen any yet for my six sailings next year.
  2. The bar-b-que is our go to place for lunch on day one. It's not crowded at all and you don't have to deal with WJ crowds. It's reasonable in price with big portions.
  3. My Oct Bermuda cruise just dropped again. I saved $249 two weeks ago and another ,$326 today.
  4. I always go about 1:00. They may be out of a few varieties but the line is less than 10 minutes.
  5. Though the above explanation is detailed and very long, it did NOT take into account that the OP states that sail away is at 4 which means all on board is about 3.
  6. Try Becky's Diner for lobster and seafood chowder in an old style feel restaurant. And Holy Donuts for dessert. Both have been featured on Food Network. And a beer sampler at Shipyard Brewery.
  7. We got the compasses delivered to our room last week. They are also available at customer service on deck 5.
  8. Nope. That was both the week of May 22 and June 5 on the Oasis. Yes, they were short staffed but always made time for those who are handicapped or needed assistance.
  9. There is the 888 Taxi shuttle as soon as you exit the terminal (it doesn't matter which terminal). It is $15 or $16 round trip. I always use them and never had a problem. There's also public transportation.
  10. In the U.S., the insurance is just $10/day. I'd much rather pay that than have to figure out deductible, etc if a problem occurs. That's just me though, you may have other ideas.
  11. I'm surprised to hear you had issues with parking the scooter in the dining room and at shows. We've had just the opposite experience with my wife. The staff fights over who gets to park and return her scooter. The same holds true when we go to shows. The entertainment staff always shows us where to sit, and where to leave the scooter. Most times they let us leave it right where we are sitting. The same holds true in the MDR. The staff bends over backwards to help.
  12. I just booked the 14 day Jewel cruise to Greenland next September. Has anyone suggestions on what to see? Also, are we north enough to see the Northern lights?
  13. I'm interested in this tour. Has anyone taken it and what are your opinions? It's about $26.00 and takes an hour. I checked the website but there's not much information there.
  14. Has anyone done this tour thru RCCL? Is it worth the $84.00. I've checked reviews and results are mixed. How far is the Backyard Rum Shack from the cruise port; maybe we'll just take a taxi over there? Thanks in advance for you help.
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