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  1. We live near Cape Liberty and use the Anthem a lot. My wife is a stroke survivor and we always get a scooter for her. The staff is very accommodating, we never had an issue with them. Our only issues were with healthy passengers who ignore the accessible signs in the Windjammer and theaters and use those designated areas for themselves.
  2. As long as you like it, price doesn't matter. That's how I feel. Have you ever tried Yankee Seafood by the pier? It's also from DDD and one of my go to places on a Boston cruise stop.
  3. They are delivered to your room so it will be there when you get to your cabin. It costs about $350 depending on options. Scootaround.com.
  4. I use them all the time for my wife. Never had an issue. What are your questions?
  5. Just to clarify, all you did was a turn around on deck 4, and did not have to go into the terminal? My wife uses a scooter so I want to be sure of the process. Thanks for your review and help.
  6. I was on that cruise. No way there was 2000 kids. More like ,400-500. All schools were back in session by then.
  7. Is the liquor store on the ship well stocked? Do they have Blanton's bourbon? Thanks in advance. We're boarding on 10/13 for a B2B.
  8. I've gotten some very good price drops on accessible cabins, even if there are none available. In August, I repriced two Anthem cruises in Jan 23, and one in April 23. I saved almost $2300 between the three of them.
  9. Keep in mind there is usually no bar services in the balcony on the Oasis.
  10. Stay away from the Windjammer during prime time breakfast and lunch times. They can't handle the crowd. I'm not sure if it's under staffed or just not big enough. Try JR'S for breakfast or the Solarium.
  11. What does your question have anything to do with my topic?
  12. For what it's worth, blocks are out of stock on the Oasis as of last week
  13. I don't know where you are located on the ship so take what I am saying with a grain of salt. We tend to book rooms on the opposite side of the ship from the dining room. And we make sure our table is located on deck five. Then all we need to do is get off the elevator and go through the promenade to the dining room across the way. We bypass all the hassles and congestion with those elevator banks.
  14. Also , on the Anthem accessible rooms, you can swipe your key card and the door will automatically open.
  15. The accessible room beds on the Anthem and Oasis are the same height as regular room beds. I can't comment on the other ships.
  16. Keep in mind you're going to dock at Crown Bay.
  17. It' was open on the Oasis. We either go there or the barbaque to avoid the Windjammer zoo on day 1
  18. Can your parents stand up in the shower? Keep in mind that their standard room showers are very small. The chair may not fit inside the shower. Also , there are no grab bars in the bathroom by the toilet or in the shower. And it's either a step up or down into the bathroom. Can they handle that? I don't know their situation, but my wife is a stroke survivor and these are the things I need to consider.
  19. On a Miami port stop , does anyone know if Royal or private companies run shuttles to South Beach like they do to Ron Jon in Cape Canaveral?
  20. We were supposed to but the covid surge last Christmas scared my wife. She said do whatever I want which is wife speak "we're not going".
  21. My wife uses a scooter and takes it off a ship. I can't comment about European ports, but in ports like Portland Maine, and Nassau Bahamas, my wife went off the ship but found it very difficult riding on their cobblestone streets and went back to the ship within 20 minutes. She is on the heavy side, and I'm sure that it added to the discomfort.
  22. As you probably know, a regular shower in tiny. With a stool, it will be very tight.
  23. On sailing the week before, the Sunday after Thanksgiving. Then Jan 2, and again on Jan 24.
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