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  1. You should be given paperwork as you enter your room asking about your preference, refuse it, get it onboard the ship or have it mailed to you.
  2. I just got my Anthem block in the mail which was promised to me in March
  3. And don't forget Becky's Diner, High Roller Lobster, and Shipyard Brewery.
  4. There's plenty to do just wandering around the port area.
  5. If anyone on the Adventure from Cape Liberty is doing a B2B, can you tell me if you need to leave the ship.
  6. Fully agree about the Anthem. It was purpose built that way. The one on the Oasis was a refit with the 2.0 Amp.
  7. Cover bands usually change every two weeks. You could check the facebook page or web site of the cover band and see what their schedule is.
  8. Oasis did have it in September of last year sailing from Bayonne. They took your order and brought it to your table.
  9. No. I think they stopped when they repositioned to Cape Library.
  10. We've rented from Scootaround in the past from the NYC terminal. Get the scooter at the kiosk your life will be so much easier. If you're waiting for Carnival personal to take y our mom to the room in a wheelchair, it could take an hour or so.
  11. If you need an earlier time, just go to guest service and request a lower number luggage tag.
  12. My wife is a stroke survivor and fits the OP description to a "T". She can walk twenty five feet or so with a cane but needs the wheelchair to get around. On a ship we rent a scooter for convenience. A handicapped cabin is a must for her. She could not get by without the grab bar in the bathroom and the sit down shower. And there is no step getting in and out of the bathroom. She is the text book example of some who needs an accessible room. Don't let the travel agency tell you you otherwise.
  13. A group taxi to Havensight is about 8-10 per person. As has been mentioned, make sure there will be ships docked there. Many of the shops are only open if ships are there.
  14. I've used Godfrey many times. Never had a problem. He's very accomadating
  15. I saved almost $2700 on 4 cruises this weekend as well.
  16. There is no need for the Royal shuttle AND the 9 bus. The shuttle takes you right to Ron Jons. Or take the 888 shuttle from outside the cruise terminal (they operate from all terminals). It does the same thing and is a few bucks cheaper. Cocoa Beach pier is about 3/4 miles away. I don't think it's worth the time and effort, just a few snack shops.
  17. If you want to rent a scooter, go to your local Walmart or food store and try one of those. This way you're able to judge if you can handle it. Keep in mind that rentals are a little smaller and easier to handle.
  18. Kind of like The Gift when it was on the Anthem. I saw it at least six times and still not exactly sure what it's about. I'm glad it's not been back since the Anthem returned. Maybe it will be replaced with something more interesting.
  19. Two weeks ago it was open for lunch on embarkation day and sea days.
  20. Seeing Cats? I get my best nap there while my wife watches the show. And she wakes me up if I snore too loud.
  21. Check out scootaround.com. They'll deliver it right to your room.
  22. Which is what I thought. It's not to help the passengers; it's to make money for RCCL.
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